Aug 31, 2011

These Trails - These Trails (1973)

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These Trails was an acid folk group who released a very rare record in 1973.  The lp was released by Sinergia and is probably one of the best Hawaiian lps along with Mu.
Prominent members of the group were Margaret Morgan (vocals, guitar and dulcimer), Patrick Cockett (guitar, slide guitar and vocals) and Dave Choy (arp synthesizer, recorder, arrangements and final mix).  Margaret Morgan handles most of the lead vocals with Patrick Cockett occasionally chiming in.  Morgan’s vocals are dreamy and ideally suited for this kind of organic music (acid folk).  Comparisons that come to mind are Linda Perhacs, though Morgan’s vocals are more innocent and angelic and the music on this lp clearly betrays a Hawaiian influence.  Many of the songs are relatively pop friendly; this isn’t difficult, challenging music that has to be listened to closely – ie folk guitar virtuousos spinning off long, complex guitar solos or intricate passages with finely tuned arrangements – it’s not that kind of record.  The synthesizers give tracks like Of Broken Links an otherworldly sound, unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  El Rey Pescador is graced by some light sitar touches and close harmony singing. Read more
1. These Trails
2. Our House in Hanalei
3. Of Broken Links
4. El Rey Pescador
5. Psyche I & Share Your Water
6. Hello Lou
7. Rusty's House & Los in Space
8. Psyche II
9. Sawed a Seed
10. Rapt Attention
11. Waipoo
12. Garden Botanum

Patrick Cockett - guitar, slide guitar, tabla, vocals
Margaret Morgan - guitar, dulcimer, vocals
Dave Choy - recorder, ARP synthesizer

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Aug 30, 2011

Fonográf - Na mi újság Wagner úr? (1975)

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A highly successful Hungarian band in mid-70s – early-80s, Fonograf was founded in late-1973 by six already well-known musicians. Levente Szorenyi (guitar, vocals), Szabolcs Szorenyi (bass) and Janos Brody (steel guitar) came from premier Hungarian beat/rock band Illes, while Laszlo Tolscvay (banjo, harp, keyboards), Mihaly Moricz (guitar) and Oszkar Nemeth (drums) were all members of Tolscvay group.
Newly-formed aggregation decided to play a 100% American music, heavily influenced by country and bluegrass in finest traditions of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers.
Produced a string of five average LPs in the 70s, of which the debut remains their masterpiece.
After a couple of years’ hiatus played at joint gig with Illes and Tolscvay (1982), later issued as a double live LP. Released one more album in 1984.
Apart from recording on their own, were a backing band for several Hungarian singers.
1. Wagner úr
2. Még nem tudom
3. Élj boldogan
4. Egy őszinte dal
5. Rám vár az élet
6. A széllel szemben
7. Az első sorban ült
8. Hol jársz, Gabriella?
9. Ha csókol a szád
10. Álmodunk és ébredünk
11. Ha felépül végre a házunk

Bródy János - steel gitár
Tolcsavy László - ének, billentyűs hangszerek
Szörényi Szabolcs - ének, basszusgitár
Móricz Mihály - ének, gitár
Németh Oszkár - ének, dob


Aug 25, 2011

Dull Knife - Electric Indian (1971)

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Dull Knife are one of many early 70's krautrock bands. A lot of these extreme rock bands came out of Germany. I find that the sound of krautrock bands is often hard-rock with a lot of organ and a lot of Gospel influence on some songs. Sought of like Psychedelia with Hard Rock and Gospel. Yeah, that's it. And probably other sutff too! Oops, sorry for confusing you. But Hard rock, Psychedelia and Hard rock are the main components. Although I could say it's definitely true of Dull Knife, it is also true of a lot of other krautrock and other progressive genre bands of that time, i.e. they all sound the same. Read more
1. Plastic People
2. Go Down To The River
3. Lonely Is The Man Kind
4. Walk Along The Muddy Road
5. Tumberlin' Down
6. Song Of A Slave
7. Feeling Like A Queen
8. Day Of Wrath

Martin Hesse - bass
Christian Holik - guitar
Gottfried Janko - keyboards
Claus Zaake - drums, percussion


Aug 24, 2011

Rory Gallagher - Jinx (1982)

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Jinx is the ninth studio release by Irish musician Rory Gallagher. Released in 1982 it shows Gallagher's vocals, songwriting skills, and guitar chops with his unchanging blues rock style.

1. Big Guns
2. Bourbon
3. Double Vision
4. The Devil Made Me Do It
5. Hellcat
6. Signals
7. Jinxed
8. Easy Come Easy Go
9. Ride On Red, Ride On
10. Loose Talk

Rory Gallagher - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Brendan O'Neil - drums
Bob Andrews - keyboards
Ray Beavis & Dick Parry - saxes


Aug 23, 2011

Humble Pie - Go For The Throat (1981)

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Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine (
Peaking at number 60, the resurrected Humble Pie's first album On to Victory was surprisingly successful, allowing the group to have another chance to record an album. The ensuing record, Go for the Throat was nearly identical to On to Victory, as the band ran through a set of bland, arena-ready blues-rock. The only difference was that the songs weren't as good as the last album, and those weren't very good to begin with.
1. All Shook Up
2. Teenage Anxiety
3. Tin Soldier
4. Keep It On The Island
5. Driver
6. Restless Blood
7. Go For The Throat
8. Lottie And The Charcoal Queen
9. Chip Away (The Stone)

The band:
Bobby Tench - guitars, vocals & keyboards
Steve Marriott - guitars, vocals & mouth harp
Anthony (Sooty) Jones - bass guitar
Jerry Shirley - drums & percussion


Aug 22, 2011

Robert Johnson's Soul - Robert Johnson's Soul (2010)

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ROBERT JOHNSON’S SOUL featuring up-and-coming guitar shredder Robert Johnson (yes that’s his real name) is the latest burning blues sensation turning rock fans on their heads at venues and festivals across Texas and beyond.
The Austin, Texas trio’s debut CD ROBERT JOHNSON’S SOUL is a scorching blend of the classic rock greats of the 70’s (ala Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Stevie Ray & Robin Trower) turned up another notch to bring hard rocking blues to a new generation.
1. Had A Dream
2. Blind Man
3. Moonlight Girl

4. Superman
5. So Lucky
6. Staring At The Sun
7. Weight Of The Lies
8. Texas blood
9. Away
10. Drop The Hammer
11. Empty Inside
12. I Hear You Creepin'
13. All Ahead Full


Aug 20, 2011

Blue Cheer - Oh! Pleasant Hope (1971)

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Oh! Pleasant Hope is the sixth, and last, album by Blue Cheer until 1983's The Beast Is Back. This album features less psychedelia and includes more blues-rock, hard rock, with some country rock leanings on some songs. This is an unusual Blue Cheer album in that Dickie Peterson only sings lead on three songs. Another unusual aspect is that the song "I'm the Light" features extensive use of the sitar and synthesizer, although on the previous album The Original Human Being the song "Babaji (Twilight Raga)" also featured extensive use of the aforementioned instruments.
1. Hiway Man
2. Believer
3. Money Troubles
4. Traveling Man
5. Oh! Pleasant Hope
6. I'm The Light
7. Ecological Blues
8. Lester The Arrester
9. Heart Full Of Soul

Dickie Peterson - bass, lead vocals on tracks 7-9
Norman Mayell - guitar, sitar, drums
Gary Yoder - acoustic and electric guitars, harp, lead vocals on tracks 1-6
Ralph Burns Kellogg - organ, piano, synthesizer, bass


Also BLUE CHEER albums:
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Aug 18, 2011

Ice - Opus I (1980)

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 ICE is a German Progressive rock trio (bass-vocals, guitar & drums) that plays a simple and melodic, occasionally bluesy music with great emphasis or somewhat close to PINK FLOYD. Reissued by the Garden Of Delights label, "Opus One" (1980) is a particularly rare album, displaying a music very much influenced by the Seventies.
1. Bad News For The Dolphin
2. To A Fair Young Lady
3. Happy And Free
4. Willie The Pincher
5. Wintertime
6. Intro
7. The Big Sleep
8. Passagaglia
9. Choires Of Bright Beauties
10. Preludium No 1

Hubert Benz - bass, vocals
Heinz Gerber - guitar, vocals
Alexander Russ - drums

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Aug 17, 2011

Parrish & Gurvitz - The Parrish & Gurvitz Band (1971) [2 CD]

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Disc 1:
1. Rainy Day Man

2. Living Out Of A Suitcase
3. One Way Street
4. Birmingham
5. Give It All Up
6. When Evening Comes
7. The Preacher
8. On My Way
9. Can We Do It
10. Brown Eyed Woman

Disc 2:
1. Another Time Another Day
2. It's A Shame

3. Libra
4. I've Got Time
5. Janine
6. Dozy Gwen
7. Why
8. As If I Were Blind
9. More Than Life
10. Loving You

Brian Parrish - guitar & vocals
Paul Gurvitz - guitar & vocals
Mike Kellie - drums
Micky Gallagher - keyboards
Rick Wills - bass

Produced by George Martin


Aug 16, 2011

Trapeze - Hot Wire (1974)

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1. Back Street Love
2. Take It On Down The Road
3. Midnight Flyer
4. Wake Up, Shake Up
5. Turn It On
6. Steal A Mile
7. Goin' Home
8. Feel It Inside

Mel Galley - guitars, lead vocals
Rob Kendrick - guitars, backing vocal
Pete Wright - bass
Dave Holland - drums, percussion
Additonal personnel:
Misty Browning, Kenny Cole - slide guitars, backing vocal
Terry Rowley - guitars, keyboards, organ, flute, backing vocal
Chris Mercer - saxophone
John Ogden - congas & percussion

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Aug 15, 2011

Gary Wright [ex-Spooky Tooth] - Extraction (1971) & Footprint (1972)

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First two solo albums from ex-Spooky Tooth keyboardist.

Extraction (1971):
1. Get On The Right Road
2. Get Hold Of Yourself
3. Sing A Song
4. We Try Hard
5. I Know A Place
6. The Wrong Time
7. Over You Now
8. Too Late To Cry
9. I've Got A Story

Footprint (1972):
10. Give Me The Good Earth
11. Two Faced Man
12. Love To Survive
13. Whether It's Right Or Wrong
14. Stand For Our Rights
15. Fascinating Things
16. Forgotten
17. If You Treat Someone Right 

Gary Wright - guitar, keyboards
Hugh McCracken - guitars
George O'Hara - guitar, slide guitar
Jerry Donahue - guitar
King Curtis - saxophone
Bobby Keys - tenor saxophone
Klaus Voormann - electric bass
Colin Allen, Jim Gordon - drums, percussion
Alan White - drums
Doris Troy, Liza Strike, Madeline Bell, P.P. Arnold, Barry St. John - background vocals
Jim Keltner - drums, percussion


Aug 12, 2011

Toad - Dreams (1975)

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Toad's final album, Dreams was full of potential but, sadly, languished in the wake of bigger '70s acts like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. It's a shame, too, because much of what was there was the best work of the band's career. Normally Toad brought in guest singers to helm the vocal duties, but Dreams found powerhouse guitarist Vittorio Vergeat (aka "Vic") on the mike for all of the album's tracks -- and the kid was pretty darn good. Why Vergeat was so keen on handing off the microphone to others is a mystery, since his thin and reedy voice was tailor-made to sit perfectly in Toad's alternately heavy and pastoral arrangements. Just give opening track "Keep on Movin'" a spin and you'll wonder why they felt the need to pull Bens Jaeger on board for their debut album's lead vocals. The rest of the band was in tip-top shape as well, delivering both the hard-rockin' tracks and the acoustic ballads with equal facility. Maybe not the finest power trio in rock history, but certainly worthy of more than a footnote in its obscuro chapter.
1. Keep On Movin'
2. Dreams
3. Let's Get Hi
4. Electric Rider
5. Because You're Not
6. You Know Who I Am
7. Boogin' On A Saturday Night
8. Break Down
9. Purple Haze (Bonus track)
10. Making You Feel Right (Bonus track)

Vittorio "Vic" Vergeat - guitars, vocals, electric piano & Mellotron
Cosimo Lampis - drums, congas & percussion
Werner Fröhlich - Fender bass, Moog & vocals
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Aug 11, 2011

Thunderhead - Thunderhead '75 (2010)

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Thunderhead is a southern rock band formed in New Orleans. With the help of Johnny and Edgar Winter's signature production, they were signed in 1974 to ABC/Dunhill with only one official self-titled release. The album was most known for its single "Busted In Georgia". The final album was re-recorded by The Doors producer and engineer John Haeny. The band featured future Johnny Winter band members, Bobby Torello, and Pat Rush. Pat Rush later performed with Johnny Winter and The Jeff Healey Band. Bobby Torello also went on to perform with acts such as Johnny Winter, Rainbow, Michael Bolton, Black Oak Arkansas, Grace Slick, and John Schneider.
1. Busted In Georgia
2. Roll Up The Hill
3. Lay It On The Line
4. Make Your Own Good News
5. Apathy
6. Stop The Madness
7. Hit And Run Driver
8. Space Saver
9. Houma

Mike Dagger - lead vocals, flute, congas & timbales
Bobby Torello - drums
O. T. Ware - bass guitar & vocals
Ronnie Dobbs - lead guitar & vocals
Pat Rush - lead and slide guitar
Johnny Winter - lead guitar on track 1

Aug 10, 2011

Bull Angus - Bull Angus (1971)

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This is the first album of the Hard Rock outfit that goes by the name of BULL ANGUS. Heavy riffing guitars, sharp bass lines and great vocals all the way.
Not unlike GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, the band has the ability to write great melodies and mix them with long explosive instrumental parts and amazing guitar leads.
1. Run Don't Stop
2. Mother's Favorite Lover (Margret)
3. Uncle Dugie's Fun Bus Ride
4. A Time Like Ours
5. Miss Casey
6. Pot Of Gold
7. CY
8. No Cream For The Maid

Geno Charles - drums
Larry LaFalce - lead guitar, vocals
Dino Paolillo - lead guitar, vocals
Frankie Previte - vocals, recorder, percussion
Ron Piccolo - organ, piano, vocals
Lenny Venditti - bass


Bull Angus - Free For All (1972) 

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Aug 8, 2011

A Foot In Coldwater - Second Foot In Coldwater (1973)

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1. Coming Is Love
a) Mose Into E
b) Coming Is Love
2. So Long
3. Suzy
4. How Much Can You Take?
5. (Isn't Love Unkind) In My Life
6. Sailing Ships
A Foot In Cold Water - Sailing Ships
7. Love Is Coming

Bob Horne - keyboards
Hughie Leggat - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals on "Love Coming"
Alex Machin - vocals
Danny Taylor - drums, percussion
Paul Naumann - guitars



Aug 5, 2011

Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre - On The Road To Freedom (1973)

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Ten Years After guitarist Lee teamed up with gospel crooner LeFevre for a session that could be best described as hard spiritual rock. It was recorded at George Harrison's studio. The 1973 album features guest shots from George Harrison, Stevie Winwood, Ronnie Wood, and Jim Capaldi, among others.
1. On The Road To Freedom
2. The World Is Changing (I Got A Woman Back In Georgia)
3. So Sad (No Love Of His Own)
4. Fall Angel
5. Funny
6. We Will Shine
7. Carry My Load
8. Lay Me Back
9. Let 'Em Say What They Will
10. I Can't Take It
11. Riffin
12. Rockin' Til The Sun Goes Down
13. So Sad (No Love Of His Own) [Bonus single]

Alvin Lee - guitar, bass, sitar, vocals
Mylon LeFevre - 12-string guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
George Harrison - guitar, slide guitar, bass, back vocals
Ron Wood - 12-string guitar, bass, drums
Steve Winwood - piano
Tim Hinkley - piano, organ, background vocals
Boz Burrell - bass, background vocals
Bob Black - steel guitar
Andy Stein - fiddle
Jim Capaldi - drums
Reebop Kwaku Baah - congas
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Ian Wallace - drums
Mike Patto - percussion, back vocals


Rare Earth - Back To Earth (1975) & Rare Earth (1977)

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Back To Earth (1975):
1. It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long)
2. Walking Schtick
3. Keeping Me Out Of The Storm
Keeping Me Out Of The Storm
4. Delta Melody
5. Happy Song
6. Let Me Be Your Sunshine
7. Boogie With Me Children
8. City Life

Rare Earth (1977):
9. Love Has Lifted Me
10. Is Your Teacher Cool?
11. Foot Loose And Fancy Free
12. When I Write
13. Share My Love
14. Tin Can People
15. I Really Love You
16. Crazy Love
17. Ah Dunno


Aug 4, 2011

Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness (1971)

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Formed in Sydney in 1970 out of The Dave Miller Set, this was one of Australia's top early seventies acts. They played a sort of rock boogie with pulsating piano and were extremely popular live and their discs, especially Boppin' The Blues, which was a No. 1 hit, sold well. Having signed to Festival in 1970, the label promptly encouraged them to record their debut album Mountains Of Madness on which the magnum opus was Seasons Of Change, which John had actually written for Fraternity. Festival decided to release it as a 45 and it was a Top Twenty hit in 1971. Also of note on the album were the heavy psycher On This Day That I Die, the Spanish-tinged Mango's Theme, the thunderous Long Legged Lovely, notable for some superb guitar work from Robinson and the complex The Rat (Suite).  Read more
1. At The Mountains Of Madness
2. On This Day That I Die
3. Seasons Of Change (part 1)
4. Mangos Theme (part 2)
5. Long Legged Lovely
6. The Rat (Suite)

Neale Johns - vocals
John Robinson - guitars
Robert Fortescue - bass
Alexander Kash - drums


Aug 3, 2011

Mr. Bolin's Late Night Revival - What If... (2010)

Unreleased Tommy Bolin Demos Earn All-Star Tribute

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 475 mb+3% recovery

A tribute to guitar legend TOMMY BOLIN (of Deep Purple and James Gang fame), Mister Bolin’s Late Night Revival features  renditions of 17 previously unreleased tracks written by Bolin prior to his untimely passing in 1976. Over 4 years in the making, Mister Bolin’s Late Night Revival features more than 50 singers, musicians, and producers creating a  broad spectrum of tracks that solidify Tommy Bolin’s legacy as a prolific song writer.
Featuring tracks from: Eric Martin, Doogie White, Jeff Pilson, Derek St. Holmes, Shooting Star, Randy Jackson, Robin McAuley, Kimberly Dahme and many more.

1. They’re Gonna Let Me Die (Doogie White)
2. You’re No Angel (Eric Martin)
3. Meaning Of Love (Jeff Pilson)
4. Celebration (Randy Jackson)
5. Tears & Turpentine (Brandon Reid Allen)
6. Evening Rain (Cristina Sanchez)
7. I Want You To Take Me There (Pale Angel)
(Van McLain & Ronnie Platt Of Shooting Star)
8. Jump Back (No Sky Today feat. Fin Muir)
9. Glory Train (Doogie White feat. Rex Carroll)
10. Gypsy Moon (Derek St. Holmes)
11. Road To Walk (The Michael Sean Affair)
12. It’s Up To You (HiFi Superstar)
13. Slowdriver (Kimberly Dahme)
14. Blues Gonna Take Me Away (Robin McAuley)
15. Long Way To Go (The 77’s)
16. Feel It’s Time For Love (A Gain of Ten)
17. Love Is A Bandit (John Kelly Gannett)


Aug 2, 2011

Colin Blunstone - Planes (1976)

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1. Beautiful You
2. Planes
3. Since I've Been Loving You
4. Ain't It Funny
5. Only With You
6. I Can Almost See The Light
7. Good Guys Don't Always Win
8. Loving And Free
9. Dancing In The Dark
10. It's Hard To Say Goodbye
11. Care Of Cell 44
12. Tell Me How

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Aug 1, 2011

Blue Cheer - The Original Human Being (1970)

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The Original Human Being (or BC#5) is Blue Cheer's fifth album. It was released in 1970 and shows Blue Cheer exploring a more psychedelic and laid‑back rock 'n' roll with horn sections on a few of the songs. This album features a very unusual, and different, song for Blue Cheer: "Babaji (Twilight Raga)", which features extensive use of sitar and synthesizer. These instruments were only used one other time in the song "I'm the Light" on the album Oh! Pleasant Hope.
1. Good Times Are So Hard To Find
2. Love Of A Woman
3. Make Me Laugh
4. Pilot
5. Babaji (instrumental)
6. Preacher
7. Black Sun
8. Tears In My Bead
9. Man Of The Sun
10. Sandwich
11. Rest At Ease

Dickie Peterson - bass, guitar, lead vocals (on tracks 2, 3, 9)
Bruce Stephens - lead guitar
Paul Whaley - drums
Gary Lee Yoder - guitar, harmonica, vocals, harp, lead vocals (on tracks 1, 4–8, 10–11)
Ralph Burns Kellogg - organ, piano, synthesizer, bass
Norman Mayell - guitar, percussion, sitar, producer, drums