Mar 11, 2015

Ron Nagle - Bad Rice (1970) [By request]


1. 61 Clay
2. Marijuana Hell
3. Frank's Store
4. Party in L.A.
5. That's What Friends Are For
6. Dolores
7. Capricorn Queen
8. Sister Cora
9. Somethin's Gotta Give Now
10. Family Style
11. House Of Mandia

Ron Nagle - keyboards, vocals
John Blakeley - guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Brad Sexton - bass
George Rains - drums
Jim Barnett, Sal Valentino - backing vocals

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Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

Hello! i added your blog to my friends list. may you do the same with mine?
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thank you
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Stiggy said...

Thank you, Sir, for fulfilling my request! I'm a happy camper!

Iceman said...

I'm so glad you post musicians names with your posts, Alex, and I will try to follow your example as much as possible. The reason I say this is because I lived in Austin, Tx. for twenty years starting in 1982, and George Rains was a key musician in the local music scene. Probably still is, as far as I know. I must have seen him play drums live hundreds of times. He would often jam late, late at night at Antones blues club with all the blues greats still alive and kickin', often times with SRV also. Maybe not the most exciting drummer ever, but a consistently steady hand that never missed a beat. Sorry so long-winded here, but it's the little things! Cheers

Stiggy said...

Yes! Downloading now, thanks again!

Phil Gordon said...

Thanks was dying to hear this!

hanalex said...


I'm added your blog too