Nov 18, 2010

Argent - Ring Of Hands (1971)

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"Ring Of Hands was the first album of Argent's to really find a comfortable place between the wondrous melodies and vocal work of The Zombies and a heavier harder rocking sound. The songs are great, with several extremely impressive solos from Rod Argent in the longer tracks and controlled interplay between the group in others. The Cream influences in the vocals that were there on the first album are still here, but they've matured into something more individualistic. I love Argent, and I would have to also say this is their best album..."

1. Celebration
2. Sweet Mary
3. Cast Your Spell Uranus
4. Lothlorien
5. Chained
6. Rejoice
7. Pleasure
8. Sleep Won't Help Me
9. Where Are We Going Wrong
Bonus track:
10. He's a Dynamo

Rod Argent - keyboards, vocals
Russ Ballard - lead vocals, guitar
Bob Henrit - drums
Jim Rodford - bass

P/w: hanalex


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