Feb 18, 2011

Elfenbein - Made In Rock (1977)

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Obscure three-piece German band Elfenbein put out one album of straight-ahead, Anglo-American sounding hard rock.

1. Tired Anyway
2. Witch Is Burning
3. Stranger To Myself
4. Spider - Blues
5. Lazy Daisy
6. You've Done Me Wrong
7. Can't Find My Way Home
8. Lost Son
9. One More... Little Song

Jack B. Menzel - vocals, bass
Michael Dertscheny - guitars, vocals
Clemens Mueller - drums, percussion


Anonymous said...

muchas gracuas !!!

papillon said...

Pleases allow me to congratulate you for this superb blog which is absolutely the best as far as the quality of posts and the sound quality are concerned (better even than Phrockblog)and with no strings attached. Browsing your blog is real education in rock music and one can easily sample albums by listening to the the posted tracks.
Thank you for allowing me to download this album which I like a lot. The tracks 'Tired Anyway' and 'Stranger To Myself' are my 'Headphone' favorites.
Wishing you all the best

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!