Jan 2, 2016

Hustler - High Street (Vinyl-rip, 1974)

Among the early pioneers of UK hard rock, Hustler comprised Steve Haynes (vocals), Micky Llewellyn (guitar, vocals), Tigger Lyons (bass, vocals), Kenny Daughters (keyboards) and Tony Beard (drums, percussion). At a time when the UK music scene still related anything from the rock field with complex, multi-layered progressive recordings, Hustler seemed somewhat of place with their straightforward rock hooks and ‘good-time boogie’ style. Nevertheless, both High Street and Play Loud remain excellent examples of the back-to-basics British rock movement that eventually exploded into the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. After the group’s collapse, Llewellyn joined Mr. Big.
A1. Just Leave A Good Man
A2. Piranhas
A3. Let The Wind Blow
A4. Uptight Tonight
A5. Get Outa Me 'Ouse
B1. Jack The Lad
B2. Midnight Seducer
B3. Miranda
B4. The Hustler

Tony Beard - drums
Kenny Daughters - keyboards
Steve Haynes - vocals
Mickey Llewelyn - guitar, vocals
Kenny Lyons - bass, vocals
Henry Spinetti - drums

FLAC TRACKS | Covers | 277 mb incl. 3% recovery
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