May 8, 2013

Rain - Rain (1972)

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The Acid Archives:
''A fascinating blend of soft pop, folky psych and early prog… the songs are brief and highly melodic. All are memorable and creatively composed. This is a great record''

1. Can You Help Me Sing My Song?
2. To A Dreamer
3. Mother's Evil Child
4. Love Me Still
5. All Your Days Are Long
6. Let Our Hopes Run Our Dreams
7. Song To Barbara
8. You Take Me Higher
9. He Could Have Known
10. As I Played My Song (For You)

Frank Schallis - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar
Cobb Bussinger - keyboards, synthesizer
Michael Kennedy - lead guitar, vocals
Ric Criniti - bass, vocals



adamus67 said...

Rain arose from the ashes of Rock Island (who also made a highly-regarded album of psychedelic rock), and their sole album is a lost classic touching on power-pop, progressive rock, folk and psychedelia, boasting glorious melodies, harmony vocals and superb musicianship. Rain’s neglected sole album was just chiming with its musical times. Recorded under the aegis of the legendary Enoch Light in New York in 1971, it was barely released but has gone on to acquire a major cult reputation.

Philadelphian quartet free flowing mood swings charted a gentle path often within the same song from the sun kissed psych-pop harmonies of the mid-’60s to early dalliances with the dark forces of progressive rock. The songs flawlessly fuse together songwriter Cobb Bussinger’s jazzy, oscillating keyboards with Mike Kennedy’s immovable electric guitar solos. Anyone searching for touch stones can hear snippets of Procol Harum, King Crimson and the Zombies (oh yeah, the Beatles feature too) throughout these liquid arrangements. Yet Rain are clearly masters over their own domain whether it’s pure pop confections like “Love Me Still” and bonus track “Springtime”, or the heavy organ atmospherics of “He Could Have Known”. Actually, this record is one of those instances when collectors of obscure vinyl are correct—this is worth seeking out. Thanks guys from Sunbeam Records now you don’t even have to get covered in dust to do it listening to it now! This long-overdue reissue has been prepared with the full involvement of leader Cobb Bussinger, and includes detailed historical notes, previously-unseen photographs and an ultra-rare non-LP bonus track.

As always,thanks Alex!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can re-upload this as mp3's? ape files do not transfer correctly on my pc. Thanks in advance!!

hanalex said...

mp3 - 320 kbps: