Jan 7, 2016

Excalibur [Germany] - The First Album (1972)

Excalibur were a very British sounding rock trio, though they also had many uniquely German touches and some experimentation, giving them a unique character. Of interest only to those liking the German twist on the hard-rock style. We assume that the guest musician "Gorilla" could be Achim Reichel, and thus "Lemmy" may well be Lemmi Lembrecht, as certainly there's a touch of Achim Reichel eccentricity in some of the instrumentals.
 1. Light In The Dark
2. Get Me If You Want
3. Zamuno
4. Run Through The Past
5. Sure You Win
6. Hollywood Dreams
7. Questions
8. Don't Look Backwards
9. Feelin's

Band members:
Werner Odenkirchen - guitar, vocals
Hartmut Schölgens - organ
Manfred Terstappen - drums
Gorilla - bass
Lemmy - percussion
Hans Lampe - percussion

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kobilica said...

Awesome album from that time...

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)