Feb 13, 2011

Stray - Stand Up And Be Counted (1975)

1. Stand Up And Be Counted
2. For The People
3. As Long As You Feel Good
4. Waiting For The Big Break
5. Precious Love
6. Smile
7. Maybe You Do
8. Down, Down, Down
9. Woolie
10. Everyday Of My Life
11. The End
Bonus track:
12. Recover (single)

Pete Dyer - guitar, vocals
Gary G. Giles - bass guitar
Del Bromham - lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Richie Cole - drums

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 361 mb+3% recovery



putaveia (meretriz do rock!) said...

Nothing better to refresh a crisis day to download a excepcional disc
I will repost today Billion Dolllar Babies
Thanks for your support

putaveia (meretriz do rock!) said...

Thanks, this one i have
This week i will post to you valhalha (one of the best strays i never see in the last years), live, and a exclusive and double live oficial DVD (not rockpalast) in my blog to you
Thanks in advanced