Apr 30, 2011

Drama - Drama (1971)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 348 mb+3% recovery | Pseudonym 1997

1. Dreamed I Was The President

2. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
3. No Doctor
4. Melodrama
5. Smile Or Yell
6. Tell The World I'm Coming
7. Brains Or Not
8. Give Up And Go

Bonus tracks:
9. Down
10. Hard To Believe
11. Daddy Won't Let Me
12. Everywhere
13. Mary's Mamma

Ully Grün - Hammond organ, Mellotron, guitar, vocals
Frank van der Kloot - guitar, vocals
Polle Eduard - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Shell Schellekens - drums

Original uploader: yalinc

Savoy Brown - Steel (2008)

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1. Monday Morning Blues
2. Long As I've Got You
3. I Don't Remember You

4. You Don't Do A Thing For Me
5. Fly Away
6. Crying Forever
7. Daybreak
8. Echo Of A Sigh
9. I'll Keep On Singing The Blues
10. Keeping The Dream Alive
Bonus tracks:
11. Blues Like Midnight
12. Hellbound Train

Kim Simmonds - vocals, guitar
Gerry Sorrentino - bass instrument
Dennis Cotton, Mario Staiano - drums
Ron Keck - percussion


Apr 28, 2011

Wishbone Ash - New England (1976)

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New England is the seventh studio album by rock band Wishbone Ash. It was a success compared to the band's Locked In album, but still did not chart as high as most of previous Wishbone Ash albums. This album would mark the "Americanization" of Wishbone Ash, as the band would relocate from England to the Northeastern United States for tax purposes.
New England contained an even balance of hard rock songs and breezy, soft rock ballads, the latter of which would see further exploration from Wishbone Ash on their next album.
1. Mother Of Pearl
2. (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescued Me
3. Runaway
4. Lorelei
5. Outward Bound
6. Prelude
7. When You Know Love
8. Lonely Island
9. Candlelight

Andy Powell - electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, vocals
Laurie Wisefield - electric & slide guitars, vocals
Steve Upton - drums
Martin Turner - bass guitar, lead vocals
Guest musician:
Nelson ''Flaco'' Padron - percussion


Apr 27, 2011

Climax Blues Band - Stamp Album (1975)

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1. Using The Power
2. Mr. Goodtime
3. I Am Constant
4.  Running Out Of Time

5. Sky High
6. Rusty Nail / The Devil Knows
7. Loosen Up
8. Spirit Returning
9. Cobra

Colin Cooper - vocals, soprano, alto & tenor saxes, clarinet and flute
Peter Haycock - vocals, lead, slide and acoustic guitars
Derek Holt - vocals, bass guitar and vibes
Richard Jones - vocals, keyboards, bass and acoustic guitars
John Cuffley - drums and percussion

Apr 25, 2011

The Load - Praise The Load (1976)

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This powerful Columbus, Ohio trio was formed in 1973 by bassist/guitarist Dave Hessler (OSIRIS, THE DANGER BROTHERS) and brothers Sterling (keyboards) and Tommy (drums) Smith. In time, Hessler built himself a double-neck guitar with a bass on the bottom and six strings on top, while Sterling acquired a Minimoog synth, allowing him to switch from bass to synth. Doing mostly American prog with classical influences, they gigged locally for a couple of years and became part owners of Owl Studios and Owl Records, allowing them to record their first LP at their own pace in 1976, "Praise the Load". Their second effort, "Load Have Mercy", recorded a year later, was quickly shelved and wasn't to be released until it appeared on CD in 1996. They then relocated to Los Angeles, spent the next two years working as session musicians (mostly with The BEACH BOYS) and by 1979, they called it quits and returned to their native Ohio. READ MORE
1. Fandango
2. Flyaway
3. Brandenburg #3
4. Dave's 'A' Song
5. The Betrayal
6. The William Tell Overture
7. Sit Down (bonus track)
8. She Calls My Name (bonus track)

Sterling Smith - keyboards
Dave Hessler - guitar, bass
Tommy Smith - drums, percussion



Robin Trower - B.L.T. (1981) + Truce (1982)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 424 mb+3% recovery | BGO 1998

Digitally remastered edition with 2 original albums on a single CD. These two full lengths are the result of the collaboration of ex-Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower with ex-Cream bassist and vocalist Jack Bruce.
B.L.T. (1981)
1. Into Money
2. What It Is
3. Won't Let You Down
4. No Island Lost
5. It's Too Late
6. Life On Earth
7. Once The Bird Has Flown
8. Carmen
9. Feel The Heat
10. End Game
Robin Trower - guitar
Jack Bruce - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bill Lordan - drums

Truce (1982)
11. Gonna Shut You Down
12. Gone Too Far
13. Thin Ice
14. Last Train To The Stars
15. Take Good Care of Yourself
16. Fall In Love
17. Fat Gut
18. Shadows Touching
19. Little Boy Lost
Robin Trower - guitar
Jack Bruce - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Reg Isidore - drums


Apr 24, 2011

Home - The Alchemist (1973)

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 "The Alchemist" was the 3rd, the best and the last album of "Home" - the previous two were competent and convincing, but one couldn't even expect that the band will come with such an accomplished masterpiece. It is a concept progressive-rock album, based on a story inspired by spiritual or occult side of alchemy (although set up in 20th century). Perhaps Mick Stubbs' voice is a bit too sweet, but the album is tightly designed. The drums of Mick Cook are precise and hard, Cliff Williams (bass) and Laurie Wisefield (guitars) are doing really impressive and good job. That it reminds (somehow) "Kansas", "Moody Blues", maybe "Wishbone Ash", but in general the music is not loud - but proud. A very talented piece, and done with lot of taste...
1. Schooldays
2. The Old Man Dying
3. Time Passes By
4. The Old Man Calling (Save The People)

5. The Disaster
6. The Sun's Revenge
7. A Secret To Keep
8. The Brass Band Played
9. Rejoicing
10. The Disaster Returns (Devastation)
11. The Death Of The Alchemist
12. The Alchemist
13. Green Eyed Fairy (bonus track)
14. Sister Rosalie (bonus track)
15. Hayward Town (bonus track)

Mick Stubbs - lead vocals, guitars, piano
Laurie Wisefield - lead, acoustic and steel guitars, vocals
Cliff Williams - bass guitar, vocals
Mick (Cookie) Cook - drums, various percussion

Apr 23, 2011

Lighthouse - Sunny Days (1972)

EAC | APE TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 302 mb+3% recovery | RDI 2008

1. Silver Bird
2. Sunny Days
3. You Girl
4. Beneath My Woman
5. Merlin
6. Broken Guitar Blues
7. Letter Home
8. You Give to Me
9. Lonely Places

Skip Prokop - drums, percussion, vocals and acoustic guitar
Paul Hoffert - keyboards, vibes, congas and canary
Ralph Cole - guitar and vocals
Alan Wilmot - bass
Bob McBride - vocals, percussion and acoustic guitar
Don DiNovo - electric violina
Dick Armin - electric cello
John Naslen - trumpet
Howard Shore - sax, flute and vocals
Larry Smith - trombone, mellophonium and vocals


Lighthouse - One Fine Morning (1971)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 384 mb+3% recovery | Repertoire records 1993

 Canadian brass rock band LIGHTHOUSE were formed in Toronto 1969. Unusually, the band leader Ronn "Skip" Prokop (born 13 December 1946 in Ontario) was a drummer, he has played previously with artists such as Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana and Al Kooper before forming his first band THE PAUPERS. Of these, the Kooper connection is probably the most significant, as the music of Lighthouse is based around a solid brass section and big arrangements, similar to those of BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS and CHICAGO (TRANSIT AUTHORITY)...  Read more

1. Love Of A Woman
2. Little Kind Words
3. Old Man
4. Sing Sing Sing
5. 1849
6. One Fine Morning
7. Hats Off (To The Stranger)
8. Show Me The Way
9. Step Out On The Sea
10. Sweet Lullaby
Additional tracks:
11. One Fine Morning (Single edit)
12. Take It Slow (Out In The Country)
13. Sweet Lullaby (Single edit)


Skip Prokop - drums, percussion and vocals
Paul Hoffert - piano and vibes
Ralph Cole - guitar and vocals
Louie Yacknin - bass
Bob McBride - lead vocals and percussion
Don DiNovo - viola
Dick Armin - cello
Pete Pantaluk - trumpet
Keith Jollimore - sax,flute and vocals
Howard Shore - sax
Larry Smith - trombone and vocals


Apr 20, 2011

Patto - Sense Of The Absurd (1995)

2 CD | EAC | CD Images | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 676 mb+3% recovery

Review by Nightfly (progarchives.com):
Sense Of The Absurd, released in 1995 was the first time any Patto music had been made available on cd. The original albums having sold poorly were also hard to come by and pricey if you did manage to find one in decent condition. In these days of ebay their first two albums on vinyl regularly sell for £200 plus. Although the albums are now available individually Sense Of The Absurd gives the buyer an opportunity to get their eponymous debut and Hold Your Fire, presented here on two discs in the original running order with the addition of some welcome bonus tracks which are worthy of inclusion... Read more
Disc I
Patto (1970)
1. The Man
2. Hold Me Back
3. Time To Die
4. Red Glow
5. San Antone
6. Government Man
7. Money Bag
8. Sittin' Back Easy
Bonus track:
9. Hanging Rope
Disc II
Hold Your Fire (1971)
1. Hold Your Fire
2. You, You Point Your Finger
3. How's Your Father
4. See You At The Dance Tonight
5. Give It All Away
6. Air Raid Shelter
7. Tell Me Where You've Been
8. Magic Door
Bonus tracks:
9. Beat The Drum
10. Bad News
11. Air Raid Shelter

Mike "Ducks In Flight’ Patto - vocals
Clive Griffiths - bass
John "Admiral" Halsey - drums
Peter "Ollie" Halsall - guitar, keyboards, vocals


Apr 19, 2011

Savoy Brown - Live In Central Park '72 (1993)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 241 mb+3% recovery | Castle Communications 1993

In 1972 Savoy Brown was at the peak of their popularity. They were famous for their extensive tours and awesome live performances. This record captures the power of the halcyon days like none before it. Feel and enjoy the communication between band and audience; a timeless tribute that speaks to us now as magically as it did back than! This concert (voted the best of New York's summer '72 concert series by the Village Voice) epitomizes the electricity and talent that was Savoy Brown...
1. Let It Rock
2. Shot In The Hand
3. The Saddest Feeling
4. Can't Find You
5. Tell Mama
6. Love Me Please
7. Hip Shake

Paul Raymond - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Andy Silvester - bass guitar
Kim Simmonds - guitar
Dave Walker - vocals
Dave Bidwell - drums


Cold Chisel - Breakfast At Sweethearts (1979) [LP rip]

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Breakfast At Sweethearts was the second studio album, released in February 1979.
The album was recorded between July 1978 and January 1979 with experienced producer Richard Batchens, who had previously worked with Richard Clapton, Sherbet and Blackfeather. Batchens smoothed out many of the band's rough edges and attempted to give their songs a sophisticated sound. This approach has made the album sit a little uncomfortably with the band ever since. Once again, the majority of the songs were penned by Walker, with Barnes collaborating with Walker on the first single "Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)" and Moss contributing to "Dresden". "Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)" became a live favourite for the band, and even went on to be performed by U2 during Australian tours in the 1980s.
1. Conversations
2. Merry-Go-Round
3. Dresden
4. Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)
5. Plaza
6. Shipping Steel
7. I'm Gonna Roll Ya
8. Showtime
9. Breakfast At Sweethearts
10. The Door

Jimmy Barnes - vocals
Don Walker - organ, piano
Ian Moss - guitar, vocals, lead vocal on track 5
Steve Prestwich - drums
Phil Small - bass 
Cold Chisel - Cold Chisel (1978)

Apr 17, 2011

Tea - Tax Exile (1976)

1. Let's Play The Music
2. Alexandra
3. Young Family
4. Winter Days
5. Mind Your Own Business
6. Everything
7. Guilted Cage
8. Just Be Yourself
9. Free And Easy
10. The Place Where The Money Grows

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 237 mb+3% recovery


Apr 15, 2011

Tea - The Ship (1975)

1. Breakdown
2. Through Scarlet
3. The Ship
4. See You Again
5. I'd Never Had Bothered
6. A Dog Called Joe
7. Cristal Rivers
8. Summer In The City

Marc Storace - lead vocals
Armand Volker - guitars
Turo Paschayan - bass, co-lead vocals on "See You Again"
Tato Gomez - bass on "See You Again"
Philippe Kienholz - keyboards
Roli Eggli - drums

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 271 mb+3% recovery


Apr 14, 2011

Tea - Tea (1974)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 274 mb+3% recovery

A Swiss hard-rock band fronted by English vocalist Mark Storace, who under the guidance of Dieter Dierks recorded two good albums that were a hybrid of typical early-1970's British rock and Teutonic hard-rock styles. Adding the Dieter Dierks' mixing trademarks, Mellotron, and a few experimental / progressive touches, the debut sits somewhere between Scorpions and Lucifers Freind of the same period, whereas THE SHIP blended a more diverse array of styles.
We've never encountered the third album, so we can't comment on that. Later, Mark Storace took his unique Tea vocal style into the well-known heavy metal band Krokus...
1.Cool In The Morning
3.Hatred Or Love
5.Hazy Colours

Mark Storace - lead vocals, percussion
Turo Paschayan - bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
Armand Volker - guitars, vocals
Philippe Keinholz - keyboards, vocals
Roli Eggli - drums, percussion

Apr 12, 2011

The Tubes - Young And Rich (1976)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 242 mb+3% recovery

Biography by Jason Ankeny:
The Tubes were arch satirists of popular culture whose outrageous performance art concepts -- which swung wildly from softcore pornography to suit-and-tie conservatism -- frequently eclipsed their elusive musical identity. The beginnings of the group originate in Phoenix, AZ in the late '60s, where guitarist Bill Spooner, keyboardist Vince Welnick, and bassist Rick Anderson formed as the Beans (alternately billing themselves as the Radar Men from Uranus). After moving to San Francisco in 1972, the Beans recruited guitarist Roger Steen and drummer Prairie Prince (from Red, White & Blues), and later became the Tubes with the addition of Michael Cotten on keyboards and former roadie Fee Waybill on lead vocals. Read more
1. Tubes World Tour
2. Brighter Day
3. Pimp
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Don't Touch Me There
6. Slipped My Disco
7. Proud To Be An American
8. Poland Whole / Madam I'm Adam
9. Young And Rich

Fee Waybill - vocals
Bill Spooner - guitar
Roger Steen - guitar, harmonica
Vince Welnick - keyboards
Michael Cotten - synthesizer
Rick Anderson - bass
Prairie Prince - drums, percussion


Apr 11, 2011

Finch - Beyond Expression (1976)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 245 mb+3% recovery


1. A Passion Condensed (20:05)
2. Scars On The Ego (8:51)
3. Beyond The Bizarre (14:24)

Cleem Determeijer - keyboards
Beer Klaasse - drums
Joop Van Nimwegen - guitars
Peter Vink - bass


Apr 10, 2011

Boxer - Bloodletting (1979)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 384 mb+3% recovery

Bloodletting was an album by the rock band Boxer, released on the Virgin record label in 1979. Their third album in order of release, it had in fact been recorded in 1976 after their debut Below the Belt. It was also a posthumous release for band leader Mike Patto, who had died of cancer in March 1979. Patto was credited as writer of all the album's original songs. Also featured were cover versions of "Hey Bulldog" by Lennon and McCartney, Leonard Cohen's "Teacher" and "The Loner" by Neil Young.
1. Hey Bulldog (Lennon / McCartney)
2. The Blizzard (Patto)
3. Rich Man's Daughter (Patto)
4. Big City Fever (Patto)
5. The Loner (Young)
6. Why Pick on Me (Patto)
7. Love Has Got Me (Patto)
8. Dinah-Low (Stamp / Avery)
9. Teachers (Cohen)
Tempest live bonus tracks:
10. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
11. Living In Fear
12. Turn Around
13. Paperback Writer

Mike Patto - vocals and keyboards
Ollie Halsall - guitar and keyboards
Keith Ellis - bass guitar
Tony Newman - drums

Original uploader: havefun6699

Apr 7, 2011

Bolder Damn - Mourning (1971)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 293 mb+3% recovery

 This outfit formed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the Summer of 1969. They played a sort of heavy rock music in the Black Sabbath / Alice Cooper vein and had a spectacular live show, opening for many 'big name' acts. The above album was recorded in just four hours and pressed in limited quantities for distribution to local fans. Just when major labels were beginning to show an interest John Anderson and Ron Reffett were drafted leading to the band's demise.  If you're into heavy rock you'll like this...
2. Got That Feeling
3. Monday Mourning
4. Rock On
5. Find A Way
6. Breakthrough
7. Dead Meat

John Anderson - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Glenn Eaton - guitar, backup vocals
Bob Eaton - drums, backup vocals
Ron Reflett - bass, backup vocals

Apr 6, 2011

Birth Control - Count On Dracula! (1980)

EAC | CD Image | WV+CUE+LOG+Covers | 266 mb+3% recovery

1. Count On Dracula
2. Rescue
3. Sad Fan
4. Pick On Me

5. Caterpillar
6. Limelight
7. Witchhunters

Bruno Frenzel - guitars, backing vocals
Wolfgang Horn - keyboards, backing vocals
Bernd Noske - lead vocals, percussion
Horst Stachelhaus - bass
Manfred von Bohr - drum

Birth Control - Increase (1977)

EAC | CD Image | WV+CUE+LOG+Covers | 280 mb+3% recovery

1. Skate-Board Sue
2. Domino's Hammock
3. Fight For You
4. Until The Night
5. Get Up!
6. We All Thought We Knew You
7. Seems My Bike's Riding Me

Bruno Frenzel - guitar
Zeus B. Held - keyboards, saxophone
Bernd Noske - lead vocals, percussion
Horst Stachelhaus - bass
Manfred von Bohr - drums

Apr 1, 2011

Titanic - Eagle Rock (1973)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 398 mb+3% recovery

Legendary 70's Norway hard / progressive rock band

1. One Night In Eagle Rock
2. All Around You
3. One Of Your Kind
4. Heia Valenga
5. Dying Sun
6. And It's Music
7. Richmond Express
8. Maureen
9. Skeleton
Bonus tracks:
10. Rain 2000
11. Blond
12. Macumba
13. Midnight Sadness