Mar 8, 2015

Sir Douglas Quintet - The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! 1964-1966 (2000)

Review by Richie Unterberger
This and Beat Rocket's companion reissue of the 1966 The Best of Sir Douglas Quintet album seem to gather most or all of what the group recorded for Tribe in the mid-'60s. Seems simple enough, but it's cause for rejoicing among '60s collectors, considering that this back catalog had somehow eluded the marketplace for more than 30 years prior to these two sets. If you're looking to choose one over the other, The Best of would get the nod for its inclusion of their only two Tribe hits: ("She's About a Mover" and "The Rains Came"). However, the various flop singles and outtakes comprising The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! are about equal in quality to the sister volume, with the same invigorating, erratic combination of British Invasion, Cajun, blues, soul, country, and even folk-rock. Certainly "In Time," a minor-key Sahm original with echoes of the Animals and the Zombies, and "Blues Pass Me By," a grand illustration of Sahm's stature as one of the finest white soul-rock vocalists ever, rate among their finer moments. Another Sahm original, "She Digs My Love," has astonishing fluttering blues-rock guitar licks that sound a hell of a lot like Jimi Hendrix -- although Hendrix had yet to release records under his own name when it came out. According to the liner notes, their debut 1964 single "Sugar Bee" preceded the Beatles' "She's a Woman" by several months, boasting a very similar riff and rhythm. It does make you wonder whether some of rock's giants somehow managed to borrow some ideas from Sir Douglas Quintet singles that very few people heard. At times the material on this disc can be perfunctory, but the mix of so many elements in one band (and sometimes in one song) are seldom less than interesting.

1. Sugar Bee (Eddie Shuler) 2:21
2. Love Don't Treat Me Fair (Doug Sahm) 1:33
3. You Got Me Hurtin' (Donald Mask) 2:14
4: We'll Never Tell  (A. Meyers-J. Schneider) 2:02
5. Oh, What A Mistake! (Phillip Boudreaux) 2:20
6. She Digs My Love (Doug Sahm) 2:48
7. When I Sing The Blues (Doug Sahm) 2:32
8. The Story Of John Handy (Doug Sahm) 2:41
9. In Time (Doug Sahm) 2:17
10. Old Bill Beatty (Doug Sahm) 1:54
11. Isabella (John Getz) 2:35
12. Blues Pass Me By (Doug Sahm) 2:55
13. Wine, Wine, Wine 
(Allday-Daboub-Haufler-Shine-Swartz) 2:16
14. She's Gotta Be Boss (Doug Sahm) 2:10

(2000 Sundazed/BeatRocket #124 Mono) 

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