Apr 18, 2014

Re-upload by request: Teaze - One Night Stands (1979)

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The story of Teaze is one of unbridled success in foreign lands, yet often a constant struggle for mere recognition on their native soil. Formed in 1975 by Brian Danter on bass guitar and vocals and Marc Bradac on guitars in Windsor, Ontario, the group also consisted of Mike Kozak on drums and guitarist Chuck Price. Powered by a heavy but no-nonsense approach, dinghy bars and crowded nightclubs served as the group's backdrop for the next couple of years, all the while honing their sound, but never really gaining a substantial following with the local crowds. Read more
1. Back In Action
2. Young And Reckless

3. Heartless World
4. Boys Night Out
5. Through The Years
6. Reach Out
7. Stay Here
8. Red Hot Ready
9. Touch The Wind

Marc Bradac - lead and slide guitar, background vocals
Brian Danter - lead vocals, bass guitar, Moog bass pedals
Mike Kozak - drums, percussion
Chuck Price - guitar, background vocals


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kobilica said...

great band...

catdeli said...

This is the album of Teaze we used to run around with pool-cues, air-guitaring like there was no tomorrow. Red Hot Ready's a good one for that. Try it tonight.

MPG said...

Hey hanalex....got a challenge for you. Sharp Edges - Sharp Edges...has the song Girl on the airwaves. Ridiculously hard to find.

hanalex said...


I have this album in mp3 (320 kbps). You need it?

MPG said...

I do!!!!! Show me me how to obtain. :)

hanalex said...


Sharp Edges - Slice Of Life (1983) here: