Oct 6, 2013

Re-upload by request: Omega - Az Arc [X] (1981)

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Formed in Budapest in September, 1962 by the winds player László Benkő on organ and János Kóbor as a singer and rhythm guitarist, they initially performed covers of British and American rock songs, frequently changing the lineup of members. In 1967 Tamás Mihály came on bass, Gábor Presser joined on keyboards and began writing original music for the band (in 1968 György Molnár became a lead guitarist), contributing to the release of three LPs before leaving the band with József Laux, a drummer from 1962, to form Locomotiv GT in spring 1971. These first albums were heavily influenced by the music of The Beatles and psychedelic rock, but they also looked forward to the band's future more hard rock, then progressive and space-rock styles. After Presser and Laux's departure, the band found a new drummer (Ferenc Debreceni (later as Debreczeni) came from group Neoton) and appointed Benkő as the main keyboardsman, in August 1971 creating the current lineup, which has remained the same for over 30 years... Read more...

1. Életfogytig rock and roll
2. Kemény játék
3. Az arc
4. A nagy folyó
5. Nasca
6. A fényképésznél
7. A holló
8. A fehér holló
9. Az üzenet
10. Tizenhat évesen
11. A mixer
12. A látogató
13. Machines
14. So Long

 Kóbor János "Mecky" - ének
Mihály Tamás "Misi" - bass, gitár, ènek
Debreceni Ferenc "Ciki" - dob
Molnár György "Elefánt" - gitár
Benkö László "Laci" -  billentyűs hangszerek, ének




Rogério M. Schirach said...

What a fast man!!!!!!!!!Thanks for repost in Netkups, download it's running......
I'm searching Omega "200 years after last war" 2011 version (Enigmatic Records) with 8 (eight) bonus tracks...
Hugs! MrRocker

Executive said...

Hanalex, do you have any albums by the band After the Fire ? I have their first one "Signs of Change", but not "Laser Love" from 1979 , "Batteries Not Included" from 1982 , etc.

I can't stand when people upload the first album of a hard to find band that I enjoy, only to stop there....

hanalex said...

@Rogério M. Schirach

I have links on Rapidshare.
Write if you need it...

hanalex said...


I too have only the first album ...

Rogério M. Schirach said...

Hi Alex, links on rapidshare aren't expired/dead? If the links are ok, for me it's easy make download......

MrRocker said...

Alex, many and many thanks! 1st part download it's on PC, I hope this will be ok...

MrRocker said...

I don't believe Omega's 200 Years After Last War with 8 bonus tracks are running in my DVD player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you very much my friend!!!!!!!!Put the links in the blog for anothers (old) rockers, kkkkk
Now, I'm searching Jane links in lossless, if you have........And more Omega, of course!
Hugs from Brazil, land of the best corrupts politicians from the world!