Dec 27, 2013

Re-upload by request: Breakout (Poland) - NOL [Niezidentyfikowany objekt latajacy] (1976, 2005)

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8th album by brilliant Polish ensemble Breakout formed and led by guitarist / vocalist / composer Tadeusz Nalepa. Breakout was formed in 1968 after Nalepa decided to change the name of his previous group Blackout and reformed it under the new name. The group was fronted by vocalist Mira Kubasinska, one of the first great female performers of the Polish Rock scene, and also included on this album keyboardist Bogdan Lewandowski, bassist Zbigniew Wypych and drummer Andrzej Tylec. Nalepa's musical background was deeply rooted in Blues, and much of the group's material was in fact Blues-Rock based, but Prog and Psychedelic influences turned Breakout into one of the most formidable East European groups ever, with a broad range of cross-genre musical activities. Breakout had an immense influence on the Polish, as well as the entire East European music scene, serving as a beacon to generations of musicians living behind the Iron Curtain. In their native country Breakout was often criticized by the Socialist regime for idealizing Western culture and their music was banned from the media during the peak of the "dark age" repressions in the late 1960, which eventually only increased the following the group enjoyed among the young generation. Nalepa, who composed all of the group's music, worked closely with lyricist / poet Bogdan Loebl, who supplied the band with highly intelligent and often controversial lyrics, way above the usual level of Rock lyrics used in Rock at the time. In retrospect this is a timeless classic and any connoisseur of East European Rock / Prog will find it phenomenal. Brilliant stuff!
1. Taki wiatr
2. Słuchaj rytmu
3. W pochodzie codziennośc
4. Biel
5. Chciałabym być słońcem
6. Gdzie mnie wiodą
7. Co to za człowiek
8. Zabierz smutek
Nagranie dodatkowe (bonus track):
9. Na naszej drodze

Tadeusz Nalepa - guitary, śpiew (guitar, vocal)
Mira Kubasińska - śpiew (vocal)
Bogdan Lewandowski - instrumenty klawiszowe (keyboards)
Zbigniew Wypych - guitara basowa (bass guitar)
Andrzej Tylec - perkusja (drums)




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