Sep 3, 2013

The Guess Who - Rockin' (1972) / Flavours (1975) [2 LP оn 1 CD]

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Rockin' (1972)
1. Heartbroker Bopper
2. Get Your Ribbons On
3. Smoke Big Factory
4. Arrividerci Girl
5. Guns, Guns, Guns
6. Running Bear
7. Back To The City
8. Your Nashville Sneaker
9. Herbert's A Loser
10. Hi Rockers - Sea Of Love/Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday/Don't You Want Me

Burton Cummings - lead vocals, keyboards
Kurt Winter - guitars
Garry Peterson - drums
Greg Leskiw - guitars
Jim Kale - bass

Flavours (1975)
11. Dancin' Fool
12. Hoe Down Time
13. Nobody Knows His Name
14. Diggin' Yourself
15. Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
16. Dirty
17. Eye
18. Loves Me Like A Brother
19. Long Gone

Burton Cummings - lead vocals, keyboards
Garry Peterson - percussion & backing vocals
Domenic Troiano - guitars, mandolin & backing vocals
Bill Wallace - bass & background vocals



Executive said...

Just got their "Share the Land" album in FLAC from DepositFiles, so we can cross that off the list!

Executive said...

Just found two more : "Shakin' All Over and "Hey Ho" both here:

El Isabelino said...

Thanks hanalex! That was fast. Saludos.

Unknown said...

Cool Guess Who albums. I'm also a big fan of "Road Food"--one of the Guess Who's concept records...


edd in nashville

Anonymous said...

Can you re-post Rockin' pleeeeease? I can't find it anywhere in Flac.

hanalex said...

New link