Jun 30, 2013

SBB - Pamięć (1976, rem. 2004)

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1. W kołysce dłoni twych (Ojcu)
2. Z których krwi krew moja
3. Pamięć w kamień wrasta
Bonus tracks:
4. Poranek nadziei
5. Barwy drzewa
6. Osiem rąk
7. Waldie
8. Niedokończona progresja
9. Reko-reko
10. Serenada Gia Sena

Józef Skrzek - gitara basowa, piano Fendera, organy Hammonda, syntezator, fortepian, śpiew
Antymos Apostolis - gitary
Jerzy Piotrowski - perkusja



adamus67 said...

Another, third in general and second studio album SBB, was recorded in autumn 1975 saw the release of the next year.

It's a bit different SBB, than on „Nowym horyzoncie” . It's a team that knows exactly what he wants to achieve in the studio. Less experiments here, search, furious jamming, music has become more aligned, carefully composed and orchestrated. Less herein jazz rock band definitely moving towards progressive rock, which is a richer sound than before.

Album filled with three tracks based on quite a similar scheme: the song as a kind of raised essence composition plus extended instrumental parts based on a few carefully pieces composed topics. Of course, there is still plenty of room for improvisation, but the improvisations are here deftly brought under control composition: everything is carefully balanced, everything is exactly in its place.

''Z których krwi krew moja”: the majestic song and its reprise of, tense instrumental connector developed in which at some point there is a neat jam based on the so-called patent. Miles Electric: the rhythm section pushed further to the front, solo improvisations moved more into the background. These proportions are reversed in the album's magnum opus,„Pamięć w kamień wrasta” : appears in the middle song is preceded by a long, slowly developing an instrumental prelude, the vocals, the distinctive sounds of an electric piano, and then goes into a long instrumental improvisation, first a rather majestic rhythm, then a more dynamic style of the composition of the previous album, again with expose the rhythm section and guitar improvisations.

Similarly impressive is developing in „W kołysce dłoni twych” The whole album is very 'compact': there are no longueur, chaos, which the last album to appear at times. Some concepts of sound and composition indicated in the „Nowym horyzoncie” respectively were quite developed, evolved. For this we are dealing with a concept album: a common theme here of texts is the passing of.

Edition CD complements several unreleased recordings or difficult to reach. First there we have a kind of business cards by individual musicians:Apostolis wins a brief acoustic guitar melody with a strong Eastern coloring, Piotrowski offers a neat miniature percussion, and Józef Skrzek crazy, piano virtuoso display. Then we have recording band,"Waldie" thing again in the climate of the previous album: exposed rhythm section, slightly rolling, plus some funkujący rhythm guitar and piano accessories. „Niedokończona progresja” falls similarly, except that more keys here, the section is somewhat hidden. At the end contains two tracks from the single of the year 1978 - and they are quite representative SBB sounds more for this year than for the „Pamięci”, but they give some idea of ​​which way the team will follow: dense keyboards sound, with a bit of hidden guitar and less expansive section.

„Pamięć” is undoubtedly the classic sound of SBB: from the album derive virtually all subsequent great works of this team. At the same time it is one of the classic records of Polish rock 70s.. Compulsory reading.

@Alex,thank you for the continuation of albums Polish group SBB,good job my friend!

Anonymous said...

Спасибо! Это команда нашей молодости и, я думаю, одно из достижений "Вост. блока". Сегодня опять манипулировал и как-то через Оперу всё же попал на свой блог в blogger, увидел там Ваш комментарий за январь, но так и не смог на него ответить, потому что оказывается через Оперу отдельные функции не работают... Канитель, одним словом... Так что тот блог временно простаивает...
Нет ли случаем у Вас в lossless альбомчика Bulldog - Bulldog 1973? Сегодня опять его слушал и здорово он мне пошёл (битрейт только 320...)

hanalex said...


К сожалению в lossless Bulldog'а у меня нет, и никогда не встречал.