May 1, 2011

Cold Blood - First Taste Of Sin (1972)

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1. Visions
2. Lo And Behold
3. Down To The Bone
4. You Had To Know
5. My Lady Woman
6. No Way Home

7. Inside Your Soul
8. All My Honey
9. Valdez In The Country

Lydia Pense - vocals
Max Haskett - vocals, trumpet
Sandy McKee  - vocals, drums
Michael Sasaki - guitar
Mel Martin - flute, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Bill Baker - alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
Danny Hull, Pete Christlieb - tenor saxophone
Bill Atwood - trumpet
Pat O'Hara, Gordon Messick - trombone
Ernest Diridoni - tuba
Raul Matute - piano, organ, keyboards
Donny Hathaway - piano, organ
Paul Beaver - Moog synthesizer
Pete Escovedo - congas
Coke Escovedo - timbales, percussion


Eric said...

I shall take it upon myself to leave a comment ( being the leechers are to lazy) even though I own this album already.

First four are all good releases imo and a worthy addition to any soul/funk/rock collection.

Thanks Alex for offering your HQ posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this!!!