Nov 9, 2010

Blindstone - Manifesto (2005)

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Debut studio disc from BLINDSTONE (a super-sonic, way-kool power trio from Denmark) featuring 10 tracks of mega-awesome, powerful, dynamic, killer, bluesy/funky, soul-powered, retro-70 s heavy guitar power trio rock that cuts hard and deep with tons of groove, feel & vibe. Manifesto is an amazing, classic, timeless bluesy heavy guitar statement. The BLINDSTONE: Manifesto disc is HIGHLY recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX (tune into their awesome version of Are You Experienced), ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, TOMMY BOLIN, EDDIE HAZEL (FUNKADELIC), KING'S X, RICHIE KOTZEN, STEVIE SALAS, LANCE LOPEZ and to people who dig awesome, hard, funky power trio rock with an emphasis on outstanding bluesy heavy guitar riffage...

1. Groovin'
2. Temple Trippin'
3. Sleeping Alone
4. Are You Experienced?
5. Somewhere
6. Say It Ain't So
7. By Grabthar's Hammer...
8. Wasted days
9. Unifunk (It's Time)
10. Open Up Your Heart

Martin Andersen - guitar and vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Benjamin Hove - drums
Password: hanalex


who' said...

Outstanding album which I would never have discovered without you
THANKS very much. buddy!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing these.I never heard of em before ,but they sound awesome.Thanks for sharing!

Rogerio M.; Schirach said...

Files not's the Rapidshare message...Can you repost this album? It's a great band!

Anonymous said...

repost please, this band is fantastic!!!!
thank you in advance

hanalex said...

New link: