Dec 19, 2010

Warhorse - Red Sea (1971)

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Review by Richie Unterberger:
Warhorse's second album was basically more of the same prog rock-proto metal. Sometimes it sounded a little more mainstream rock, as on "Confident But Wrong" or the cover of the old soul ballad "I (Who Have Nothing)." Ashley Holt was tending to hit more annoying high notes, though; the warbles on "Back in Time," for instance, were unconscious models for the kind of singing so ably parodied by Spinal Tap. The CD reissue on Angel Air has six previously unreleased bonus tracks, including a live version of "Ritual" (a song from the first Warhorse album) and five demos of Nick Simper compositions that do not appear on the two Warhorse LPs.
1. Red Sea
2. Back In Time
3. Confident But Wrong
4. Feeling Better
5. Sybilla
6. Mouthpiece
7. I (Who Have Nothing)
Bonus tracks:
8. Ritual [Live]
9. Bad Time [Demo Version]
10. She Was My Friend [Demo Version]
11. Gypsy Dancer [Demo Version]
12. House Of Dolls [Demo Version]
13. Standing Right Behind You [Demo Version]

Ashley Holt - vocals
Ged Peck - guitar
Mac Poole - drums
Nick Simper - bass
Frank Wilson - organ, piano
Peter Parks - guitar


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