Dec 20, 2013

Hudson Ford - Daylight (1977, CD edition 2009)

FLAC TRACKS | Covers | 213 mb+3% recovery

1. Daylight
2. Out Of Your Shadow
3. Kiss In The Dark
4. Shy Girl
5. Let It Rain
6. Poor Boy (Lead-in)
7. Poor Boy
8. Simple Man
9. Are You Dancing
10. Wicked Lady
11. 95° In The Shade
12. Daylight

Brent Forbes, Dave Marquee - bass
Chris Parren - clavinet, piano
Ken Laws - drums
Ian Bairson, Ray Russell - guitar
Chris Mercer, Martin Drover - horns
Graeme Prescott - violin
John Ford - vocals, bass
Richard Hudson - vocals, guitar, tubular bells, percussion

Original uploader: Thrasher



kobilica said...

Thank you again for all Hudson-Ford albums.

Phil Gordon said...

Thanks for the overlooked Hudson Ford and for a great blog. Happy Holidaze.

Sergey said...

Спасибо огромное! Классный дуэт.

Dylan Thomas said...

What is the pass for this great album? Looking forward to listening in FLAC.

Thank you!

hanalex said...

@Dylan Thomas

See the password here

Hodie said...


KDNYfm said...

How did I miss this? I never realized there was a 4th HudsonFord...Had the good fortune to see the Strawbs that included Hudson and Ford, and than the Strawbs after their departure, and Hudson Ford post Strawbs between the 1st 2 albums...all good shows! thanx for this!

You have a lot of cool Canadian Rock on here! Good Blog!