Jan 14, 2016

Belmondo [Hungary] - Él ilyen - Alien (2006)

Belmondo was founded in Hungary, in the end of 2005 by members of former underground/alter rock bands. The mission statement was to make such pop music, which still allows the musicians to take a look in the mirror. They succeded this notion according to their standards: the band usually characterize the musical result as beat-metal.
Their first song and official video which was released in 2006, very quickly became one of the most often played song in Hungary.
Their basic profile is given mainly by own songs, most of them are very well known hits in Hungarian music era,  although they love to play songs by other artist as well, preferring iconic bands, such as the Beatles.
Belmondo is basicly a real, unadulterated concert band with a truly mature show concept, dotted by playful, spontaneous verbal jokes. During the six years of their existence, they've released four studio albums, severeal singles, twelve video clips, and accomplished countless concerts.
Zoltán Czutor, lead singer of the band was awarded by ARTISJUS „The best lyric writer of the year” in 2011.
In 2012, they've also released a compilation album, called Good, Better, Belmondo, with native, and english lyrics too.
1. Lesz, volt, van
2. Nyugi, megváltozom
3. Jégkrém
4. Mégis remél
5. Egy DJ tönkretett
6. Egy kicsikét
7. Él ilyen
8. Minden nő
9. Száll az énekszó (Light)
10. Hoppá
11. Megszólít a lélek
12. Arra születni kell
13. TV-n kívül
14. Érzem én
15. Száll az énekszó (XXX)

Band members:
Czutor Zoltán - vocal, guitar
Szumper Ádám Ákos - drums
Paczári Viktor - bass
Szabó László - guitar

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