Apr 19, 2015

Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers & Friends - Back To The 'Dillo 1982 (Edsel 1998)

 Review by Eugene Chadbourne 
In the '70s Augie Meyers cranked up a label called Texas and released a string of albums. The catalog included several live recordings involving a group of musicians that could be credited as loosely as they are for this production, or might also be known as the Sir Douglas Quintet or the Texas Tornados. Anyway, it's Doug Sahm and his faithful sidekick Augie Meyers plus many of the usual cohorts, including a horn section that sounds as if it has been practicing unison statements after every meal for the last decade. The live recording sound is perfectly acceptable for a '70s rock date, and the only thing that might detract from the experience of reliving a night at the infamous Armadillo Ballroom is the almost ridiculous jukebox nature of the program. Sahm's sidemen often complained that the leader neglected his brilliant original material for the sake of playing as many different covers as possible, and if the matter ever came to a jury trial, this recording could be brought in as exhibit A. There is a Chuck Berry song, followed by pretty little "Susie Q," followed by "Crazy Arms" -- well, it is like a frat party that gets crashed by an old redneck trucker carrying a boom box. The last two songs are a cover of "Purple Haze"--very nice, as could be expected -- and five minutes of jazz, competent, unexpected, and a weird way to end the show. This last instrumental, "Outro Song," is credited to Sahm, and there are only three other examples of his songwriting performed, best of which is a romping version of "Nuevo Laredo."
1. Introduction 3:21
2. It's Just The Same Ole Story 4:01
3. Get On Up 3:09
4. I Pity The Fool 3:41
5. Think About It, Baby 2:13
6. Carol 3:22
7. Susie Q 4:39
8. Crazy Arms 3:15
9. George Jones Song 3:46
10. Nuevo Laredo 3:36
11. Purple Haze 3:49
12. Outro Song 5:11

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hanalex said...

Thanks mr. Iceman :)

Tanktop said...

Mr. 'Lex, and Mr. Iceman...

Thanks very much for this fun and atmospheric concert!

Iceman said...

@Tanktop - Thanks for the visit and I'm glad you enjoy Sir Doug! Stay tuned as I will post more of the iconic Texan's music. Cheers

chico said...

Nice live with the great DS.Thanks for your good taste