Feb 25, 2015

Procol Harum - The Prodigal Stranger (1991) [Re-post by request]

1991's "The Prodigal Stranger" marked the most-welcome return of Procol Harum, 14 years after their last album, 1977's "Something Magic." Back in the band are veteran members Gary Brooker on piano & vocals, Matthew Fisher on organ, Robin Trower on guitar, & lyricist Keith Reid. "The Prodigal Stranger" is a magnificent album, the band sounding so re-vitalized on these masterful, melodic songs...

1. The Truth Won't Fade Away
2. Holding On
3. Man With A Mission
4. (You Can't) Turn Back The Page
5. One More Time
6. A Dream In Ev'ry Home
7. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
8. The King Of Hearts
9. All Our Dreams Are Sold
10. Perpetual Motion
11. Learn To Fly
12. The Pursuit Of Happiness

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progDeaf gerEars said...

Yeah,superb was missing this album, thanks friend for all your efforts,regards -;)

meanunclek said...

Thank you very much for reposting this great album.

patrocker said...

thank you very much !

amusicalguy said...

Please re-upload as link no longer works. Thanks in advance!!

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Link renewed.
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