Aug 22, 2013

Klaatu - Sunset 1973-1981 (Compilation 2005, 2 CD)

EAC | 2 CD | FLAC TRACKS+LOG+Covers | No CUE | 1,08 gb+3% recovery

38 rare Klaatu tracks including all their 1973 - 1975 7" singles, outtakes, demos, and live tracks from their five albums and beyond plus 3 previously unreleased Klaatu songs. The entire package is housed in a slip case with a 40 page book written and compiled by the members of Klaatu featuring previously unseen photographs and artwork. Also included is an additional mini-booklet containing the Klaatu story written by former Daffodil Records president and band manager Frank Davies. Featuring a brand new painting by Ted Jones.
Disc one:
1. Hanus Of Uranus [7" single]
2. Sub Rosa Subway [7" single]
3. Cherie [Previously unreleased single mix]
4. Doctor Marvello [7" single]
5. For You Girl [7" single B-side]
6. California Jam [7" single]
7. True Life Hero [TV Mix]
8. Calling Occupants [Anti-adversary mix]
9. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III [Original vocal mix]
10. Little Neutrino [Original vocal mix]
The Complete Orchestral Hope:
11. We're Off You Know
12. Around The Universe In 80 Days
13. Madman
14. Long Live Politzania
15. The Loneliest Of Creatures
16. Prelude 
17. So Said The Lighthouse Keeper
18. Epilogue [Previously unreleased]
19. Hope

Disc two:
1. A Routine Day [7" single]
2. Juicy Luicy [My Oh My mix]
3. Everybody Took A Holiday Day [Megaphone mix]
4. Older [Live]
5. Dear Christine [Alternate mix]
6. Mister Manson [Original mix]
7. Tokeymor Field [Demo]
8. Sir Rupert Said [Studio outtake]
9. Sell Out, Sell Out [Demo]
10. Howl At The Moon [Demo]
11. I Can't Help It [Full length mix]
12. Paranoia [Demo]
13. Set The World On Fire [Demo]
14. Dog Star [Demo]
15. All Good Things [Demo]
16. There's Something Happening [Previously unreleased song]
17. I Don't Wanna Go Home [Demo]
18. At The End Of The Rainbow [Alternate vocal mix]
19. December Dream [Full length mix]
20. Mrs. Toad's Cookies [Alternate mix]
21. Magentalane [Full length mix]
22. Ambrose Lightship [Previously unreleased song]



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This was really The Beatles, under a pale guise of secrecy...

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