Jan 17, 2015

The Hep Stars - It's Been A Long Long Time (1968)

Recorded in London November/December 1967 on the Cupol label. This album was meant to be The Hep Stars breakthrough abroad. It was recorded in a London studio with just Sven Hedlund, Benny Andersson, Lennart Fernholm (the "sixth member" of The Hep Stars) and a couple of studiomusicians. The LP was named after the song It´s been a long long time written by Benny Andersson and the Swedish songwriter Lasse Berghagen.
1. Enter The Young
2. Hope
3. 5 A.M.
4. It's Time For A Change
5. Changing Away from You
6. It's Been A Long Long Time
7. Musty Dusty
8. Spining, Spinning, Spinning
9. There Is Love
10. Would You Like To Go
11. It's Now Winter's Day
12. Another Time
Bonus tracks:
13. Sagan Om Lilla Sofa
14. Det Finns En Stad

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adamus67 said...

The chances are that, had ABBA never come along making Benny Andersson (and his three partners in the group) into an international pop/rock star, no one outside of Sweden would ever have heard of the Hep Stars. They were the hottest rock band of the mid-to late '60s in Sweden, however, considered by some to be that country's answer to the Beatles. The Hep Stars also charted 20 singles in their own country and had hits in the Netherlands, as well as building a following in Germany -- and their CDs are exported around the world as a result of the ABBA connection. It also turns out that they were a pretty good band, too.

Not only were The Hep Stars Sweden’s biggest band in the Sixties, they were where Benny Andersson first tasted success before achieving world-wide fame with ABBA. Without The Hep Stars, there would have been no ABBA.
It's Been A Long Long Time was The Hep Stars’ fourth album, released in February 1968 and not issued outside Sweden. It was their only album for the Cupol label and RPM International adds the only non-album single the band issued on the label. RPM International’s reissue is the first time the album has been released in Europe outside Sweden.
The sought-after and rare It's Been A Long Long Time is a classic, harmony filled sunshine pop album. It was recorded in London in 1967 with producer Steve Clark, the associate of legendary American songwriter and singer Curt Boettcher. With Clark, The Hep Stars were the first to record Boettcher’s songs "Another Time” and "Would You Like To Go”, later released in America by Sagittarius. Other songs on It's Been A Long Long Time had been recorded in America by The Association and The Ballroom. A missing link in the story of ABBA, The Hep Stars’ It's Been A Long Long Time would be a legendary album even if the band didn’t feature Benny Andersson.
Thx Alex ;)

juan manuel muñoz said...

hey, hey, bro, thanks a lot. Cheers

Carrie May said...

Thank you so much for this gem! And I really love them but Tages were a much varied and better band who should be more recognized. They not only wrote great, fun lyrics but wrote some of the best music ever written. They´re in my top 3 bands: The Kinks, Tages, The Hollies.