Aug 24, 2013

Re-post: Moxy - Moxy (1975)

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MOXY biography

1. Fantasy
2. Sail On Sail Away
3. Can't You See I'm A Star
4. Moon Rider
5. Time To Move On
6. Still I Wonder
7. Train
8. Out Of Darkness

The band:
Buzz Shearman - vocals
Earl Johnson - guitar
Buddy Caine - guitar
Terry Juric - bass
Bill Wade - drums



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the re-up, Hanalex. You rule!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much... one of my all time favorite bands from canada... with "Ridin'High" the two best records from this band (in my opinion)...

Thanks for all the good music and nice greetings from Germany


dadfred said...

Ahh, thank you Alex.... been looking for this for a while. Some of the best stuff is way back in the archives, glad you dug this one up! Thanx again!