Feb 23, 2015

Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (1971)

Gipsy Love were an Austrian Anglo-American hard rock band. Their debut LP had some progressive sections and Teutonic touchs recalling the likes of Epitaph, Birth Control, et al.
Bassist Kurt Hauenstein went on to find fame with disco band Supermax in the mid 70.
1. Just A Little Love
2. There Is Something In Your Mind
3. Every Time I See Your Smile
4. I Observed So Many Changes
5. Let Me Come Over
6. Don’t Be Surprised
7. She Smiles
8. In Search
9. What’s It All About
George Doggette - vocals
Kurt Hauenstein - bass, piano, vocals
Charly Ratzer - guitar, vocals
Jano Stojka - drums, percussion
Richard Schoenherz - keyboards, vocals
Peter Wolf - Fender-piano, organ, vibes

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adamus67 said...

The Gipsy Love debut is one of the rarer early 70's German / Austrian krautrock psych prog albums. The music is spectacular! It ranges from mellow to electric rock, to progressive folk, with hints of jazz, blues, heavy "Kraut-Rock" to American Indian influenced moves! Super searing acid guitar, heavy bass grooves, mellow piano & guitar segues, make this a "potpourri" of early 70's progressive rock.

Karl Ratzer career began at 14 as the guitar player for the “Vienna Beatles” who were then one of the best bands in Vienna, following which he went on tour with The Slaves, an R&B band who were popular through Germany and Switzerland. After participation in two other projects, “Charles Ryders Corporation” and “C-Department”. Ratzer formed the group Gypsy Love in 1971, with which he quickly garnered attention in his hometown of Vienna, capital of Austria.

First eponymous album 'Gipsy Love' despite being classified as Krautrock, the lyrics are all in English, the band's sound is much closer to the typical hard rock of the early '70s, most of the time soft and melodic rock (soft rock) with influences a few jazz moments,resembling in many moments bands from Germany as Birth Control,Epitaph. The keyboard, organ and guitar appear well at times, the voice of George Doggette does not bode well. Recommended for those who like hard rock of the 70s.

The Gipsy Love had a very short period of activity (only two years) even so the group recorded and released two albums in 1971/72. After the departure of guitarist Karl Ratzer, in 1973, the band broke up. Harri Stojka when the band split, he founded the first "Harri Stojka Express" in 1973,bassist Kurt Hauenstein went to find fame with disco band Supermax in the mid 70's.

Thx Alex, for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, guys, what are you talking about, treating this as krautrock?! And not much hard rock here either in my opinion. Progressive - yes, mostly, and a lot of soul moments. Very enjoyable album, thanks a lot!