Jul 31, 2011

Takáts Tamás Dirty Blues Band - Pocsolyába Léptem [Best Of] (2000) - reupload by request

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The band members are: Takáts Tamás (vocal, guitar, harmonica) Gál Gábor (guitar) Patyi Sándor (bass guitar) Mike Zsolt (drums) The Takáts Tamás Blues Band was formed in 1990. In 1991 the first record was released with the title Dirty Blues Band 1. This English language record contained 11 re-makes of songs from famous Blues producers from 1930 to the 1990. It has always been characteristic for The Blues band that they find the correct tone with the audience no matter of weather they preformed in small clubs, outdoor festivals or few thousands people large stage productions. The musicians have not only proved their talent but have also proved the truth that there will always be demand for music played by real musicians on real instruments accompanied by a singer who is using is own real voice . It has provided acknowledgement to the band that throughout the years they have preformed as a pre-band for many famous international bands performing in Hungary. These include: Bryan May( Queen), Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) , Eric Burdon (Animals) , John Mayall , James Brown. The Dirty Blues Band was the first European band to be the pre-band of Rolling Stones. After the numerous concerts of the past years (from which a few stand out like: Sziget festival from 1992 every year till now, 1997 Vienna central and eastern European cultural festival, 2002 Puistoblues Festival, Finland) in 2008 October the newest CD was released with the title : Ébredj fel!
1. U.F.O.-t lát a Yeti
2. U.F.O.
3. Indulok tovább
4. Szerelem
5. Tokaj
6. Kis U.F.O.
7. Zakatol a vonat
8. Politikus
9. Country
10. Szegény ember blues
11. Kemény kézzel
12. Húzom az igát
13. Megöl a vágy
14. Pocsolyába léptem
15. Rolling Stones
16. Laza kapcsolat
17. Ha újra itt volnál


Jul 27, 2011

Trooper - Two For The Show (1976)

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''Two for the Show'' is the second album by Canadian rock band Trooper, released in 1976. The album was produced by Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame. The album was certified gold in Canada, contained the hits "Two for the Show" and "Santa Maria". "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar", initially released off this album, later became a hit when it was re-released (with a few modifications) on Hot Shots in 1979.
1. Two For The Show
2. Gypsy Wheeler
3. Santa Maria
4. Loretta
5. The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
6. Ready
7. Whatcha Gonna Do About Me
8. I Miss You Already
9. What's Gonna Happen Now?

Ra McGuire - lead vocals, harp
Brian Smith - guitar, vocals
Frank Ludwig - keyboards, vocals
Tommy Stewart - drums, percussion, vocals
Harry Kalensky - bass guitar, vocals, chimes


Jul 26, 2011

Lord - Örökké (2010)

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Hungarian hard rock band

1. Más az élet
2. Neked soha nem elég
3. Lépjük át a múltat
4. A múlt megtalál
5. Félve, de élek
6. Próbáld meg újra!
7. Engem ne várjatok!
8. Adj egy félórát!
9. Hívnak a fények
10. Képzeld el!
11. Örökké
12. Játszom, amíg élek
13. Ne hazudj szépet!


Jul 24, 2011

Stackridge - Stackridge (1971)

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The debut album from Stackridge consists of nine curiously light folk-tinged tracks, with elements of progressive rock cropping up here and there in the friendly Canterbury style. Their music takes on the classic storytelling route, but is bolstered and heightened by instruments like violins, flutes, cellos, trumpets, and the distinct sound of the harmonium played by Andrew Cresswell-Davis. Both James Warren and Cresswell-Davis take turns at singing such merry lyrical excerpts as "40 missing floorboards, 50 frantic far-out mice below," sounding attractively waggish and peculiarly quaint in doing so. Without coming off as overly Celtic or far too English, Stackridge culminates the humor and the essence of figurative devices and lays them out within the field of woodwind and stringed instruments. With barely any percussion, songs like "Percy the Penguin" and "The Three Legged Table" carry out their jovial entendres to the eloquence of hand-plucked piano strings and a trio of trumpets. Their refined singing style helps each song render its own character and eccentricity when added to the numerous instruments. The albums that followed such as Friendliness and The Man in the Bowler Hat housed the same poetic components as their first release with the music sounding more progressive and slightly commercial.
1. Grande Piano
2. Percy The Penguin
3. The Three Legged Table
4. Dora The Female Explorer
5. Essence Of Porphyry
6. Marigold Conjunction
7. 32 West Mall
8. Marzo Plod
9. Slark

Andy Cresswell-Davis - guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass
Michael “Mutter” Slater - flute, vocals
Mike Evans - violin, cello
Billy “Sparkle” Brent - drums
James Warren - vocals, guitar


Jul 22, 2011

Prism - Armageddon (1979)

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From Wikipedia:
Armageddon is the third studio album and fourth album overall by Canadian rock band Prism. It was released in 1979 on Canadian record label GRT. It achieved double platinum status in Canada (in excess of 200,000 units sold.)
Armageddon is notable for several reasons. Bruce Fairbairn received the Canadian music industry 1980 Juno Award for Producer of the Year for the album. Band leader and guitarist-songwriter Lindsay Mitchell received the SOCAN Song of the Year award for "Night to Remember". It is the band's best selling album. Despite all the commercial success, record label GRT filed for bankruptcy the next year. It is also notable for the songwriting contributions by Bryan Adams.
1. Comin' Home
2. Jealousy
3. You Walked Away Again
4. Virginia
5. Take It Or Leave It
6. Armageddon
7. Night To Remember
8. Mirror Man

 Lindsay Mitchell - lead guitar
Ron Tabak - vocals
John Hall - keyboards
Rocket Norton - drums
Allen Harlow - rhythm guitar, bass
Bruce Fairbairn - producer
Bob Rock - recording engineer
Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance - arrangements on You Walked Away Again and Take It Or Leave It
Peter Bjerring - string and horn arrangements on Armageddon and Night To Remember 


Jul 21, 2011

Man Made - Man Made (1972)

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The title track of the sole album from this obscure Canadian prog band. Released in 1972 on the Good Noise Record label, it's become a minor collectible. The featured track, which had to be edited to feature on air because of its length, has some fantastic organ and flute passages, with a few spooky and interesting bits in between! The album's cover apparently caused a minor stir when it was released.
1. Man Made
2. Carnival
3. Reflections
4. Evolution
5. Keep On Moving
6. Country Company

Billy Ledster - vocals, electric piano
Jean Ranger - organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Richard Terry - bass, backing vocals
Claude Roy - drums
Roger Walls - horns
Michel Como -  additional vocal on track 1

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Jul 19, 2011

Kestrel - Kestrel (1975)

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1. The Acrobat
2. Wind Cloud
3. I Believe In You
4. Last Request
5. In The War
6. Take It Away
7. End Of The Affair
8. August Carol

Dave Black - guitar, vocals
John Cook - guitar, synthesizers
Tom Knowles - lead vocals
Fenwick Moir - bass
Dave Whitaker - drums, percussion


Jul 16, 2011

Prism - Prism (1977)

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1. Spaceship Superstar
2. Open Soul Surgery
3. It's Over
4. Freewill
5. Take Me To The Kaptin
6. Vladivostok
7. Amelia
8. Julie
9. I Ain't Lookin' Anymore

Lindsay Mitchell - vocals, guitar
Ron Tabak - vocals
John Hall - keyboards
A.B. Bryant - bass
Bruce Fairbairn - horn, producer
Rodney Higgs - drums, keyboards, producer
Tom Keenlyside - horn
Tom Lavin - guitar, vocals

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Jul 13, 2011

Black Spirit - Black Spirit (1978)

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Like Atlantide, all the members of this band were italians working in Germany, in Volksburg, and their only album was just released in that country. Formed in 1970, they had their first concerts in 1971 with good success.
It was in 1973 that they decided to record a tape, just as a demo to work on to develop further ideas, but it was taken by their sound engineer Johnny Pesce when he left the group, and appeared some years later on LP, with no one in the band knowing about it!
Their superrare first and only album was issued in 1978 by the small and collectible Brutkasten label. The sleeve notes contain some mistakes, as Pesce is credited as drummer (he didn't play in the band and was only a sound technician) and the recordings are said to have made between 1969 and 1978 (they were made in 1973).
The album was mainly a hard rock affair in Black Sabbath style, sung in english and with some rock-blues influences, and very far from the typical italian sound. For these reasons Black Spirit are commonly listed among german prog artists.
Black Spirit kept playing until 1978, changing a few drummers after Piras left the group in 1974, and with many concerts especially in the Hamburg area. Around 1974 they even played in Denmark and Norway.
After the break-up bass player Granato returned to Sicily, drummer Piras stayed in Germany to play, while Ceravolo and Curto moved to Norway.
In this country, singer/keyboardist Salvatore Curto released in 1983 a tape album entitled Ritmo dell'amore, in a disco/pop style.
1. Crazy Times
2. Punk Rock 'n' Roll
3. Nicolino
4.  Who Are You
5. Old Times

Salvatore Curto - keyboards, vocals
Nicola Ceravolo - guitar
Giovanni Granato - bass
Gianni Piras - drums


Jul 12, 2011

Paris - Big Towne, 2061 (1976)

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Big Towne, 2061 was the second of the two albums recorded by Paris (not to be confused with the Hip-Hop artist of the same name), a "power trio" who were active from 1975-1977.
Paris originally comprised guitarist Bob Welch, formerly with Fleetwood Mac, bassist Glenn Cornick, formerly of Jethro Tull and drummer Thom Mooney, formerly of Nazz, but Mooney left shortly after recording the eponymous first album, so drums on this album were played by Hunt Sales, who had previously been with Todd Rundgren's Runt.
The album was not critically acclaimed, and did not sell well, reaching #152 on the Billboard pop album chart.Bob Welch had written most of the songs for a projected third Paris album, when Sales fell ill, and the group disbanded before recording started, so Welch used these tracks on his solo album French Kiss...
1. Blue Robin
2. Big Towne, 2061
3. Pale Horse, Pale Rider
4. New Orleans
5. Outlaw Game
6. Money Love
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Slave Trader
9. 1 In 10
10. Janie

Bob Welch - vocals, guitar
Glenn Cornick - bass, keyboards
Hunt Sales - vocals, drums, percussion


Jul 11, 2011

Paris - Paris (1975)

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Californian Bob Welch, better known for the wistful romanticism of such songs as "Sentimental Lady," with Fleetwood Mac, shattered any stereotyping by composing all of the hard-rocking tunes performed on the debut album by this short-lived power trio. His bandmates were former Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick and former Nazz drummer Thom Mooney. After leaving Fleetwood Mac due to several uncertain years with the band's ever-changing personnel, Welch formed Paris, as well as playing on Bill Wyman's solo album, Stone Alone, in 1976. Paris' first, self-titled album sold modestly. The follow-up, released later in the year with Hunt Sales at the drum kit, did not. When the new drummer fell ill, Welch pulled the plug late in 1976. With the help of musical friends Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie, Welch got his smash hit the following year with French Kiss. It featured a hit remake of "Sentimental Lady, originally recorded for the Mac album Bare Trees back in 1972. "Ebony Eyes" and "Hot Love, Cold World" were other singles from the platinum album Welch wanted so badly and would not repeat. After Paris, Cornick left the music business for a decade, becoming sales manager with a food company.
1. Religion
2. Black Book
3. Starcage
4. Beautiful Youth
5. Nazarene
6. Narrow Gate (La Porte Etroite)
7. Solitaire
8. Breathless
9. Rock Of Ages
10. Red Rain

Robert Welsh - guitar, vocal (Fleetwood Mac)
Glenn Cornick - bass, keyboard (Jethro Tull)
Thom Mooney - drums (Nazz)


Jul 6, 2011

Nantucket - Nantucket (1978)

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Nantucket is a hard rock band that formed in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1969. Originally known as beach music band Stax of Gold and later Nantucket Sleighride (after the song by Mountain), the six-member group Tommy Redd, Larry Uzzell, Mike Uzzell, Eddie Blair, Kenny Soule, and Mark Downing became a huge draw in their home state of North Carolina as a cover band. Nantucket eventually became a powerful and tenacious sensation, amassing numerous fans across the southeastern United States well before its first release.
The band signed with Epic Records in 1977 and released its self-titled album the following year, which featured the hit single "Heartbreaker." An aggressive cross-country tour followed, and Nantucket opened for top acts such as Kiss, Styx, Boston, Mother's Finest, Journey, and The Doobie Brothers. Although its debut release was fairly dated, it sold around 200,000 copies and also made the Billboard charts. In 1979, Nantucket followed up with Your Face or Mine? which fared no better in sales despite higher-quality work.
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1. Heartbreaker
2. Never Gonna Take Your Lies
3. Real Romance
4. She's No Good
5. Born In A Honky Tonk
6. It's Getting Harder
7. Girl, You Blew A Good Thing
8. Spring Fever
9. Quite Like You
10. What's The Matter With Loving You

Tommy Redd - guitar, vocals
Larry Uzzell - Moog bass, keyboards, vocals
Eddie Blair - saxophones, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Kenny Soule - drums, percussion
Mark Downing - guitar


Jul 4, 2011

Climax Blues Band - FM Live (1973)

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1. All The Time In The World
2. I Am Constant
3. Flight
4. Seventh Son
5. Standing By A River
6. So Many Roads
7. Mesopopmania
8. Country Hat
9. You Make Me Sick
10. Shake Your Love
11. Goin' To New York
12. Let's Work Together

Derek Holt - bass, drums
John Cuffely - drums
Pete Haycock - guitar, vocals
Colin Cooper - saxes, harmonica, guitar, vocals


Jul 3, 2011

Lobo - Greatest Hits (1990)


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1. I'd Love You To Want Me
2. How Can I Tell Her About You
3. You're All I Ever Need
4. A Day In The Life Of A Love
5. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
6. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
7. Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
8. I Don't Wanna Make Love Anymore
9. Afterglow
10. The Way I Came In

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Jul 1, 2011

Strife - Back To Thunder (1978)

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1. Shockproof
2. Let Me Down
3. Feel So Good
4. Sky
5. You Are What You Are

6. Red Sun
7. Fool Injected Overlap
8. Weary Traveller

John Reid - guitar and lead vocals
Gordon Rowley - bass, gongs and backing vocals
David Williams - drums, percussion and backing vocals
Don Airey - keyboards on tracks 4, 7, 8