Mar 10, 2015

Rebecca And The Sunny Brook Farmers - Birth (1969)


1. Oh Gosh (Running Through The Forest)
2. Two Blind Sisters
3. David & Sally
4. Love
5. Endless Trip
6. Better Dead Than Red
7. All These Ties
8. What Do You Think Of The War?
9. Ma-Ma
10. Ghost

Mickey Kapner - guitar, organ, sitar, backing vocals
Ilene Rappaport - guitar, recorder, harmonica, lead and backing vocals
Clifford Mandell - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ilene Novog - viola, harpsichord, backing vocals
Ernie Eremita - bass guitar, backing vocals
Ki-Ki - lead and backing vocals

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 191 mb incl. 3% recovery

All thanks to audelas



Jim_Spyropoulos said...

Thanks man

Anonymous said...

For some reason it won't let me extract the CD image, I'm getting a "checksum error", any idea what could be causing this?

hanalex said...

I have downloaded and unpacked the archive without any problems.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for it, everything is working!