Jun 29, 2011

Gomorrha - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was (1972)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 312 mb+3% recovery

Originally a psychedelic pop band, the debut album from the mysterious Gomorrha featured a number of rather dated pop songs, topped off by the lengthy opus "Trauma" recorded with the aid of Conny Plank, who turned it into an opus of spectacular electronics and effects, mixing freaky rock with abstract collage. Some time later, and again under the aegis of Conny Plank, they re-recorded the album with English vocals and a more modern sound, releasing it as TRAUMA. A far more successful album, all the compositions being given a new lease of life, with the title track, instead of diving into a collage, treks on to space-rock. Gomorrha's finest moment however was I TURNED TO SEE WHOSE VOICE IT WAS, where Gomorrha's identity had become firmly established: complex psychedelic rock fronted by angry guitars and organ, that could be simultaneously aggressive and spacious, with bizarre lyrics about life, religion, death, etc. They presented a unique, adventurous and constantly surprising form of rock music that has become an island unto itself.
1. Dance On A Volcano (10:01)
2. Opening Of The Sealed Book (5:45)
3. Dead Life (3:56)
4. I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was (7:48)
5. I Try To Change This World (9:31)
6. Titish Child (6:57)

Eberhard Krietsch - organ, piano
Helmuth Pohl - drums
Mike Eulner - bass
Ad Ochel - guitar
Ali Claudi - guitar
Peter Otten - vocals

Jun 28, 2011

Strife - Rush (1975)

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1. Back Street Of Heaven
2. Man Of The Wilderness
3. Magic Of The Dawn
4. Indian Dream
5. Life Is Easy
6. Better Man Than I
7. Rush
a). People Running 'Round
b). More Haste, More Speed
c). Final Fling

Paul H. Ellson - drums
John Reid - guitar, vocals
Gordon Rowley - bass, vocals

Jun 27, 2011

Chilliwack - Rockerbox (1975)

VINYL RIP | FLAC TRACKS | 215 MB | 3% recovery

1. If You Want My Love (5:45)
2. I Know, You Know (3:00)
3. When You Gonna Tell The Truth (3:23)
4. Train's A Comin' Back (3:08)
5. Marianne (6:44)
6. Treat Me Fine, Treat Me Good (3:40)
7. Magnolia (3:15)
8. Last Day Of December (4:02)

Bill Henderson - guitar, vocals
Glenn Miller - bass, vocals
Ross Turney - drums, percussion
Howard Froese - guitar, vocals


Jun 26, 2011

Trooper - Hot Shots [Greatest Hits] (1979)

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1. The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
2. Baby Woncha Please Come Home
3. General Hand Grenade
4. Two For The Show
5. Ready
6. Santa Maria
7. We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)
8. Oh Pretty Lady
9. (It's Been A) Long Time
10. Round Round We Go
11. Moment That It Takes
12. Raise A Little Hell


Also TROOPER album
Knock 'Em Dead Kid (1977)
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Jun 25, 2011

Zarathustra - Zarathustra (1971)

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Formed in Hamburg (Germany), this obscure 70s heavy rock band is in the vein of popular British, American bands as DEEP PURPLE, ATOMIC ROOSTER, VANILLA FUDGE. Well played their intense rock is strongly melted with progressive tendencies thanks to the use of massive electric organ parts, long instrumental and technical structures, extended jam and adventurous climax. With intelligence and constant creativity, the quintet was pertaining to the evolution of rock music, particularly sensitive to new approaches from everywhere, British late 60s style to psychedelic feel and krautrock experimentations. Providing a high level of musical qualities, this brilliant band deserves the attention of any 70s prog rock lovers.
1. Eternal Light
2. Mr. Joker
3. Past Time
4. Nightmare
5. Sad Woman
6. Ormuzd

Ernst Herzner - lead vocals
Michael Just - bass, vocals
Klaus Werner - organ
Wolfgang Behrmann - drums, percussion
Thanks to original uploader (SW@T)
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Jun 24, 2011

Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing (1971)

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Working within the dynamics of a typical power rock trio, the early-'70s Krautrock band Silberbart take the genre much further into creative realms on their only album. It's got all the aspects of any good heavy metal band, screaming guitar solos and bone-shredding rhythms, as well as screamed high-pitched vocals, but they throw in a lot more improvisation and some curve balls as well, maybe coming off like a heavier version of the three-piece Guru Guru of that same era. The improvisational chops give Silberbart a jazzy limberness that one doesn't find in your typical plodding heavy metal dinosaur, even as they turn up the psychedelic quotient into overdrive. On the longest track, "Brain Brain," the group begins with a slow gloomy riff and falsetto vocals until about three minutes in when abruptly everything explodes violently as the drugs suddenly kick in. Then it's an intense roller coaster ride through heavy psychedelic noise blasts and abstract free-form soundscapes of scraping guitar and clattering rhythm. The other three tracks are only slightly less intense and unusual on this dark hard rock masterpiece.
1. Chub Chub Cherry (4:23)

2. Brain Brain (16:16)
3. God (10:07)
4. Head Tear Of The Drunken Sun (12:00)

Werner Klug - bass
Peter Behrens - drums, percussion
Hajo Teschner - vocals, guitar

Jun 23, 2011

Ginhouse - Ginhouse (1971)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 300 mb+3% recovery

A hard rock trio from Newcastle whose album is now rare. They had a good reputation as a live act and wrote some strong material on their album, with the continuous track The House/Sun In A Bottle the highlight, alongside a cover version of The Beatles' And I Love Her. Geoff Sharkey had earlier played in Sammy.
1. Tyne God
2. I Cannot Understand
3. The Journey
4. Portrait Picture
5. Fair Stood The Wind
6. And I Love Her
7. Life
8. The Morning After
9. The House
10. Sun In The Bottle

Stewart Burlison - bass guitar, vocals
Geoff Sharkey - guitar, vocals
David Whitaker - drums

Jun 21, 2011

Cain - A Pound Of Flesh (1975)

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Formed from the ashes of two regrettably named late 60s Twin Cities bands - The Grasshoppers and  The Bananas - Cain were regional college favorites in the Midwestern US, but failed to do much damage  elsewhere. A pity, as their sound is quintessential 70s hard-boogie, just as raucous and toke-worthy as  Foghat but with the political and literary flair of Blue Oyster Cult. Word has it the fellas 'jammed with' the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Iron Butterfly and Mott the Hoople,  among others, but it was the 1970s, and everybody jammed back then, brotha. At any rate all that  jamming and seven-nights-a-week shows finally paid off and they were signed to tiny label ASI, who  released their first album, A Pound Of Flesh, in 1975. The album cover was disgusting - they took the title quite literally - but the music inside was far more  appetising. The awesomely named Jigg Lee has a classic arena-rock voice and the band manage to build  a fiery choogle around him. Unfortunately, Cain's timing was tragic. Much like the late-blooming glam bands in the early 1990s who  got swallowed up in the grunge tsunami, Cain only managed to squeeze out one more album before collapsing under the weight of disco. The drummer went on to marry Melissa Manchester. The rest of  them trundled off to their own sorry fates. And you and I? We are left to ponder the true meaning of If  The Right One Don't Get You, The Left One Will. And to stare at that nasty cover.
1. Queen Of The Night
2. Katy
3. South Side Queen
4. Badside
5. Born Of The Wind
6. Heed The Call
7. If The Right Don't Get You The Left One Will
8. All My Life

Jiggs Lee - vocals, percussion
Dave Elmeer - bass, acoustic, keyboards
Lloyd Forsberg - electric guitar
Kevin DeRemer - drums


Jun 20, 2011

George Benson - Bad Benson (1974)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 283 mb+3% recovery

Review by Thom Jurek:
Preceding Breezin', his crossover smash for Warner in 1976, Bad Benson shows the guitarist still hanging on to his Wes Montgomery roots in places while stretching his soul-jazz persona into even funkier arenas. CTI had a formula for making funky, accessible jazz and fusion records that in 1974 still held true. Arranged by Don Sebesky, Bad Benson is a collection of delicious, varied, and sometimes confusing choices. Benson's own playing is precise and smooth as always, and guitarist Phil Upchurch keeps a large color palette for him to draw from, as in the funkified version of "Take Five." Other notables are the stellar "My Latin Brother," which begins as a Debussy-ian impressionistic string … Read more
1. Take Five
2. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
3. My Latin Brother
4. No Sooner Said Than Done
5. Full Compass
6. The Changing World
Bonus tracks:
7. Take The "A" (new mix)
8. Serbian Blue (new mix)
9. From Now On (unreleased)


Jun 18, 2011

George Benson - The Other Side Of Abbey Road (1969)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 200 mb+3% recovery

1. Golden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money (4:46)
2. Because / Come Together (7:24)
3. Oh! Darling (3:59)
4. Here Comes The Sun / I Want You (She's So Heavy) (8:59)
5. Something / Octopus's Garden / The End (6:20)

Jerry Jemmott , Ron Carter - bass
George Ricci - cello
Jerome Richardson - clarinet
Don Ashworth - clarinet (bass)
Ed Shaughnessy , Idris Muhammad - drums
Hubert Laws , Jerome Richardson - flute
Phil Bodner - flute & oboe
George Benson - guitar
Andy Gonzalez , Ray Barretto - percussion
Bob James , Ernie Hayes , Herbie Hancock - piano, organ, harpsichord
Sonny Fortune, Don Ashworth, Jerome Richardson - saxes
Wayne Andre - trombone, euphonium
Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Bernie Glow , Marvin Stamm , Mel Davis - trumpet, flugelhorn
Emanuel Vardi - viola
Max Pollikoff , Raoul Poliakin - violin

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Jun 17, 2011

Primevil - Smokin' Bats At Campton's (1974)

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 Originally a private and limited vinyl release in 1974, Smokin' Bats At Compton's stands as a fine example of '70s hard rock. The overall sound is bluesy hard rock, very much in the style of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, although in recent years they have also appealed to psychedelic collectors. Highlights include the opening track 'Leavin', 'Progress' and the now legendary 'Hey Lover'.
1. Leavin'
2. Progress
3. Fantasies
4. Pretty Woman
5. Tell Me If You Can
6. Hey, Lover
7. High Steppin' Stomper
8. Your Blues

Dave Campton - lead vocals, harp, percussion, electric chair
Mel Cupp - drums
Larry Lucas - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Mark Sipe - bass guitar
Jay Wilfong - electric guitar, screams
Moe Whittemore - synthesizer


Jun 16, 2011

Irmin's Way - Opus; Destroy (1976)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 293 mb+3% recovery

Long time lost heavy-kraut-rockin' classic. Irmin's way is an english-german band whose name is taken from the Saxon mythology. They released only one album "Opus; Destroy" in 1976. The album ventures from space rock to astonishing symphonic heavy rock attacks. It has been reissued in 1996 by the European acid folk label "Kissing Spell".
1. Past & Present (9:23)
2. Eremite (9:13)
3. Alone (5:20)
4. Opus; Destroy (22:36)


Jun 15, 2011

Anyone's Daughter - Adonis (1979)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 276 mb+3% recovery

1. Adonis:
part I - Come Away
part II - The Disguise
part III - Adonis
part IV - The Epitaph
2. Blue House
3. Sally
4. Anyone's Daughter

Harald Bareth - Fender bass, lead vocals
Uwe Karpa - electric 6- and 12-string guitars
Kono Konopik - Hayman drums, Paiste cymbals
Matthias Ulmer - grand piano, Fender rhodes, ARP Omni, mini Moog, Hammond organ, vocals

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Jun 13, 2011

Point Blank - Point Blank (1976)

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Point Blank is an American rock and roll band hailing from Texas. The band formed in 1974 and recorded six albums between 1976 and 1982. Garnering occasional airplay on AOR radio stations, the band is best known for their 1981 hit single "Nicole".
1. Free Man
2. Moving
3. Wandering
4. Bad Bees
5. That's The Law
6. Lone Star Fool
7. Distance
8. In This World

Rusty Burns - guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Kim Davis - guitars, vocals
Peter Gruen - drums, percussion
John O'Daniel - vocals
Phillip Petty - bass


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Jun 11, 2011

A Foot In Coldwater - All Around Us (1974)

EAC | APE TRACKS+LOG+Covers | 255 mb+3% recovery

1. I Know What You Need
2. All Around Us
3. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want
4. It s Only Love
5. Love Is Coming
6. How Much Can You Take
7. He s Always There (Watching You)
8. Yalla Yae
9. (Isn't Love Unkind) In My Life
10. Para - Dice

Bob Horne - keyboards
Hughie Leggat - bass
Alex Machin - vocals
Paul Naumann - guitars
Danny Taylor - drums


Jun 9, 2011

Trooper - Knock 'Em Dead Kid (1977)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 221 mb+3% recovery

Knock 'Em Dead, Kid is the third album by Canadian rock band Trooper, released in 1977. The album was produced by Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame. Bassist Harry Kalensky was replaced by Doni Underhill prior to the recording this album, which was the group's first Canadian platinum certified album. The album contained the hits "We're Here for a Good Time (not a long time)" and "Oh, Pretty Lady".
1. Knock 'Em Dead Kid
2. Waitin' On Your Love
3. Most Of The Country
4. You Look So Good

5. We're Here for A Good Time (Not A Long Time)
6. Oh, Pretty Lady
7. Cold, Cold Toronto
8. (It's Been A) Long Time

Ra McGuire - vocals
Brian Smith - guitar, vocals
Doni Underhill - bass
Frank Ludwig - keyboards, vocals
Lance Chalmers - drums


Jun 8, 2011

Liverpool Echo - Liverpool Echo (1973)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 380 mb+3% recovery

Power pop has never sounded so powerful! When former Mandrake Paddlesteamer mainstays Brian Engel and Martin Briley convened as Liverpool Echo in 1973, the Beatles had been in the grave for just three years, and the world still desperately wanted them back -- so desperately that, with a band name borrowed bodily from an old Merseybeat-era newspaper, what could any record company do, but lift a "Fabs"-headlined copy of the paper for an album cover? But "Beatles Come Home So Quietly" really wasn't the most appropriate banner for an LP jacket, all the more so since, once you hit the vinyl, the spirit of the "Moptops" hung so heavily over the music that it screamed out for attention. Of course, it was true that any early-'70s band that was capable of melding melody with studio-borne creativity would inevitably be tarred "the new Beatles" (as Badfinger and 10cc would readily testify); it is also true that all such comparisons were then hopelessly devalued by the arrival of the Rutles. But still Liverpool Echo have an uncanny grasp of the Merseybeat sound circa 1963 and 64, spliced with a healthy hint of the Hollies, and that was more than enough to raise high hopes for the album. Unfortunately, hope was all that the record label (Spark) could do. They certainly had no promotion or distribution muscle to speak of, and both band and LP sank within seconds, to lie forgotten until Revola revived it (with excellent Mark A Johnston liner notes) in 2005.   Dave Thompson, Rovi
1. You Might As Well Surrender
2. Girl Said To Me
3. You Know It Feels Right
4. No Not Again
5. Seems Like Today Will Never End
6. Gone Gone Gone
7. If I Told You Once
8. Girl On The Train
9. Sally Works Nights
10. No More Tomorrows
11. Don't You Know I've Been Lying
12. Another Night Alone

Martin Briley - lead guitar, vocals
Herbie Flowers - bass guitar
Clem Cattini - drums
Brian Engel - acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Andrew Pryce Jackman - keyboards


Jun 7, 2011

Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon (1978)

EAC | CD Image | WV+CUE+LOG+Covers | 411 mb+3% recovery

Review by William Ruhlmann (allmusic.com):
Six years went by between the release of Crazy Horse's third album, At Crooked Lake, and its fourth, Crazy Moon, and a lot of water went under the bridge in the meantime. Crazy Horse was, in effect, three different bands on its first three albums because the only constants were bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina as lead singers, songwriters, guitarists, and keyboardists came and went. The band name seemed to be retired by 1973, but in 1974 Talbot and Molina hooked up with singer/guitarist Frank Sampedro as Crazy Horse, leading to sessions with their erstwhile employer Neil Young that resulted in the Young/Crazy Horse album Zuma. Read more
1. She's Hot
2. Downhill
3. Going Down Again
4. Thunder & Lightning
5. New Orleans
6. That Day
7. Lost And Lonely Feelin'
8. End Of The Line
9. Dancin' Lady
10. Love Don't Come Easy
11. Too Late Now
Bonus tracks:
Crazy Horse (1972)
12. Lady Soul
13. Rock And Roll Band
The Rockets (1968)
14. Pills Blues
15. Let Me Go
16. Stretch Your Skin
17. Won't You Say You'll Stay
18. Mr. Chips

Frank "Poncho" Sampedro - vocals, guitars, harmonica & wurlitzer on "Lost and Lonely Feeling"
Billy Talbot - vocals, bass
Ralph Molina - vocals, drums, acoustic guitar on "Love Don't Come Easy"
Barry Goldberg - piano, organ

Additional personnel:
Neil Young - guitar on "She's Hot", "Going Down Again", "New Orleans", "Downhill", and "Thunder and Lightning"
Bobby Notkoff - violin on "Dancin' Lady"
Jay Graydon - electric guitar on "That Day" and "End Of The Line"
Ben Keith - pedal steel on "Lost and Lonely Feeling"
Greg Leroy - slide guitar on "Lost and Lonely Feeling", "Love Don't Come Easy", and "Too Late Now"
Kirby Johnson - piano on "End Of The Line"
Michael Curtis - synthesizer on "That Day"
Michael Kowalski - drums on "Love Don't Come Easy"
The East L.A. Horns: Steve Lawrence, Tom Brey, and Kenny Walther -
horns on "Thunder and Lightning" and "Love Don't Come Easy"


Jun 6, 2011

Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections! (1972)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 486 mb+3% recovery

2006 & THEN are: Geff Harrison on lead vocals, Gagey Mrozeck on guitars, Dieter Bauer on bass, Konstatin Bommarius on drums and Steve Robinson with Veit Marvos both sharing duties on organ, electric piano, vibes, synthesizer, mellotron and vocals (the name '2077 & THEN' comes from adding an extra thousand to the number 1066, year of the historical battle of Hastings). Their heavy progressive style has been compared to that of DEEP PURPLE, VANILLA FUDGE and IRON BUTTERFLY. After releasing their first album, individual members got involved in different projects that never really stood the test of time, so 'Reflections on the Future' is their only legacy, and a fine one at that. Read more
1. At My Home

2. Autumn
3. Butterking
4. Reflections On The Future
5. The Way That I Feel Today
6. Spring
7. I Wanna Stay
8. Time Can't Take It Away

Geff Harrison - lead vocals & lyrics
Gagey Mrozeck - guitars
Veit Marvos - keyboards
Dieter Bauer - bass
Steve Robinson - keyboards
Konstatin Bommarius - drums
Wolfgang Schonbrot - flute
Curt Cress - drums

Jun 5, 2011

Dr. Hook - Pleasure & Pain (1978) + Sometimes You Win (1979)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 483 mb+3% recovery

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from the American Country / Pop Rock outfit on one disc: Pleasure & Pain (1978) and Sometimes You Win (1979). Both albums made the U.S. Top 100, and singles such as 'Sharing The Night Together' and 'Better Love Next Time' from these albums were Top 10 Hits.
Pleasure & Pain:
1. Sharing The Night Together
2. Sweetest Of All
3. Storms Never Last
4. I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
5. Knowing She's There
6. Clyde
7. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
8. Dooley Jones
9. I Gave Her Comfort
10. You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up and Dance

Sometimes You Win:
11. Better Love Next Time
12. In Over My Head
13. Sexy Eyes
14. Oh! Jesse
15. Years From Now
16. I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin'
17. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
18. What Do You Want?
19. Love Monster
20. Mountain Mary
21. Help Me, Mama

Dennis Locorriere - lead vocal, guitar, bass, harmonica
Ray Sawyer - lead vocals
Billy Francis - keyboards, vocal
Rik Elswit - guitar, vocals
Jance Garfat - bass
John Wolters - drums, percussions, vocals
Bob "Willard" Henke - guitar, keyboards, vocals


Also DR. HOOK albums:
Doctor Hook (1971)
Sloppy Seconds (1972) 
Bankrupt (1975) 

Jun 4, 2011

Moloch - Moloch (1970)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 265 mb+3% recovery

Formed in Memphis in 1968 by Baker, who'd fronted local faves The Blazers, the initial line-up evolved to include drummer Durham, who'd been with The Group and The Rapscallions. Produced, written and arranged by Don Nix (ex-Mar-Keys and Paris Pilot) in Memphis, Moloch is an excellent blues rock album with some sound effects, noises and superb acid guitar solos by Lee Baker. Their single was recorded after the album with a later line-up and is extremely rare.
1. Helping Hand
2. Maverick Woman Blues
3. Outta Hand
4. Same Old Blues
5. Going Down
6. She Looks Like An Angel
7. Gone Too Long
8. Dance Chaney Dance
9. Mona
10. People Keep Talking
11. I Can Think The Same Of You
12. Night At The Possum
Bonus tracks:
13. Cocaine Katy
14. The Terrorizing Of Miss Nancy Jane

Lee Baker - guitar, vocals
Philllip Durham - drums, vocal
Fred Nicholson - organ
Steve Spear - bass
Gene Wilkins - vocals


Jun 3, 2011

Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek (1971)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 301 mb+3% recovery

 Stonehouse: Stonehouse Creek 1971 is a great Heavy Rock record. Oftentimes wrongfully lumped into the hard progressive sub category, this is just plain old killer articulate early 70s Heavy Rock. The music and vocal stylings bear a slight resemblance to their fellow UK musicians in Free or very early Bad Company. The thing that definitely sets Stonehouse apart from other commonplace hard rock groups is their musicianship. Instead of arranging their material around the guitar, all the musicians use the acoustic piano as a rhythmic springboard allowing them all a more melodious approach to their individual contributions. The Piano is in no way dominant throughout the album, nor are the arrangements too angular. Unfortunately this was the groups only offering and details on the members & their activities are as rare as the RCA record itself.
1. Stonehouse Creek
2. Hobo
3. Cheater
4. Nightmare
5. Crazy White Folk
6. Down, Down
7. Ain't No Game
8. Don't Push Me
9. Topaz
10. Four Letter Word
11. Stonehouse Creek

Peter Spearing - guitar, vocals
James Smith - vocals
Ian Snow - drums
Terry Parker - bass

Jun 1, 2011

Bull Angus - Free For All (1972)

EAC |  FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 269 mb+3% recovery

   Known primarily to late 60s/early 70s vinyl fanatics, Bull Angus (a name inspired by the bull farms near a barn they’d rented for rehearsals) was a psychedelic blues band with significant prog leanings. Best evidence has them forming sometime in the late 1960s in Poughkeepsie, New York, by guitarists Larry LaFalce and Dino Paolillo. The duo was soon joined by Geno Charles (Drums), Frankie Previte (Vocals), Ron Piccolo (Keyboards) and Lenny Venditti (bass). LaFalce and Venditti were formerly with NY bands The Pyramid, Previte had been with The Oxford Watchband, and Piccolo a member of The Revells. With Vinny Testa producing, the group released a self-titled debut in 1971 on Mercury Records but poor marketing and sales meant that the band only issued one more album, 1972’s “Free For All”, before Bull Angus split up (although Previte will forever be a footnote in pop history for penning “The Time of My Life” for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack!).
   It is odd that Bull Angus didn’t make a larger impact at the time; their brand of post-psychedelic heavy blues successfully crossed between jam-happy Southern Rock and budding Progressive Rock. The material was often compared to heavyweights like Uriah Heep, Atomic Rooster, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple as well as homegrown Grand Funk Railroad, but the band’s dexterity and large roster meant they could occasionally leave hardrock behind and dabble in early Crimson-style folk. Despite all this, Bull Angus never earned a cult following and has remained underappreciated to this day.
1. Lone Stranger
2. City Boy
3. Loving Till End
4. Savoy Truffle
5. Drivin' Me Wild
6. (We're The) Children Of Our Dreams
7. Train Woman Lee

Geno Charles - drums, percussion
Larry LaFalce - guitar, vocals
Dino Paolillo - guitar vocals
Frankie Previte - vocals, recorder, percussion
Ron Piccolo - organ, piano, vocals
Lenny Venditti - bass