May 6, 2015

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Reinforcements (1975)


1. Brain Damage
2. Thoughts From Afar
3. Foolish Girl
4. Big Yin
5. Plum
6. Something Out Of Nothing
7. Future Pilot

Brian Auger - organ, electric piano, piano, Moog synthesizer, Freeman string machine
Alex Ligertwood - vocals, guitar, percussion
Jack Mills - guitar
Clive Chaman - bass, flute
Dave Dowle - drums
Lennox Langton - percussion, congas

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | 265 mb incl. 3% recovery



Carl Howard said...

Augur just played Los Angeles about a week or so ago. I was told he is still absolutely killing it.
Oh, and that he spent a lot of down time after the gig yammering with Keith Emerson.

kobilica said...

Thank you...