Apr 12, 2011

The Tubes - Young And Rich (1976)

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Biography by Jason Ankeny:
The Tubes were arch satirists of popular culture whose outrageous performance art concepts -- which swung wildly from softcore pornography to suit-and-tie conservatism -- frequently eclipsed their elusive musical identity. The beginnings of the group originate in Phoenix, AZ in the late '60s, where guitarist Bill Spooner, keyboardist Vince Welnick, and bassist Rick Anderson formed as the Beans (alternately billing themselves as the Radar Men from Uranus). After moving to San Francisco in 1972, the Beans recruited guitarist Roger Steen and drummer Prairie Prince (from Red, White & Blues), and later became the Tubes with the addition of Michael Cotten on keyboards and former roadie Fee Waybill on lead vocals. Read more
1. Tubes World Tour
2. Brighter Day
3. Pimp
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Don't Touch Me There
6. Slipped My Disco
7. Proud To Be An American
8. Poland Whole / Madam I'm Adam
9. Young And Rich

Fee Waybill - vocals
Bill Spooner - guitar
Roger Steen - guitar, harmonica
Vince Welnick - keyboards
Michael Cotten - synthesizer
Rick Anderson - bass
Prairie Prince - drums, percussion



Eric said...

The Tubes were very cool early on.I have the bulk of the catalog myself. This one and the S/T debut are my favorites.

PERSEvalK said...

with a name as "Tubes" it is not really the stuff i want..hmmmm..

but if Eric says it is good stuff... "feel compelled to figure that out" (hope it is worth)

thanks Alex ;)

adamus67 said...

Sounds real cool very good album the I have. bulk The Tubes. my favorites ,debut album can recall!Thanks