Dec 7, 2013

Re-upload by request: Asterix - Asterix (1970)

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Asterix were a German rock group whose members would later go on to change their name and form the first line-up of Lucifer's Friend. During the band's short-lived time under this name they recorded one album in 1970 and released the single "Everybody". (Wikipedia)
1. Everybody (Bonus - single A-side)
2. If A Could Fly (Bonus - single B-side)
3. Look Out
4. Gone From My Life
5. Broken Home
6. Time Again
7. Jump Into My Action
8. Open Up Your Mind
9. Corner Street Girl
10. Change In You
11. Morning At My Dawn

George Monroe (Georg Mavros) - lead vocals on tracks 1 & 2
John Lawton - lead vocals on tracks 3-11
Tony Cavanna - lead vocals on tracks 3-11
Peter Hesslein - guitars, vocals
Dieter Horns - bass, vocals
Peter Hecht - organ, piano, keyboards
Joachim "Addi" Reitenbach - drums, percussion


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adamus67 said...

Album "Asrerix" Released by the (Decca SLK-16 695-P) Recorded at Windrose Studio, Hamburg, 1970.
Produced by Herbert Hildebrandt...recorded by musicians who are a little earlier (also in 1970) played under the name Electric Food and a few months later (now with vocalist John Lawton - then in Uriah Heep), changed their name to Lucifer's Friend. The heavy guitar riffs, solid rhythm section, occasional keyboards - all sounds like a high octane version of the debut of Uriah Heep with a touch of Deep Purple. A very consistent and steady heavy rock album that is quite good but not spectacular. Despite this every fan of the first two albums, the LF will be loved this album!

In addition, two track of rare single,"Everybody" (Tommy Roe),"If I Could Fly" (Hetch / Heisslein / Horns) only on CD.

@Alex:thanks for sharing