Dec 11, 2016

Murray McLauchlan And The Silver Tractors (Canada) - Hard Rock Town (1977) Vinyl-rip


1. Love Comes And Goes
2. Poor Boys
3. The Man Who Sings The Blues
4. Love Can Make Ya
5. Well, Well, Well
6. Hard Rock Town
7. Immigrant
8. Sweet Song Of Asia
9. When The Taxman Comes
10. Straight Outa Midnight

Murray McLauchlan - guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
Jørn Andersen - drums, percussion, vocals
Gene Martynec - guitar
Dennis Pendrith - bass, vocals
Ben Mink - fiddle, mandolin, backing vocals, strings (B2)
Kathryn Moses - flute (A5)
Ronney Abramson - vocals (A1, B5)

flac tracks | 259 mb incl. 3% recovery


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