Mar 10, 2011

Birtha - Birtha (1972) / Can't Stop The Madness (1973)

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Birtha was one of the leading female rock bands performing during the early 1970's.  The band consisted of four women: Shele Pinizzotto ( guitar), Rosemary Butler (bass), Sherry Hagler (keyboards) and Liver Favela (drums).  All four members of the group performed lead vocals and harmonies.
Liver was the last member to join Birtha in 1968.   The group immediately started playing the club circuit  and toured from  California to Alaska.  From 1968 to 1971 Birtha worked to tighten and refine their rock sound and in 1971 they started writing  their own material.   Most of the material was written by Birtha, but there were a few songs  which were written in partnership with other parties including,  Mark Wickman and Gabriel Mckler... Read more

Birtha (1972):
1. Free Spirit
2. Fine Talking Man
3. Tuesday
4. Feeling Lonely
5. She Was Good To Me
6. Work On A Dream
7. Too Much Woman

8. Judgement Day
9. Forgotten Soul

Can't Stop The Madness (1973):
10. Can't Stop The Madness
11. My Pants Are Too Short
12. Freedom
13. Let Us Sing
14. Don't Let It Get You Down

15. (When Will Ya) Understand
16. Rock Me
17. All This Love
18. Sun
19. My Man Told Me

Sherry Hagler - keyboards
Shele Pinizzotto - guitar
Rosemary Butler - bass, vocals
Olivia Favela (Liver) - drums, lead vocals


Eric said...

Nice one Alex, these guys could actually play their instruments as opposed to some of the more celebrated chick bands of the day.
Rosemary Butler has done many sessions as a backup singer too.
Little Feat for one...

Anon said...

I have their first in lossless, and like it very much. Probably second is not so good,but I'll check, even I should both d/l.

Hotroder said...

Thanks man,first heard birtha 20 years ago so thanks for the flac.

bobo59 said...

Best band in the history of rock music in which they play and sing the same woman. Many thanks!

El Isabelino said...

Oh no! Got wiped out by the megaupload take down! Any chance for a re-up?? It'll be very, very much appretiated. Thanks and saludos.

hanalex said...

@El Isabelino:
New links for you