Sep 24, 2013

Re-upload by request: Patto - Sense Of The Absurd (1995)

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Sense Of The Absurd, released in 1995 was the first time any Patto music had been made available on cd. The original albums having sold poorly were also hard to come by and pricey if you did manage to find one in decent condition. In these days of ebay their first two albums on vinyl regularly sell for £200 plus. Although the albums are now available individually Sense Of The Absurd gives the buyer an opportunity to get their eponymous debut and Hold Your Fire, presented here on two discs in the original running order with the addition of some welcome bonus tracks which are worthy of inclusion... Read more
Disc I
Patto (1970)
1. The Man
2. Hold Me Back
3. Time To Die
4. Red Glow
5. San Antone
6. Government Man
7. Money Bag
8. Sittin' Back Easy
Bonus track:
9. Hanging Rope

Disc II
Hold Your Fire (1971)
1. Hold Your Fire
2. You, You Point Your Finger
3. How's Your Father
4. See You At The Dance Tonight
5. Give It All Away
6. Air Raid Shelter
7. Tell Me Where You've Been
8. Magic Door
Bonus tracks:
9. Beat The Drum
10. Bad News
11. Air Raid Shelter

Mike "Ducks In Flight’ Patto - vocals
Clive Griffiths - bass
John "Admiral" Halsey - drums
Peter "Ollie" Halsall - guitar, keyboards, vocals


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Executive said...

I listened to the two samples you posted, Hanalex, and I won't be downloading this compilation. Mike Patto had a hoarse voice by the 1970s. That's because he was developing throat cancer at the time, and this kind of hard rock was not helping him.

However, Mike Patto sounded much better in the second half of the 1960s when he was lead singer for a rock / R&B band called Timebox.

I did a search and found a post with a FLAC version of an awesome compilation of their work from 1967 through 1969. I hope you don't mind me posting the link to it here :