Jun 14, 2015

Lighthouse - Thoughts Of Movin' On (LP-rip, 1971)

1. Take It Slow (Out In The Country)
2. What Gives You The Right
3. You And Me
4. Fly My Airplane
5. I'd Be So Happy
6. I Just Wanna Be Your Friend
7. I’m Gonna Try To Make It
8. Rockin' Chair
9. Walk Me Down
10. Insane

The band:
Skip Prokop - drums, percussion and vocals
Paul Hoffert - keyboard and vibes
Ralph Cole - guitar and vocals
Louie Yacknin - bass
Bob McBride - lead vocals and percussion
Don DiNovo - electric violina
Dick Armin - electric cello
Mike Malone - trumpet and flugelhorn
Keith Jollimore - sax, flute and vocals
Howard Shore - sax, flute and vocals
Larry Smith - trombone and vocals

LP-rip | WAV TRACKS+CUE | Covers | 254 mb incl. 3% recovery



kobilica said...

Thank you.Great band,one of my favorite...

Lamz said...

Thanks, missing this!

Tanktop said...

Thanks a million, Alex!
I cannot do without the great music of Lighthouse, and this album is a mighty nice example. From the rockin' natural wisdom of "Take it Slow (Out In The Country)", to your wonderful feature in the Youtube box, the deeply romantic "I'd Be So Happy", this band had it all.
Hard to get this LP, so I'm grateful to find it on your excellent blog!!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir - FANTASTIC!

Sergey said...

Спасибо огромное. Классная вещица.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! What´s the password? Henry

hanalex said...

Password here