Apr 19, 2011

Savoy Brown - Live In Central Park '72 (1993)

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In 1972 Savoy Brown was at the peak of their popularity. They were famous for their extensive tours and awesome live performances. This record captures the power of the halcyon days like none before it. Feel and enjoy the communication between band and audience; a timeless tribute that speaks to us now as magically as it did back than! This concert (voted the best of New York's summer '72 concert series by the Village Voice) epitomizes the electricity and talent that was Savoy Brown...
1. Let It Rock
2. Shot In The Hand
3. The Saddest Feeling
4. Can't Find You
5. Tell Mama
6. Love Me Please
7. Hip Shake

Paul Raymond - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Andy Silvester - bass guitar
Kim Simmonds - guitar
Dave Walker - vocals
Dave Bidwell - drums



Eric said...

I have this one on vinyl.
I saw Savoy Brown many times throughout the yrs.
One of the first times is when Kim put the band back together to help promote this release.
For an indie release the album did fairly well much to their surprise.
He had contacted Dave Walker after many yrs. of not working together and asked him to join up again which he did.
My casual friend Arnie Goodman also has managed/manages the band for many yrs.
Loved this group since I was a kid.

adamus67 said...

This band deserves much more recognition! I'm a fan of theirs for many years, but their biggest fan! great nod for Ericka

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