Sep 20, 2013

Sven Hammond Soul - The Apple Field (2011)

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1. Get It On
2. Oh Woman
3. Push Push
4. El Mariachi
5. Love Drunk
6. Crumbs Off The Table
7. Let's Roll
8. Just Lovin' It
9. Last Time
10. River
11. Timmie's Blues
12. Smack My Bitch Up
13. The Apple Field



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adamus67 said...

Their third product, The Apple Field, was released, resounding with influences from blues, pop and mariachi music, as well as true soul and vigorous funk. Figee’s throbbing, moaning and groaning Hammond organ strings together all the various elements.

I love the sound of Hammond organs. Especially when they are used over to overdrive, I think they might even be cooler than the guitar. So I have a weakness for Green Hornet. But even if you have to make good music, it makes me happy soon. Sven Hammond Soul is therefore good to me in the pulletje. On his third album The Apple Field bandleader Sven Figee let his Hammond organ sound whatsoever frequently. In the intro "Get It On" I have just the idea that he even chose his organs to go up some more. In less orthodox ways This intro promises that fact in a certain way or with his alienating sounds game. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for all good music listeners), the number of the a lot tamer "Oh Woman" that Ivan Peroti sings. Nothing wrong with that, but my feeling is nicely cruising in the five with a speed of 110 km / h on the middle lane and at the right time slow down as a pastor gets too close. While I occasionally some weird antics blief to make it more interesting. For me The base is in fact perfectly fine on The Apple Field. It is therefore not surprising that I rebounding at the curious cover of Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up". Where the copper nice and bright blares and the organs and guitars you with ease that weird snoeshaan a Liam Howlett forget. Those are the moments that I am excited to even better way Figee by Sven and his men. Especially if then after the smoke had cleared in the closing title track, the band still sounds a mellow, almost symphonic-like manner to convince me. Half of the songs on The Apple Field are instrumentally, for me the most interesting part! Between the authentic soul sound by Sven Hammond Soul weaves other styles like funk, blues and even mariachi music! Ther is constantly a sultry atmosphere as in the infamous blaxploitation films of the seventies, with the cover from Prodigy - ''Smack My Bitch Up'' and the epic title track as true highlights. The vocal songs (sung alternately by Ivan Peroti and Patt Riley) are very strong. The passionate ''Oh Woman'' for example, the funky ''Crumbs Off The The Table'' or the bittersweet soul ballad ''Last Time''. This album is a must have in your collection!

@Alex,Thanks for sharing such a wonderful music.