Mar 7, 2015

Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados - Texas Rock For Country Rollers (1976 / 1997)

Review by Eugene Chadbourne
Upon original release, Texas Rock for Country Rollers was credited to Sir Doug and the Texas Tornados. Little did anyone know how much confusion this might eventually create when years later Sahm formed a new band called the Texas Tornados with a nucleus of himself and several other musical legends from that state, only one of whom appears on this album, other than Sahm himself. That would be Augie Meyers, a regular sidekick of Sahm's from the Sir Douglas Quintet, so what is the reason that this isn't simply identified as a Sir Douglas Quintet album? Only the fact that there are at least six players present on the tracks, but funny, simple math never stopped Sahm from doing anything sensible before. In terms of presentation, attitude, and musical direction, this is pretty much a Sir Douglas Quintet-type affair, is definitely not a record by what would become the Texas Tornados, and includes at least three genuine classics such as the beautiful "Give Back the Key to My Heart," later to be redone by the band Uncle Tupelo. Good playing and better vibes abound but there is the feeling that somebody was asleep at the wheel, in that some of the best tracks simply fade out right in the middle of an important chorus. Why would a producer do this, unless there was some problem in the track that they couldn't stand to let anyone hear? An album most Sahm fans will want to own, and one in the could-have-been-a-contender category.

1. I Love The Way You Love (Atwood Allen) 5:17
2. Cowboy Peyton Place (Doug Sahm) 3:35
3. Give Me Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm) 2:51
4. Wolverton Mountain (Merle Kilgore / Claude King) 2:30
5. Texas Ranger Man (Doug Sahm) 3:24
6. Float Away (Doug Sahm) 2:38
7. I'm Missing You (Doug Sahm) 3:02
8. Gene Thomas Medley: Sometimes / Cryin' Inside (Gene Tomasson) 2:41
9. Country Groove (Doug Sahm) 2:21
10. You Can't Hide A Redneck (Under That Hippy Hair) (Doug Sahm) 3:55

George Rains - drums
Jack Barber - bass
Atwood G. Allen - rhythm guitar, vocals
Harry Hess - steel and slide guitar, harp
Doug Sahm - guitar, piano, fiddle, vocals
Augie Meyers - piano, Vox and Hammond organs
Uncle Mickey Moody - acoustic guitar

(1997 Edsel Records #EDCD 535) 

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kobilica said...

This one I never heard it before.Fine album and I thank you.Cheers...

Iceman said...

@kobilica Great to find a Doug Sahm fan out there. More to come. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog; LOVE the Sahm stuff-- it is hard to find!