Mar 3, 2015

Junipher Greene - Communication (Vinyl rip, 1973)


1. Communication
2. Standby
3. Biscuit
4. Sunlight
5. Talk Is A Bird
6. If You Can Hear The Blackbird Sing
7. Reflections
8. Play On Stranger
9. 1, After Midnight

Helge Grøslie - keyboards, vocals
Bent Åserud - guitar, flute, vocals
Øyvind Vilbo - bass
Geir Bøhren - drums, vocals
Freddy Dahl - vocals, guitar

FLAC TRACKS | Covers | 233 mb incl. 3% recovery



Anonymous said...

Have their Friendship. I hope this one is same quality.

Iceman said...

Hey Alex. Love this band. Thanks a lot. I know your vinyl rips are excellent! Cheers.

kobilica said...

Amazing band.I'm grateful to you for this album.Cheers...

pompel said...

I have tried to open the file with the password but nothing is happening.

hanalex said...


Password is working, verified.

hanalex said...

New link by request