Dec 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

G-Force (feat. Gary Moore) - G-Force (1980)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 262 mb+3% recovery

G-Force is a 1980 album by the namesake UK-American band led by Gary Moore. Moore was on an American tour with Thin Lizzy and left the band mid-tour. He went to Los Angeles in an attempt to make a solo rock presence. With the opportunity to tour America in support of Van Halen, Moore recruited bassist Tony Newton (Motown session player and ex-Tony Williams Lifetime), vocalist Willie Dee (born Willy Daffern; ex-Captain Beyond/Pipedream) and percussionist Mark Nauseef (formerly with the Ian Gillan Band and Elf) and the band was formed as G-Force. The tour was a success, and the band supported Whitesnake on their 1980 Ready & Willing trek. However, the band was short lived, only producing the one eponymous album. The album consisted of more conventional hard rock radio oriented music than Moore's previous efforts. Soon after its release, G-Force disbanded and Moore joined with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame, on a new venture.
1. You
2. White Knuckles, Rockin' & Rollin'
3. She's Got You
4. I Look At You
5. Because Of Your Love
6. You Kissed Me Sweetly
7. Hot Gossip
8. The Woman's In Love
9. Dancin'

Gary Moore - vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Tony Newton - bass guitar
Mark Nauseef - drums, percussion, synthesizers
Willie Dee - keyboards, Korg bass synthesizer, vocals

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Dec 26, 2011

The Wackers - Hot Wacks (1972)

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The Wackers were an American Elektra Records group, produced by Gary Usher, who established the band from members of Roxy, which had moderate success. Musicians Bob Segarini, fellow Roxy member Randy Bishop on vocals, Bill 'Kootch' Trochim on bass and keyboards, guitarist Michael Stull and drummer Spencer Earnshaw made up the original group. Elektra released their debut Wackering Heights, which included session saxophonist Jack Schaeffer. Following the success of the tracks "Travelin' Time" and "Body Go Round", the band toured Canada and the US. The next year (1972), the band moved to Montreal, Canada around the time that they released their sophomore LP Hot Wacks. The album, recorded at Andre Perry Studios, featured "I Hardly Know Her Name" and a cover of John Lennon's "Oh My Love". Most of side two of the album was the six-song "Time Will Carry On" suite which reminded the listener of side two of The Beatle's "Abbey Road. Many references to the Hot Wacks LP erroneously refer to songs that do not appear on any Wackers LPs including "Windy Days", "I Got My Friends" and remakes of "New York City" and "Rock and Roll Circus", which were songs from the Roxy album in 1970. The third album, Shredder, was released in 1973 and featured "Day and Night" (a chart single), "Beach Song" and "Last Dance".
Despite Michael Stull leaving the group shortly after the move to Montreal, and April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer and guitarist JP Lauzon playing on several of the "Shredder" tracks, Segarini, Trochim, Bishop and Earnshaw went on to record an unreleased fourth album, "Wack 'n' Roll." Soon after, Earnshaw returned to California and Randy Bishop began a solo career. The Wackers soldiered on for a time with new additions Leon Holt, Norman Vosko and Wayne Cullen and released one single on Polydor Records, "All I Want To Do Is Love You." Segarini, Trochim and Cullen would then form The Dudes, with original April Wine members David and Ritchie Henman, and future April Wine guitarist Brian Greenway for one album. Bob Segarini went on to enjoy a criticaly aclaimed solo career and later ventured into TV and Radio broadcasting.


1. I Hardly Know Her Name
2. We Can Be
3. Oh My Love
4. Wait And See
5. Do You Know The Reason
6. Breathe Easy
7. Time Will Carry On
8. Maybe Tomorrow
9. Hot Wacks
10. Anytime / Anyday
11. Find Your Own Way
12. Time Will Carry On (Won't It)

Robert Segarini - percussion, vocal, guitars
William ''Kootch'' Trochim - bass, vocal, guitars
N. Randy Bishop - guitars,vocal, keyboards
Michael ''Two Foot'' Stull - guitars,vocal, keyboards
Spencer T. "Ernie" Earnshaw - drums, vocals


Dec 25, 2011

Glenn Hughes - A Soulful Christmas (2000)

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1. Winter Wonderland
2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)
3. White Christmas
4. O' Come All Ye Faithful
5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Chistmas
6. Silent Night
7. This Christmas
8. Ave Maria
9. The First Noel
10. O' Holy Night
11. Soulful Christmas
12. Auld Lang Syne

Glenn Hughes - all vocals and guitar & bass guitar on "Soulful Christmas"
Hans Zermuehlen - keyboards and programming
Will Donato - saxophones
Christian Poezach - drums
Melissa Varday - piano on "Ave Maria" and "O' Come All Ye Faithful"

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Dec 20, 2011

Christmas - Christmas (1970)

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1. Just Suppose
2. Your Humble Suitor
3. Sorry I Bore You Victoria
4. Oasis
5. Jungle Fabulous

Sorry I Bore You Victoria

Bob Bryden - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Robert Bylger - lead guitar
Tyler Raizenne - bass
Rich Richter - drums

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Manny Charlton - Say The Word (2004)

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Album from legendary guitarist who formerly played for Nazareth and helped write many of their hit songs. Includes covers of Nazareth, Bob Dylan & Howlin' Wolf.
1. Say The Word
2. Crooked Line
3. My Father's Eyes
4. This Month's Messiah
5. Parade
6. Crushed By The Girl
7. Movin' Day
8. Price
9. For Livin' A Lie
10. Just A Pretend
11. Walk By Yourself
12. Where I Live
13. Since The Day
14. Boots Of Spanish Leather
15. 44 Years
16. Ten Past Seven Blues
17. Cactus Rose Cafe
18. And Your Religion
19. 9-11

Manny Charlton - guitars, mandolin, bass guitar, lead vocals
Billy Pixley - bass guitar
Steve Froese - drums & percussion
The Haslettes (Julie, Paula, Tenneil & Amy) - backing vocals


Dec 14, 2011

Warren Haynes - Man In Motion

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Kicking off with Warren Haynes' unmistakable and masterful guitar over gospel-soaked piano, the title track to the dynamic new album 'Man In Motion' functions as a mission statement for the legendary musician and his signature brand of rock, blues and soul. Driving horn blasts and powerful organ punctuate some of the most soulful guitar playing and singing that Haynes has ever recorded.
'Man In Motion' is also a snapshot of a creatively restless musician who is constantly in artistic motion himself. "Musicians are students for life. We have to continually take new approaches," affirms Haynes. It's not Haynes' first foray as a soul man, however. "Soul music was my first love," says Haynes. "The first LPs I had growing up in Asheville [NC] were greatest hits compilations from Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, James Brown, Junior Walker, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Wilson Pickett, and The Supremes." 'Man in Motion' contains all original Haynes songs with the addition of original Stax recording artist William Bell's hit "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday".
1. Man In Motion
2. River’s Gonna Rise
3. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
4. Sick Of My Shadow
5. Your Wildest Dreams
6. On A Real Lonely Night
7. Hattiesburg Hustle
8. A Friend To You
9. Take A Bullet
10. Save Me

Warren Haynes - vocals, guitar
Ivan Neville - background vocals and organ
Ian McLagan - piano
Ruthie Foster - background vocals
George Porter, Jr. - bass
Ron Holloway - saxophone


Tales Of Ordinary Madness (1993)

Iguana - Iguana (1972)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 380 mb+3% recovery

Not to be confused with American outfit of the same name, mysterious British band Igtia'na was'. formed in Southampton in early 1970s to release one excellent album and then disappear without a trace, The core of the band was guitarist/vocalist Bruce Roberts, bass-player John Cartwright and drummer Pete Hunt, The trio was augmented by strong dual brass-section – Ron Taylor on alto sax and tambourine and ' Chris Gower on trombone. The solid presence of horns together with excellent songwriting is what makss. Iguana’s only offering truly unique.
Despite the album being released on the well-known Polydor label, it quickly became one of its most obscure items, since for some strange reason nobody was interested in the great blend of loud jazz-rock and energetic heavy rock stuffed with progressive elemenets. Surprisingly enough, even Tapestry Of Delights, the Bible for any British psych/prog fan, missed this one! Time has come to unearth this minor classic.
The sound of Iguana is rich and colorful, based on permanent juxtapositions of heavy, some what funky guitar sound and jazzy saxophone riffs – most of the songs are catchy and easy-to-get-into, in spit'e of their complex structures. Though most of the tracks are vocal-driven, there are enough space foi" adventurous instrumental excursions, the band achieves a perfect balance between song-oriented stgff and sophisticated progressive compositions (such is the longest piece on the LP, almost 9-minute “P.rice of Love”, reminding me of Colosseum, Mogul Thrash and other prcminent brass rockers of the eariy 1970s). Actually Brainchild's "Healing Of The Lunatic Owl" would be the closest comparison to Iguana’s. debut, only if Brainchild work was closer to progressive realms, Iguana veers more towards pure rocking sound, making the accent on sheer frank intensity of the early British rock music.
Unable to get the recognition they deserved, the musicians of Iguana almost decided to call it quits, when they've got noticed by prominent songwriter Jess Roden (ex-Alan Bown Set, ex-Butts Band). The whole Iguana line-up became Roden's backing band, touring with him for several years and helping hini to record several highly acdaimed LPs in the mid-1970s (including Keep Your Hat On"). Although the col-laboration with Roden might probably be lucrative for Iguana musicians, it must be pointed out that'.it ended their short career as independent songwriters. However, the sole Iguana LP from 1974 proves they could really do a talented, original and highly creative music. This is the first ever CD-reissue of this great "lost" album.
(Orexis Of Death)
1. Iguana
2. Southampton Blues
3. Price Of Love
4. Power Of Love
5. I Don't Need No Buddy
6. Ron's Tune
7. Prostitute
8. Grey Day Lady
9. Celluloid Samba

Ron Taylor - alto-sax, tambourine
Bruce Roberts - guitar, vocals
John Cartwright - bass guitar, finger drums
Chris Gower - trombone, tambourine
Pete Hunt - drums, congas

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Koncz Zsuzsa - Jelbeszéd (1973)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 262 mb+3% recovery

Probably the most popular Hungarian female singer ever, Zsuzsa Koncz first came to prominence in early-60s via appearance in the popular TV contest “Ki mit tud?’ (‘Who Knows What?’). Invitations to work followed from Omega, Merto and Illes bands. In the meantime, ‘Rohan az Ido’ – a song culled from the show and penned by Levente Szoreniy and Istvan Nagy of Illes – became huge hit.
By mid-70s Zsuzsa turned into international star, having successfully toured both Eastern (USSR, East Germany) and Western (France, USA) states. Fonograf, a band formed in early 1975 by ex-Illes members, became her new backing group.
Early-80s were marked with singer’s looking for a new direction. Break-up of Fonograf in mid-80s forced her to quit service of permanent backing unit in favor of session musicians and orchestras.
Slowed musical activities down by late-80s. However, returned in 1997 with yet another gold album.
Apart from musical achievements, Zsuzsa’s service to national song culture brought her several State Government awards, of which ‘The Honor Cross Medal of the Republic of Hungary’ (1995) seems the most important.
 Dalok listája:
1. Ki mondta
2. Kertész leszek
3. Jelbeszéd
4. Ha én rózsa volnék
5. Ne kérdezd
6. Egy fiatal költő emlékére
7. Hé, mama
8. Mit tegyen egy kisleány
9. Hol zöldell a rét
10. Szólj, ha meguntad
11. Nem ver meg engem az Isten
12. Új dal

Illés együttes
Czipó Tibor - gitár, ének
Móricz Mihály - elektromos gitár, ének
Németh Oszkár - dob
Tolcsvay Béla - akusztikus gitár, ének
Tolcsvay László - akusztikus gitár, szintetizátor, ének
Bódy Magdi, Herczku Annamária, Várszegi Éva - ének


Steve Lukather - All's Well That Ends Well (2010)

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1. Darkness In My World
2. On My Way Home
3. Can't Look Back
4. Don't Say It's Over
5. Flash In The Pan
6. Watching The World
7. You'll Remember
8. Brody's
9. Tumescent

The Band:
Steve Lukather - all guitars, lead and background vocals
CJ Vanston - keys and atmospheres
Steve Weingart - keys
Carlitos Del Puerta - bass
Eric Valentine - drums
Lenny Castro - percussion
Joseph Williams, Phil Collen, CJ Vanston - background vocals


Dec 8, 2011

Jim Capaldi - Fierce Heart (1982)

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Review by James Chrispell (
Fierce Heart reunited Jim Capaldi with Steve Winwood and the results are warm to the heart as well as pleasing to the ears. With help from Van Morrison as well, Capaldi put out an album that showed renewed faith in rock after having been living in Brazil absorbing various influences there and raising a family. Winwood's recent smash hits influenced Capaldi to write more upbeat as well as personal songs, highlighted by "That's Love" and "Tonight You're Mine." But whereas Winwood got into the Top Ten with his songs, Capaldi barely made into the Top 200. That was a shame, for there are a lot of comparisons here that should have been explored. For Winwood fans, this album was like an extra helping. For Capaldi fans, it was the main course.
1. Tonight You're Mine
2. Living On The Edge
3. Bad Breaks
4. Runaway
5. Back At My Place
6. That's Love
7. I'll Always Be Your Fool
8. Don't Let Them Control You
9. Gifts Of Unknown Things

Steve Winwood | Van Morrison | Mel Collins | Nicole Winwood | Pete Bonas
Brent Forbes | Bryson Graham | Chris Parren | Ray Otu Allen | Geoff Driscoll
Martin Drover | Jim Leverton | John Mizarolli

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Dec 7, 2011

Jim Capaldi - Short Cut Draw Blood (1975) [Vinyl Rip]

VINYL RIP | FLAC TRACKS+Covers | 264 mb+3% recovery

Short Cut Draw Blood is the third studio album by the British musician Jim Capaldi. Released by Island Records in 1975, it marked a major turning point in Capaldi's career: It was his first album recorded after the breakup of Traffic, and more importantly, it was his commercial breakthrough. While Capaldi's first two solo albums had been moderately successful in the USA (and in fact, in the USA Short Cut Draw Blood was his least successful album thus far, with both the album itself and the single "Love Hurts" barely scraping into the Billboard charts), Short Cut Draw Blood saw him entering the charts in several other countries for the first time. This was particularly evident in his native United Kingdom; the single "It's All Up to You", released a year before the album, became his first top 40 hit there, only to be overshadowed the following year by his cover of "Love Hurts", which went all the way to number 4.
Rolling Stone called the album slightly uneven but a promising step forward. Their review approved of both the session musicians and the arrangements, and was particularly complimentary towards his cover of "Love Hurts", saying "he brings a sense of pain very different from Roy Orbison's original."
1. Goodbye Love
2. It's All Up To You
3. Love Hurts
4. Johnny Too Bad
5. Short Cut Draw Blood
6. Living On A Marble
7. Boy With A Problem
8. Keep On Trying
9. Seagull

Love Hurts

Boy With A Problem



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Dec 6, 2011

Beckett - Beckett (1974)

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This self-titled album from UK Prog Rock band "Beckett" was their only album from 1974. They have a huge following in the South Tyneside area of England. It is worth noting that Iron Maiden covered "A Rainbow's Gold", which is featured on the B-Side of their 'Two Minutes To Midnight" single. And a few members of "Beckett" went on to form the band "Back Street Crawler" with the ex-guitarist of 'Free', Paul Kossoff.

1. Once Upon A Time... The End
2. Rolling Thunder
3. Rainclouds
4. Life's Shadow
5. New Dawn Chorus
6. A Rainbow's Gold
7. Don't Tell Me I Wasn't Listening
8. Green Grass Green
9. My Lady
10. True Life Story

The Band:
Arthur Ramm - guitar
Frankie Gibbon - bass
Terry Wilson-Slesser - vocals
Kenny Mountain - guitar
Keith Fisher - drums

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Dec 5, 2011

Re-post: Bachman - Any Road (1992)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 372 mb+3% recovery

This 1992 release features guest appearances by fellow Canadians, vocalist Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies and Neil Young on the track "Prarie Town." "If you yearn for the days was guitar-playing was guitar playing, and singers told it like it was...this is definitely an album for you! Most highly recommended." - Jim Brown, from the West Coast Music Review. Says Randy: "There are a lot of retrospective songs on Any Road. I never really did commentary songs before. Like, in "Fifteen Minutes of Fame," I'm angry. In "Vanishing Heroes," I'm in bewilderment. I'm asking, where are all the heroes? Then there is this wonderful retrospective look back at growing up in Winnipeg, which is both versions of "Prarie Town," slow and fast. I've had musicians come up to me and say, 'That is the ultimate Canadian song for any musician from the sixties and seventies.' It tells everything. From learning to drive in the snow, going from coast to coast… There are some lines in there that I don't even know how I wrote them... it was a fun, great album to record - very satisfying for me as far as a personal statement and my first step out on my own after many, many years."  (

1. Prairie Town
2. Any Road
3. I Wanna Shelter You
4. Overworked And Underpaid
5. 15 Minutes Of Fame
6. Tailspin
7. Vanishing Heroes
8. One Step Ahead Of The Law
9. It's Only Money
10. One Night In Texas
11. Why Am I Loneley
12. Prairie Town

Randy Bachman, Neil Young - guitar, vocals
Margo Timmins, Callianne Bachman - vocals
Denise McCann - harmonica, background vocals
Jason Sniderman - keyboards
Richard Cochrane - bass, background vocals
Billy Rea "Crash" Chapman - drums, background vocals
Allan Wiebe, Lovie Eli - background vocals


Nov 29, 2011

Fanny Adams - Fanny Adams (1971)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 243 mb+3% recovery

1. Ain't No Loving Left
2. Sitting On Top Of The Room
3. Yesterday Was Today
4. Got To Get A Message To You
5. You Don't Bother Me
6. Mid Morning Madness
7. They're All Losers, Honey

Doug Parkinson - vocals
Vince Melouney - guitar
Teddy Toi - bass
Johnny Dick - drums

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Nov 28, 2011

Head Over Heels - Head Over Heels (1971)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 218 mb+3% recovery

Reissue of killer 70s hard rock power trio from Michigan led by guitarist & vocalist Paul Frank who's wild acid rock guitar solo's dominate this great release. Originally released in 1971 on Capitol records this album instantly achieved cult status and sits in well with bands such as Damnation, Power Of Zeus, Grand Funk and other early '70's US long hair heavy rock bands.
1. Roadrunner
2. Right Away
3. Red Rooster
4. Children Of The Mist
5. Question
6. Tired And Blue Land Band
7. In My Womean
8. Circles

Paul Frank - guitar, vocals
Mike Urso - bass, vocals
John Bredeau - drums


Original rip: barin99
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Nov 27, 2011

Beth Hart Band - Immortal (1996)

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1. Run
2. Spiders In My Bed
3. Isolation
4. Hold Me Through The Night
5. State Of Mind
6. Burn Chile
7. Immortal
8. Summer Is Gone
9. Ringing
10. God Bless You
11. Am I The One
12. Blame The Moon



Nov 26, 2011

Buddy Miles - Them Changes (1970)

XLD rip | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 224 mb+3% recovery

Review by Steve Kurutz (
This 1970 release by former Band of Gypsy's drummer Buddy Miles is, quite simply, one of the great lost treasures of soul inspired rock music. From the funky drive of the title track to Miles' plaintive singing on "I Still Love You, Anyway" and Greg Allman's "Dreams," the album is filled with the best qualities of both genres. Not only does Miles prove himself to be a great interpretor of songs, but with the title track and "Heart's Delight," he demonstrates his ability to write solid material on his own. Complimented by the Memphis Horns, Miles' songs soar and swing as hard as any Stax release, and his voice, underutilized when he played with the Electric Flag and Hendrix, combines the nuance of soul singing with the grit of rock. Them Changes is definitely worth the extra effort to try to locate.

1. Them Changes
2. I Still Love You, Anyway
3. Heart's Delight
4. Dreams
5. Down By The River
6. Memphis Train
7. Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska
8. Your Feeling Is Mine


Nov 25, 2011

Mike Harrison [ex-Spooky Tooth] - Smokestack Lightning (1972)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 271 mb+3% recovery

"Smokestack Lightning" is the second solo album by Mike Harrison

1. Tears
2. Paid My Dues
3. What A Price
4. Wanna Be Free
5. Turning Over
6. Smokestack Lightning

Mike Harrison - harmonica, vocals
Pete Carr - lead guitar
Jimmy Johnson - guitar
Wayne Perkins - slide guitar
Luther Grosvenor - acoustic guitar
Barry Beckett - keyboards
Clayton Ivey - keyboards
David Hood - bass
Roger Hawkins - drums
Harrison Calloway - trumpet
Mike Stacey - trumpet
Harry Thompson - tenor saxophone
Ronnie Eades - baritone saxophone
Charles Rose - trombone


Also MIKE HARRISON albums:
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Nov 24, 2011

The Robert Cray Band - This Time (2009)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 295 mb+3% recovery

Robert Cray (born August 1, 1953, Columbus, Georgia, United States) is an American blues guitarist and singer. A five-time Grammy Award winner, he has led his own band, as well as an acclaimed solo career... Read more

1. Chicken In The Kitchen
2. I Can't Fail
3. Love 2009
4. That's What Keeps Me Rockin'
5. This Time
6. To Be True
7. Forever Goodbye
8. Trouble & Pain
9. Truce

The Robert Cray Band:
Robert Cray - vocals & guitar
Jim Pugh - keyboards
Richard Cousins - bass guitar
Toni Braunagel - drums


Nov 22, 2011

Tibet - Tibet (1978)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 248 mb+3% recovery


1. Fight Back
2. City By The Sea
3. White Ships And Icebergs
4. Seaside Evening
5. Take What's Yours

6. Eagles
7. No More Time

Klaus Werthmann - lead vocals
Deff Ballin - keyboards
Dieter Kumpakischkis - keyboards
Karl-Heinz Hamann - bass
Fred Teske - drums, percussion, guitars, vocals
Jurgen Krutzsch - guitars

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Nov 21, 2011

Zomby Woof - Riding On A Tear (1977)

EAC |  FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 454 mb+3% recovery

 Zomby Woof were a keyboard-heavy symphonic prog group active in Germany throughout the 1970s, but this, their first album, wasn't released until 1977. As one might expect, the musical foundation here draws heavily from Yes and Genesis, though surely there is an influence of German symph that I'm less familiar with (Eloy and the like). Despite the band's name, any Zappa influences are incidental at most; while these guys have a fairly distinct sound, they don't enter into any sort of Zappaish wacky experimentation, instead preferring to tread safer ground.
1.  Introduction
2.  Suicide
3.  Riding On A Tear
4.  Requiem - Part I
5.  Requiem - Part II
6.  Dora's Drive
7.  Mary Walking Through The Woods
8.  Walking Through The Woods

9.  Finale
Bonus tracks:
10.  Dora's Drive (alternate)
11.  Mary Walking Through The Woods (alternate)
12.  Highwire Dance
13.  Back Home

Ulrich Herter
vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer
Heinrich Winter
vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, D6 clavinet
Matthias Zumbroich
grand piano, Hammond organ, mini-moog, string ensemble synthesizer, Mellotron, electric piano, saxophone
Udo Kreuß
bass guitar
Berthold Maier
drums, percussion, tambourine


Nov 20, 2011

Montrose - Montrose (1973)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 225 mb+3% recovery

Ronnie Montrose had made his presence known in the Edgar Winter Group then cut his ties and decided to venture into some solo guitar work. He needed a powerful front man to sing over his heavy-duty power chords. He found a young Sammy Hagar (listed as Sam in the credits on the album sleeve) ready to rock and completely capable of handling those duties.
This is a typical LP clocking in at a fraction less than 30 minutes, which is a shame really, because every track oozes with primal raw energy. This is the kind of heart-pumping fist waving sound you that will leave wanting for more every time you hear it. The whole idea behind what Audio Fidelity does is to maintain the original album's integrity while enhancing the sound for optimal listening pleasure so you get what came out in 1973 but with a much better sound. Bill Church (bass) and Danny Carmassi (drums) was a good match for the Montrose guitar groove and they proved to be a solid rhythm section on every track, giving Montrose solid ground to lay his meaty power chords on. This does sound terrific so get ready to crank that stereo as loud as you can stand it, this is music made to play loud! Ronnie Montrose really cut loose on this album and proved he could play with the best of them. He would continue to show the world why he was one of the best guitar players around throughout the years with more great music but nothing ever seemed to match this. Neither this session nor anything like it would ever happen again unfortunately, as egos got in the way to cause tensions and finally a break up.
Its too bad things started fall apart for this band into the second album, which is why this remains the best recording Ronnie Montrose put out under the Montrose heading. When you hear "Rock Candy" you will remember why you loved this album so much. Eight tracks of some of the most powerful guitar rock you will ever hear is on this album. Its hot sweet and sticky so "Make It Last" because once is not enough for this music.
1. Rock The Nation
2. Bad Motor Scooter
3. Space Station No. 5
4. I Don't Want It
5. Good Rockin' Tonight
6. Rock Candy
7. One Thing On My Mind
8. Make It Last

Ronnie Montrose - guitar
Bill Church - bass
Denny Carmassi - drums
Sam Hagar - vocals

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Nov 18, 2011

The Company Of Snakes - Burst The Bubble (2002)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 354 mb+3% recovery

Bassist Neil Murray and guitarists Mick Moody and Bernie Marsden were all members of the inaugural lineup of Whitesnake from 1978 to 1982, up through the Saints & Sinners album. By mid-decade all three had departed and moved on to other projects; Moody and Marsden later reconvened as the blues-rock Moody & Marsden Band, and all three reunited in 1999 as part of Company of Snakes. Drummer John Lingwood, keyboardist Don Airey, and vocalist Stefan Bergren completed the lineup, which devoted itself to a mix of early Whitesnake songs and new material. After extensive touring, the live album Here They Go Again was issued in early 2001.
1. Ayresome Park
2. Labour Of Love
3. Ride, Ride, Ride / Run, Run, Run
4. Burst The Bubble
5. Sacrificial Feelings
6. What Love Can Do
7. Little Miss Happiness
8. Hurricane
9. Kinda Wish You Would
10. Days To Remember
11. Back To The Blues
12. All Dressed Up
13. Can't Go Back
14. She
15. Ayresome Park (reprise)

Stefan Berggren - vocals
Micky Moody - guitars
Bernie Marsden - guitars
Neil Murray - bass
John Lingwood - drums


Nov 16, 2011

Montrose - Warner Bros. Presents... Montrose! (1975)

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Warner Brothers Presents... Montrose! is the third album of the band Montrose.
It is the first Montrose album to feature singer Bob James and keyboardist Jim Alcivar. The album was critically praised and also noted for its movie-poster cover giving the impression that Warner Brothers was presenting a rock band like a big budget Hollywood production. Ronnie Montrose produced the album.
The album starts off with the hard rocker "Matriarch" followed by "All I Need" which alternates between soft acoustic sounds and electric guitar crunch. A hard rock cover of Eddie Cochran's rockabilly "Twenty Flight Rock" follows. Ronnie's acoustic guitar makes room for Novi Novog's viola on the track "Whaler" who a year earlier added the same on the Doobie Brothers hit, "Black Water".
The second half of the disc rounds out with rockers "Dancin' Feet" and "Clown Woman", Jim Alcivar’s keyboard driven cover of "O Lucky Man!" and Ronnie’s acoustic solo "One and A Half". The final song is a cover of a song that was never released. In 1971, Kendall Kardt, late of the band Rig, recorded a solo album, Buddy Bolden with guests Jerry Garcia and Ronnie Montrose, both on the songs "Buddy Bolden" and "Black Train". "Black Train" is written about a friend of Rig guitarist, Arthur Richards, who died of a heroin overdose. The original song has a country sound with Garcia on pedal steel guitar and Montrose on lead guitar and Hawaiian lap steel. A shakeup at Capitol resulted in Kardt’s contract being dropped and the album abandoned. Montrose rescued the song from obscurity with a hard rock version with the best guitar solo on the album.
1. Matriarch
2. All I Need
3. Twenty Flight Rock
4. Whaler
5. Dancin' Feet
6. O Lucky Man
7. One And a Half
8. Clown Woman
9. Black Train

Bob James - lead vocals
Ronnie Montrose - guitar
Jim Alcivar - keyboards
Alan Fitzgerald - bass
Denny Carmassi - drums

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Nov 15, 2011

Montrose - Paper Money (1974)

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Paper Money is the second album by the band Montrose. It was released in 1974 and was the band's last album to feature Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist.
Original bassist Bill Church had left the band before this album was recorded and had been replaced by Alan Fitzgerald.
Paper Money shows Montrose toning down the more metallic elements of its sound and pursuing a more commercial direction with "I Got The Fire" being the only track that matches the intensity of the debut album.
1. Underground
2. Connection
3. The Dreamer
4. Starliner
5. I Got The Fire
6. Spaceage Sacrifice
7. We're Going Home
8. Paper Money

Sammy Hagar - lead vocals on all songs except tracks 4 & 7
Ronnie Montrose - guitar, lead vocals on track 7
Alan Fitzgerald - bass
Denny Carmassi - drums
Mark Jordan - piano on track 2
Nick DeCaro - mellotron on track 7

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Nov 8, 2011

Crystals - Crystals (1992, recorded in 1973)

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With such an important line-up, it's strange that this group had such a short life.
Crystals were a sort of supergroup composed by experienced musicians, former members of name bands like Premiata Forneria Marconi (Piazza), Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Todaro), Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno and Samadhi (Civitenga), Alphataurus (Santandrea), and under the guidance of Paolo Tofani (Area and Electric Frankenstein) that composed all of their tracks.
They recorded an album that was intended for release on Cramps label, but for mysterious reasons it never appeared, and has only been released on CD in the early 90's.
Needless to say, the record shows an excellent musicianship, despite a certain lack of originality. The lyrics are sung in English, though the album has long instrumental parts, and the musical style is closer to English groups than to the Italian prog sound.
A Led Zeppelin influence is evident in Time out, very similar in its musical and vocal arrangement to the Page-Plant trademark sound, or Policeman with a folky feeling.
1. Wrought Iron
2. Time Out
3. Feeling
4. If She's Still Mine
5. Sad Story
6. Persian Carpet
7. Policeman
8. Women Under Water

Carlo Degani - vocals, percussion
Nanni Civitenga - guitar
Marcello Todaro - guitar
Giorgio Piazza - bass
Giorgio Santandrea - drums

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Nov 7, 2011

Asterix - Asterix (1970)

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Asterix were a German rock group whose members would later go on to change their name and form the first line-up of Lucifer's Friend. During the band's short-lived time under this name they recorded one album in 1970 and released the single "Everybody". (Wikipedia)
1. Everybody (Bonus - single A-side)
2. If A Could Fly (Bonus - single B-side)
3. Look Out
4. Gone From My Life
5. Broken Home
6. Time Again
7. Jump Into My Action
8. Open Up Your Mind
9. Corner Street Girl
10. Change In You
11. Morning At My Dawn

George Monroe (Georg Mavros) - lead vocals on tracks 1 & 2
John Lawton - lead vocals on tracks 3-11
Tony Cavanna - lead vocals on tracks 3-11
Peter Hesslein - guitars, vocals
Dieter Horns - bass, vocals
Peter Hecht - organ, piano, keyboards
Joachim "Addi" Reitenbach - drums, percussion


Nov 6, 2011

Frame - Frame Of Mind (1972)

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Frame is a very little known (unfortunately!) German band which recorded one but highly enjoyable art rock/heavy prog gem called "Frame of Mind" in golden year of ambitious music - 1972. When you hear "German music from 70s" you probably immediately think about some crazy psychedelic Krautrock but it's not a case here at all. Frame played very British style of early prog a la Cressida, Still Life, Beggar's Opera, Quatermass, Rare Bird, Spring, Aardvark or Frame but with slightly heavier arrangements due to more aggressive guitar presence. However just like their British fellows, Hammond organ is a main attraction on "Frame of Mind". In general if you like such English-sounding German groups like Birth Control, Frumpy, 2066 & Then, Virus, Amos Key or Tyburn Tall, you'll love Frame!
1. Frame Of Mind
2. Crusical Scene
3. All I Really Want Explain
4. If
5. Winter
6. Penny For An Old Guy
7. Childrens Freedom
8. Truebsal

Andy Kirnberger - guitars, vocals, piano
Cherry Hochdorfer - organ, piano, mellotron, spinet
Peter Lotz - bass, vocals, percussion
Dieter Becker - vocals, percussion
Wolfgang Claus - drums, percussion


Nov 5, 2011

VA - A Tribute To Deep Purple From Japan - Who Do They Think We Are? (1996)

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 A Japanese tribute album with players from bands like Loudness, Zodiac, and others: Toshio Egawa (keyboards), Taiji Fujimoto (guitars), Genki Hitomi (vocals), Nobuo Horie (drums), Shigehisa Ikeda (guitars), Akira Kajiyarma (guitars), Furnihiko Kittaka (guitars), Demon Kogure (vocals), Yoshihiro Kudo (drums), Takanobu Masuda (keyboards), Eiichi Miyanaga (vocals/drums), Minoru Morikawa (vocals), George Murasaki (keyboards), Hideaki Nakama (guitars), Masashi Okagaki (keyboards), Naoto Shibata (bass), Norifumi Shima (guitars), Konzo Suganuma (drums), Yoshiro Takahashi (bass), Sgt Luke Takamura III (guitars) & Yuichiro Uchida (bass). Recorded during early 1996 and produced by Uli Kawamoto at/for Mandrake Root Corp.
Tracklist / Performers:
1. Burn
Demon Kogure, Genki Hitomi, Akira Kajiyama (Ex.Precious)
2. Speed King 
Yukio Morikawa, Taiji Fujimoto (D.T.R.)
3. Lay Down, Stay Down
Genki Hitomi, Minoru Niihara, Sgt. Luke Takamura III (Seikima-II)
4. Strange Kind Of Woman
Eiichi Miyanaga, Shigehisa Ikeda (Braze)
5. Child In Time
Genki Hitomi, Shigehisa Ikeda (Braze)
6. Lazy
Minoru Niihara, Hideaki Nakama (Hell And Back)
7. Lady Double Dealer
Yukio Morikawa, Fumihiko Kittaka (King-Show)
8. Woman From Tokyo
Genki Hitomi, Hideaki Nakama (Hell And Back), Norifumi Shima (Concerto Moon)
9. Fireball
Minoru Niihara, Fumihiko Kittaka (King-Show)
10. Highway Star
Demon Kogure, Yoshiro Takahashi, Fumihiko Kittaka (King-Show)