Oct 30, 2015

Jonathan Edwards - Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy (1972)


1. Stop And Start It All Again
2. Everything
3. Longest Ride
4. Give Us A Song
5. Dues Days Bar
6. Morning Train
7. Ballad Of Upsy Daisy
8. It's A Beautiful Day
9. Sugar Babe
10. Dream Song
11. Paper Doll
12. Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy
13. That's What Our Life Is

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE | Front cover | 237 mb incl. 3% recovery



kobilica said...

Good sunny country album.Thanks...

Unknown said...

Excellent post. Excellent blog. I follow you for a long time, but today I registered as a member. Congratulations for the great job. Hug.

hanalex said...

@Renê Ladeira

Thanks for your kind words!

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Oldie said...

Link is not available !

hanalex said...


All requests and wishes here: http://boyzmakenoyze.blogspot.ru/p/blog-page_63.html

drmwvr2 said...

Any chance of a re-up? Many thanks!

hanalex said...


Link updated

drmwvr2 said...

Many thanks for the updated link, as well as a multitude of excellent posts of hard-to-find albums! Much appreciated!