Jun 11, 2015

Question Mark [Kenya] - Be Nice To The People (1974, 2010)

Pearl coming from Nigeria, the group Question Mark was formed in Lagos by young people influenced by rock'n'roll made ​​in Europe / USA. Despite some local impact in the mid 70s, the band released a single album in 1974, recorded in Kenya and then failed to commercial success and caused the end of the group. With recent reissues of Shadoks Now and Again, the Question Mark has won new admirers worldwide.
The album Be Nice to the People is divided into 8 short tracks, bringing simple and typical "afro rock", with strong influences from psychedelic rock and funk of 60/70 years done in England and the USA and even moments of typical music of the region. Biggest highlight are furious passages of guitar fuzz, organ and even percussion on tracks like "Have You?", "Freaking Out" and "Scram Out". The lyrics are all in English, most of them talking about passions and other teenagers issues, with some weaker acoustic ballads. Pearl recommended for fans of psychedelic and African rock.
1. Have You
2. Be Nice To The People
3. Hey Hey Girl
4. Love
5. Oh My Girl
6. Freaking Out
7. Scram Out
8. Mary Anne

The band:
Amehi Izuorah - bass
Chyke Okafor  - drums
Victor Egbe - guitar
Frank Izuorah - organ, vocal
Uzo Agulefo - percussion

WAV TRACKS+CUE | Front cover | 264 mb incl. 3% recovery



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