Mar 3, 2011

The Parlour Band - Is A Friend? (1971)

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THE PARLOUR BAND were a progressive melodic / hard rock band from the Channel Island of Jersey. They signed to the Decca progressive imprint label, Deram and recorded their debut album 'Is A Friend?' in 1972.
Later the band changed their name and musical style towards a more American 'AOR' Rock sound and became A BAND CALLED 'O', which they later shortened to THE O BAND.

1. Forgotten Dreams
2. Pretty Haired Girl
3. Spring's Sweet Comfort
4. Early Morning Eyes
5. Follow Me
6. Evening
7. Don't Be Sad
8. Little Goldie
9. To Happiness
10. Home
a). Once More Loneliness
b). Fortress
c). Home

Peter Filleul - lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm acoustic
Pix - vocals, lead vocals (on "Evening"), wah wah Gibson
Craig Anders - vocals, electric, acoustic & slide guitar
Mark Ashley Anders - vocals, bass
Jerry Robins - percussion


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