Sep 19, 2013

Sven Hammond Soul - The Marmalade Sessions (2010)

FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 387 mb+3% recovery


 1. Svoogaloo
2. Spinning Out
3. Moet Jij Wete
4. Fatcakes
5. Looking Up Turning Round
6. Lust For Jive
7. Benny's Blues
8. Svub Dub
9. Crooked Shoe
10. Gotta Go
11. Miss Troglodite
12. Crooked Shoe Part II



Executive said...

Do you have any complete albums or singles by Dutch pop-rock singer Bojoura ? I haven't been able to find any of her music outside of You Tube, and certainly not in FLAC format. As far as I know much of her music she sang in English -- similar in look and style to Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue.

Also : If you have any of Mariska's music as a solo artist from the mid to late 1970s or first half of the 80s that would be appreciated too!

adamus67 said...

Sven Hammond Soul is a funky ensemble, surrounding Hammond player Sven Figee who is from The Hague, Netherlands. In 2007 the group made its debut with a live album. That was a logical move, since the steamy soul and funk of Sven Hammond Soul is best experienced on stage. The band became more well-known with their studio album The Marmalade Sessions, from 2010. And at the end of last year, their third product, The Apple Field, was released, resounding with influences from blues, pop and mariachi music, as well as true soul and vigorous funk. Figee’s throbbing, moaning and groaning Hammond organ strings together all the various elements. Besides band members who were present from the very beginning, such as guitarist Tim Eijmaal, bassist Glen Gaddum and drummer Joost Kroon, the band has found new members: sax players Tom Beek and Arjan Muusz, trumpeter Rik Mol and singer Ivan Peroti. And since the singing contest on Radio 6, last April, they also feature a new female vocalist: winner Jenny Lane will also join the band on stage in Aruba.

Thanx Alex!!!

hanalex said...


I'm sorry, but I have only Mariska Veres & Shocking Jazz Quintet - Shocking You! (1993)

hanalex said...


Adam, thank you for your comments!

Executive said...

Oh, as much as I love the early and middle years of Mariska Veres, Shocking You from the 90s is a jazz rendering of old 70s Shocking Blue songs. I hate when artists feel they have to remake their earlier work ... and badly too.

But thanks for the reply, Hanalex!