Jan 29, 2012

Burton Cummings - Burton Cummings (1976)

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Review by Keith Pettipas:
Winnipeg native Burton Cummings is perhaps best known from his days as the lead singer/songwriter for the legendary Guess Who. From his days with the Guess Who to his successful solo career, Cummings managed to make himself something of a Canadian icon. This debut solo album, originally released on the Portrait label in 1976, produced a number of hits for Cummings including "I'm Scared," and "Stand Tall" along with a big-band version of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet."
1. I'm Scared
2. Your Back Yard
3. Nothing Rhymed
4. That's Enough
5. Is It Really Right?
6. Stand Tall
7. Niki Hoeky
8. Sugartime Flashback Joys
9. Burch Magic
10. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Bonus tracks:
11. Blossom (Demo)
12. I'm Scared (Demo)


Jan 28, 2012

Re-post: Ferris - Ferris (1971)

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This is a progressive rock trio from Finland, originally released in 1971. Their album comprised bluesy progressive rock with electric guitar and organ to the fore and sung in English. Their sound is typical of the Scandinavian stuff of the time being somewhat influenced by that Nordic folk sound, but also they had a heavy blues base to their music. The main instrument used is the Hammond organ, as there is lot's of manic playing. There is also some nice guitar.
1. Mama
2. Vagabond
3. You Could Tell Me
4. Chrystal Angel
5. Mr. America
6. Basically Pure
7. Stirling
8. Black Friday
9. Shugga Pog
10. Women Are Allright

Dave Lindholm - guitar
Heikki Hiekkala - organ, vocals
Matti Saxelin - drums, percussion
Jaakko Itavaara - bass


Jan 27, 2012

Re-post: Necromandus - Orexis Of Death Plus... (2005, recorded in 1973)

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This dark masterpiece was produced by Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, who also guests on the album. Recorded at London’s Morgan Studios in 1973 these sombre downer-rock merchants put together a truly unique album that more than befitted their twilight image. Lead guitarist Barry Dunnery’s fretboard dexterity is both striking and original and his intelligently arranged chord sequences are often briskly intersected by tense, jagged time changes. The album is topped off with the mournful and twisted vocals of the late Bill Branch, a singer whose inherent anguish and torment is expressed despairingly throughout, creating an atmosphere of desolation and dismay.
1. Judy Green (previously unreleased acetate demo)
2. Mogidisimo
3. Nightjar
4. A Black Solitude
5. Homicidal Psychopath
6. Stillborn Beauty
7. Gypsy Dancer
8. Orexis Of Death
9. Mogidisimo (reprise)
10. Judy Green Rocket (live & previously unavailable)

Bill Branch - vocals
Barry Dunnery - guitar
Dennis McCarten - bass
Frank Hall - drums


Re-post: Automatic Fine Tuning - AFT (1976)

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In 1976, guitarists Paul A. MacDONNELL and Robert CROSS, bass player Trevor DARKS and drummer/vocalist Dave BALL joined their considerable skills and produced one of the great but nearly forgotten heavy progressive projects, AUTOMATIC FINE TUNING. Doing an early form of neo-classical instrumental rock that predates the gothic harmonies and PAGANINI-love of Michael SCHENKER and Yngwie MALMSTEEN, the quartet boldly went where few rock ensembles had and recorded one brilliant album before disbanding.
Not quite metal, far from fusion and barely resembling any known forms of prog, the record is a humble but impressive showcase of how classical technique and discipline could be utilized in a hard rock format, and features MacDONNELL & CROSS's extraordinary dual-guitar lines. The impact this release had on musicians in 1976 is unknown but the foursome's prophetic ideas and execution reveals a unit well ahead of its time. Recommended to anyone with a taste for tech guitar rock in one of its earliest inceptions.
1. The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Pt. One)
Wolvereine (Pt. One)
Wolvereine (Pt. Two)
2. Gladioli
3. The Great Panjandrum Wheel (Pt. Two)
Terminal C
City Business
Dragon Fly
4. Queen Of The Night

Paul A. MacDonnell - guitar
Robert Cross - guitar
Trevor Darks - bass
Dave Ball - drums, vocals


Jan 26, 2012

Little River Band - First Under The Wire (1979)

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1. Lonesome Loser
2. The Rumor
3. By My Side
4. Cool Change
5. It's Not A Wonder
6. Hard Life (Prelude)
7. Hard Life
8. Middle Man
9. Man On The Run
10. Mistress Of Mine


Jan 25, 2012

The J. Geils Band - Ladies Invited (1973)

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Review by Tim Sendra (allmusic.com):
The J. Geils Band were coming off their biggest album yet (Bloodshot, which hit the Top Ten on the Billboard album charts) when Ladies Invited appeared in 1973. It didn't reach the same level of sale (peaking at number 51) and none of the songs became AOR staples. Despite this, the record is solidly entertaining Geils, full of jumping party tunes and heart-punching ballads all composed by the band itself. As usual the up-tempo songs are the best: "Did You No Wrong" is a dynamic rocker with some blistering J. Geils guitar work, "I Can't Go On" is a full-out funky jam, and "Lay Your Good Thing Down" is fine blue-eyed soul with slick hipster vocals from Peter Wolf. The ballads here show a level of emotion and commitment that you might not expect: "My Baby Don't Love Me" is a countrified, tear-in-my-beer weeper with aching harmony vocals from Seth Justman, "Chimes" is an atmospheric, paranoid tune with great dynamics and a vocal from Wolf that veers between intimate and over-the-top howling, and probably best of all is the laid-back, Stonesy "That's Why I'm Thinking of You." It is really a shock that none of these songs caught on with AOR programmers. The only one that got a few spins was "No Doubt About It," and it is the album's highlight, a low-down and nasty blues rocker featuring the one and only Magic Dick getting down on his lickin' stick. That and stuff like the driving "Take a Chance (On Romance)" and the corny but fun "Diddyboppin'" should have been blasting out of radios up and down the strip, in high-school parking lots, and on the beach -- basically everywhere AOR sounds the best. Don't let anyone tell you that Ladies Invited is one of Geils' lesser works. It is just one of the band's overlooked works that deserve a second listen.
1. Did You No Wrong
2. I Can't Go On
3. Lay Your Good Thing Down
4. That's Why I'm Thinking oOf You
5. No Doubt About It
6. The Lady Makes Demands
7. My Baby Don't Love Me
8. Diddyboppin'
9. Take A Chance (On Romance)
10. Chimes

Peter Wolf - vocals
J. Geils - guitars
Magic Dick - harp
Seth Justman - keyboards, vocals
Daniel Klein - bass
Stephen Jo Bladd - percussion, vocals


Jan 24, 2012

Tranquility - Tranquility (1972)

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1. Try Again
2. Ride Upon The Sun
3. Where You Are (Where I Belong)
4. Look At The Time It's Late
5. Lady Of The Lake
6. Walk Along The Road
7. Thank You
8. Oyster Catcher
9. Black Currant Betty
10. Saying Good-Bye


Eric Dillon - drums, percussion
Tony Lukyn - vocals, piano, organ
John Perry - vocals, bass guitar
Terry Shaddick - vocals, lead guitar
Berkeley Wright - vocals, lead guitar


Jan 23, 2012

Re-upload by request: Birtha - Birtha (1972) / Can't Stop The Madness (1973)

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Birtha was one of the leading female rock bands performing during the early 1970's.  The band consisted of four women: Shele Pinizzotto ( guitar), Rosemary Butler (bass), Sherry Hagler (keyboards) and Liver Favela (drums).  All four members of the group performed lead vocals and harmonies.
Liver was the last member to join Birtha in 1968.   The group immediately started playing the club circuit  and toured from  California to Alaska.  From 1968 to 1971 Birtha worked to tighten and refine their rock sound and in 1971 they started writing  their own material.   Most of the material was written by Birtha, but there were a few songs  which were written in partnership with other parties including,  Mark Wickman and Gabriel Mckler... Read more

Birtha (1972):
1. Free Spirit
2. Fine Talking Man
3. Tuesday
4. Feeling Lonely
5. She Was Good To Me
6. Work On A Dream
7. Too Much Woman

8. Judgement Day
9. Forgotten Soul

Can't Stop The Madness (1973):
10. Can't Stop The Madness
11. My Pants Are Too Short
12. Freedom
13. Let Us Sing
14. Don't Let It Get You Down

15. (When Will Ya) Understand
16. Rock Me
17. All This Love
18. Sun
19. My Man Told Me

Sherry Hagler - keyboards
Shele Pinizzotto - guitar
Rosemary Butler - bass, vocals
Olivia Favela (Liver) - drums, lead vocals


Amulet - Amulet (1979)

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Long-haired guitar rawk from the obscure Midwestern band known as Amulet, circa 1980. Reissued for your hessian pleasure by Monster Records, alongside the likes of Ultra, Full Moon, and Truth And Janey. Amulet started off in '78 as a cover band doing stuff by ZZ Top, Van Halen, Hendrix, UFO and suchlike. Though a popular local concert draw, they still barely managed to save enough dough to record and self-release this album in 1980. No money for overdubs, so it's got that live feel, appropriate for their party hardy high power hard rock format.
1. Just Like A Woman
2. Sea Of Fear
3. Do You Live Again
4. Kings & Queens
5. Person To Person
6. Funk 'n' Punk
7. Gemini
8. Life Is Living
9. New Day

Bob Becker - guitar, vocals
John Becker - drums, vocals
Cliff Hill - vocals, guitar (12 string acoustic)
Paul Skelton - bass guitar, vocals


Jan 22, 2012

Harlis - Night Meets The Day (1976)

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Night Meets The Day (1976) is a concept album with a nautical theme and is a far more adventurous album than their debut. The band is tighter yet more spacious in their playing, which allows them to express their musical vision with more feeling. The atmosphere of the album is more melancholy, although not dark or depressing. On songs like “Shipwrecked Stranded”, Harlis sound even more like a band working together as a unit, playing live together in the studio and capturing the moment on tape. While the individual players are exceptional, it’s interesting to hear their understated and relaxed interaction.  The album’s instrumental, “Endless Sea”, sounds like it’s floating about the room instead of bouncing off the walls.  Sure, there are rockers here (“Rules Of The Island”, “The Last Sea Battle” and “King Of The Pirates”), the album is more about atmosphere, feeling and vibes.
1. Night Meets The Day
2. Skipwrecked Stranded
3. Rules Of The Island
4. Ling Of The Pirates
5. Anrrow Escape
6. The Last Seabattle
7. Endless Sea

The Last Seabattle

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Re-upload by request: Andromeda - Andromeda (1970)

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Andromeda was a German progressive rock band (krautrock/heavy prog) which played very biritish style of rock similar to Atomic Rooster, Rare Bird or Bram Stoker with heavy organ sound.
They recorded only one album before they disbanded...
1. Andromeda
2. Cosmos Main Road
3. Galaxy Of Beauty, Galaxy Of Nightmares
4. A World On A Star
5. Space Trip
6. Rockets
7. Silvery Lady Star

Peter Schild - keyboards
Gunther Steinborn - drums
Gerry Fleming - bass
Tony Hendrik - guitar

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Jan 21, 2012

Harlis - Harlis (1975)

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While German Prog/Art rockers JANE may be a familiar name outside of the Prog arena, HARLIS were a tremendously talented offshoot of the band who recorded two albums that didn’t conform to the Prog Rock rulebook, but didn’t stray to far from it either. Led by former JANE member CHARLY MAUCHER, Harlis were a bit looser than their contemporaries, which added a raw edge to their sound.  While the band features excellent musicians, Harlis’ sound is more about the band as a whole as opposed to the skills of the individuals.  Adding a bit more Blues and British and American Rock influences into the mix may have turned away some Prog fans, but in doing so, their sound has a timeless quality to it.
Harlis’ 1975 self-titled debut was a joyous slice of Rock that didn’t really belong to any defined genre.  The opening track, “BMW”, straddles the line between the Blues and Pub Rock, while “Free” sounds like a Joe Cocker-led Gospel nugget. “Grey Rain” veers towards melodic Pop territory. “Runaway” is another bluesy rocker that adds a little Lemmy to the Cocker-esque vocals. “Bells Of Bothfeld” is a nice instrumental that does showcase the great musicianship without sounding like a pretentious noodle-fest.  The album closes with “Michael” and ‘Time Will Run”, which are both spacious Pop tunes with Prog flourishes.  While the band may sometimes sound a little unsure of themselves in a few spots, the album is a breath of fresh air.
1. BMW
2. Free
3. Grey Rain
4. Bells Of Bothfeld
5. Runaway
6. Michael
7.  Time Will Run
8. Married Love 

Charly Maucher - vocals, bass
Wolfgang Krantz - guitar
Arndt Schulz - guitar
Werner Lohr - drums

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Jan 20, 2012

Lake - Lake II (1978)

Review by Gary Hill:
Lake was one of the great unknown bands of the 1970s. The group combined strong pop melodies with definite progressive rock-oriented arrangements. This album, obviously the group's second, features a lot of different textures. From the pop/rock-oriented "Welcome to the West" to the Elton Johnish ballad "Love's a Jailer," this entire album is a treat. Although the majority of the disc is in a definite singalong sort of pop style, there are still some quite meaty instrumental sections that lead to the progressive rock reference. The music here is quite strong prog-oriented pop with a very unique guitar sound, and the vocals seem to call to mind a combination of Journey's Steve Perry and Yes' Jon Anderson.
1. Welcome To The West
2. See Them Glow
3. Letters Of Love
4. Red Lake
5. Love's A Jailer
6. Lost By The Wayside
7. Highway 216
8. Angel In Disguise
9. Scoobie Doobies

James Hopkins-Harrison - lead vocals
Geoffrey Peacey - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Detlef Petersen - keyboards, vocals
Alex Conti - guitar, vocals
Martin Tiefensee - bass
Dieter Ahrendt - percussion, drums

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Jan 19, 2012

Lake - Lake (1977) / Paradise Island (1979)

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Lake is a German rock music band that formed in the early 1970s under the name Tornados, changing their name to Lake in 1973. They mostly covered material by other bands in their early years, but released three singles, Come Down/We're Gonna Rock, King Of The Rock'n Roll Party, and Sailor. In 1975 they were joined by lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, who gave them their signature sound for the remainder of their recording career. Read more
Review by Gary Hill:
Lake's debut showed them in strong form doing what they do best: pop-oriented, rocking tunes. It would be a sound that would be their mainstay for their entire career. From the opening piece, "On the Run," the group established themselves in the same vein as bands like Supertramp. The mode of the disc was a bit lighter than some other groups of that ilk, though. They achieved some fame with this one based on the first single, "Time Bomb," still one of their best songs. This band really did the pop/rock-slightly-based-on-prog genre as well as any and better than most. It's a shame they never achieved the level of fame that should have been theirs.
 Lake (1977)
1. On The Run
2. Sorry To Say
3. Time Bomb
4. Chasing Colours
5. Do I Love You
6. Key To The Rhyme
7. Jesus Came Down
8. Between The Lines

 Jesus Came Down

Review by Gary Hill:
With Paradise Island, Lake gave listeners no real surprises. Indeed, their style of music could almost be looked on as a brand name. You pretty much knew from the get-go that any Lake album would be composed of well-written, arranged, and performed pop/rock pieces that showed slight (and sometimes not so slight) signs of progressive rock tendencies. The funny thing is, though, that the albums never really sound the same they only sound like Lake albums. It is a shame these discs are so hard to come by. They are worth the effort, though, especially if music by bands like Supertramp is your thing.
Paradise Island (1979)
9. Into The Night
10. Glad To Be Here
11. Crystal Eyes
12. Paradise Way
13. Hopeless Love
14. One Way Song
15. Hard Road
16. The Final Curtain

 Crystal Eyes


Jan 18, 2012

Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy (1971)

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Review by Eduardo Rivadavia:
Thin Lizzy were originally conceived as a power trio in the image of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but Eric Bell lacked the charisma of these groups' guitarists, forcing vocalist/bassist Philip Lynott to take center stage from day one. Despite his already poetic, intensely personal lyrics, Lynott was only beginning to develop as a songwriter, and the band's unfocused, folk-infused early efforts are a far cry from their mid-'70s hard rock glory. Recorded on a shoestring budget, their self-titled debut is surprisingly mellow; many songs, such as "Clifton Grange Hotel" and "The Friendly Ranger of Clontarf Castle," sound confused and unfinished. Quiet ballads like "Honesty Is No Excuse," "Eire," and "Saga of the Ageing Orphan" abound, while supposed rockers such as "Ray-Gun" and "Return of the Farmer's Son" fall remarkably flat. In fact, Lizzy only bare their claws on "Look What the Wind Blew In," a gutsy rocker that hints at things to come. Four bonus tracks (originally released as singles) were added to this CD reissue, and of these "Things Ain't Working Out Down at the Farm" is quite memorable, while the mournful "Dublin" contains Lynott's first great lyric.
1. The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle
2. Honesty Is No Excuse
3. Diddy Levine
4. Ray-Gun
5. Look What The Wind Blew In
6. Eire
7. Return Of The Farmer's Son
8. Clifton Grange Hotel
9. Saga Of The Ageing Orphan
Bonus tracks:
10. Remembering Part 1
11. Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm

The Band:
Philip Lynott - bass, vocals
Brian Downey - drums
Eric Bell - guitars


Jan 15, 2012

The Zombies (Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent) - As Far As I Can See... (2004)

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Legendary British Invasion innovators The Zombies made some of the most sublime melodic pop-rock of the 1960s, and their three Top 10 smashes "She’s Not There," "Tell Her No," and "Time Of The Season" are all-time classic hits. Their distinctive sound was due in large part to Colin Blunstone’s masterful vocals and Rod Argent’s keyboard wizardry. The reunited pair proves that theirs is a timeless partnership with AS FAR AS I CAN SEE . . . , the first studio album of original Zombies material in more than 30 years!
1. In My Mind A Miracle
2. Memphis
3. Southside Of The Street
4. I Want To Fly
5. Time To Move
6. I Don’t Believe In Miracles
7. As Far As I Can See
8. With You Not Here
9. Wings Against The Sun
10. Together
11. Look For A Better Way

Jim Rodford - vocals, bass guitar
Rod Argent - vocals, keyboards
Colin Blunstone - vocals
Keith Airey - vocals, guitar
Steve Rodford - drums

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Jan 12, 2012

Sammy Hagar - Sammy Hagar [The Red Album] (1977)

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Sammy Hagar is Sammy Hagar's second solo album, released in 1977. It is also often referred to as The Red Album, as it features Hagar's first anthem, "Red", which is also the basis for his nickname "The Red Rocker".
1. Red
2. Catch The Wind
3. Cruisin' & Boozin'
4. Free Money
5. Rock 'N' Roll Weekend
6. Fillmore Shuffle
7. Hungry
8. The Pits
9. Love Has Found Me
10. Little Star/Eclipse

Love Has Found Me

Sammy Hagar - lead vocals
Bill Church - bass
Alan Fitzgerald - keyboards
David Lewark - guitar
Scott Mathews - drums

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Jan 11, 2012

REO Speedwagon - Ridin’ The Storm Out [40 Anniversary Edition] (1973)

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Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine (allmusic.com)
REO Speedwagon began to come into its own with its third album, Ridin' the Storm Out. Over the years, the record became a platinum-seller, due to the strength of their series of opening shows for more successful rock acts, but it originally charted at number 171. While the group still had elements of their bar band boogie, they began to streamline their approach on this album. Although it only resulted in one minor hit, with the title track scraping the bottom of the singles charts, the record was one of their most consistent efforts.
1. Ridin' The Storm Out
2. Whiskey Night
3. Oh Woman
4. Find My Fortune
5. Open Up
6. Movin'
7. Son Of A Poor Man
8. Start A New Life
9. It's Everywhere
10. Without Expression (Don't Be The Man)

Mike Murphy - vocals
Gary Richrath - guitar
Gregg Philbin - bass
Neal Doughty - keyboards
Alan Gratzer - drums

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Jan 5, 2012

CWT - The Hundredweight (1973)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 200 mb+3% recovery

CWT was a three piece British band that somehow ended up on Germany’s Kuckuck label, home to such acts as Armaggedon, Ihre Kinder, and Out Of Focus. Adding to the mystery is that this was co-produced by Andrew Loog Oldham. I suspect that CWT was one of the many British bands that were able to support themselves only by playing the club circuit in Germany.This is some serious ass-kicking early 70’s British rock, with the guitarist and bassist doubling up on keyboards, and some fierce brass parts that were apparently recorded at Motown Studios. Heavy riffing abounds, the singer is gruff and aggressive, the rhythm section is way solid, and the lead guitar playing is awesome. No credits as to who the players are in the driving brass section, but they have no problem finding the groove and sticking with it. Great use of flute and chimes in a brilliant cover of Love’s ‘Signed D. C. ’Even though the brass parts were apparently recorded separately they definitely don’t seem tacked-on. All in all this is a real good example of heavy-duty early 70’s rock.
1. Widow Woman
2. Take It Slow
3. Roly Poly
4. Signed D.C
5. Steam Roller
6. Simon's Effort
7. Mind Cage
8. Mephistophales

CWT - Roly Poly

Graham Jones - lead guitar, organ, piano
Peter Kirk - bass guitar, piano
Collin White - drums

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Jan 4, 2012

Blue Öyster Cult - Cultösaurus Erectus (1980)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 287 mb+3% recovery

Cultösaurus Erectus is the seventh Blue Öyster Cult album released in 1980. Following the experiment with Mirrors, it was an attempt to return to the band's earlier hard-rock sound. The lead track "Black Blade" features lyrics by sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock and is about Stormbringer, a sword in Moorcock's mythology.
This album also features the first collaboration with Martin Birch who would go on to produce Fire of Unknown Origin and the band's return to the charts.
While the album sold more than its predecessor, it stalled at Gold status. However, during this time Blue Öyster Cult were arguably at their peak as a live act, filling halls and arenas with ease. This tour found them co-headlining sports arenas in the United States with Black Sabbath as part of the Black and Blue Tour.
1. Black Blade
2. Monsters
3. Divine Wind
4. Deadline
5. The Marshall Plan
6. Hungry Boys
7. Fallen Angel
8. Lips In The Hills
9. Unknown Tongue

Eric Bloom - lead vocals, stun guitar
Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar, vocals
Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitar
Joe Bouchard - bass, vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, vocals
Ellen Foley - backing vocals
Karla DeVito - backing vocals
Mark Rivera - saxophone
Produced by Martin Birch

Password: hanalex

Jan 3, 2012

Blue Öyster Cult - Tyranny And Mutation (1973)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 226 mb+3% recovery

Tyranny and Mutation (On the album cover: THE BLVE ÖYSTER CVLT: TYRANNY AND MVTATION) was the second album by hard rock band, Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1973.
Was recorded from tunes written while touring in support of their eponymous first album. BOC continued to develop their style of "intelligent heavy metal" on this record. This was the first BOC album to feature a contribution from punk poetess Patti Smith, who would go on to co-write several songs for the band and at one time dated Allen Lanier as well.
1. The Red And The Black
2. Od'd On Life Itself
3. Hot Rails To Hell
4. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters
5. Baby Ice Dog
6. Wings Wetted Down
7. Teen Archer
8. Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)

Baby Ice Dog

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser
guitar, lead vocals on track 7
Eric Bloom
stun guitar, synthesizers, lead vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8, co-lead vocals on track 6
Joe Bouchard
bass guitar, keyboards, lead vocals on track 3, co-lead vocals on track 6
Albert Bouchard
drums, vocals
Allen Lanier
keyboards, rhythm guitar

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Jan 2, 2012

England - The Last Jubblies (Recorded in 1977 / released in 1997)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 261 mb+3% recovery

1. Creepin Instrumental
2. A One-Legged Day Tale
3. Sausage Pie
4. Tooting Bec Rape Case
5. Mister Meener
6. Nanogram

Sausage Pie

Robert Webb - keyboards, vocals
Jeff Leigh - drums, percussion, vocals
Frank Holland - guitar, vocals
Martin "Jaffa" Henderson - bass guitar

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Jan 1, 2012

England - Garden Shed (1977)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 390 mb+3% recovery

1. Midnight Madness
2. All Alone (Introducing)
3. Three Piece Suite
4. Paraffinalea
5. Yellow
6. Poisoned Youth
Bonus tracks:
7. Nanagram
8. Three Piece Suite

Left to right:
Robert Webb - keyboards & vocals
Martin Henderson - bass & vocals
Jode Leigh - percussion, bass & vocals
Frank Holland - guitar & vocals

England - Paraffinalea