Feb 7, 2015

Freedom - Freedom At Last (1969) / Through The Years (1971), 2 CD


Freedom At Last (1969):
1. Enchanted Wood
2. Deep Down In The Bottom
3. Have Love Will Travel
4. Cry Baby Cry
5. Time Of The Season
6. Hoo Doo Man
7. Built For Comfort
8. Fly
9. Never Loved A Girl
10. My Life
11. Can't Stay With Me
12. Dusty Track

Peter Dennis - bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bobby Harrison - drums, vocals
Steve Jolly - guitar
Roger Saunders - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Through The Years (1971):
1. Freestone
2. Through The Years
3. Get Yourself Together
4. London City
5. Thanks
6. Toe Grabber

Bobby Harrison - vocals, drums and percussion
Roger Saunders - vocals, guitars and piano
Peter Dennis - vocals, bass and Moog synthesiser

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juan manuel muñoz said...

mil gracias, amigo, apreciado el aporte. Feliz fin de semana

Unknown said...

This doesn't work. After entering the correct captcha code, an error comes up whether I try Direct Download or Torrent.

hanalex said...

@Zardon M

Archive downloaded normally.
I don't know what your problem.
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Unknown said...

OK, I registered and I get the same message.

Your older files worked fine with NetKups!
If this is a hard-rock band I'll probably pass anyway.


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hanalex said...

@Zardon M

OK, I've added a link to Mega. I hope this will satisfy you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, man! Mega always works. Yandex too.

ReeferMadness said...

I listened this group in the 70's !
Thanks so much for this one too

Anonymous said...

Please Re upload Many Thanks

hanalex said...

Link updated.

Anonymous said...

Thank You