Jun 3, 2011

Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek (1971)

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 Stonehouse: Stonehouse Creek 1971 is a great Heavy Rock record. Oftentimes wrongfully lumped into the hard progressive sub category, this is just plain old killer articulate early 70s Heavy Rock. The music and vocal stylings bear a slight resemblance to their fellow UK musicians in Free or very early Bad Company. The thing that definitely sets Stonehouse apart from other commonplace hard rock groups is their musicianship. Instead of arranging their material around the guitar, all the musicians use the acoustic piano as a rhythmic springboard allowing them all a more melodious approach to their individual contributions. The Piano is in no way dominant throughout the album, nor are the arrangements too angular. Unfortunately this was the groups only offering and details on the members & their activities are as rare as the RCA record itself.
1. Stonehouse Creek
2. Hobo
3. Cheater
4. Nightmare
5. Crazy White Folk
6. Down, Down
7. Ain't No Game
8. Don't Push Me
9. Topaz
10. Four Letter Word
11. Stonehouse Creek

Peter Spearing - guitar, vocals
James Smith - vocals
Ian Snow - drums
Terry Parker - bass


dilyan said...

Thank you very much

adamus67 said...

I bought this album a couple of years ago...
This was a progressive hard rock outfit. The album is now rare and sought-after by collectors of this genre, apart from the acoustic title track it consists of bludgeoning hard rock.....James Smith and Ian Snow had earlier played with Asgard.
Anyway thanks.

space88 said...

wonderfull Album!!A BIG THANKS!!

Keith Leadbetter said...

They were from the Plymouth area. I used to attend their weekly gig in the Ark Royal pub in 1974-1975, when I was in the Navy. They played as a trio most of the time under the name Asgard (Peter Spearing, Ian Snow and bass player Rod Heap). Jim Smith from the original lineups later joined them. They mostly played covers of popular metal songs, but they regularly played "Stonehouse Creek" and "Crazy White Folk" from this album. Pete Spearing was a fine guitarist who played a beautiful red Gibson 335