May 31, 2012

Phylter - Phylter (1978)

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Tracklist :
1. Overture
2. Dreams Of Yesterdays
3. Phylter
4. Promenade
5. Consideration
6. Down And Mood For Change

Patrick Philips - organ, Fender Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, Eko piano, strings, synthesizer, vocals
Marc Van Bortel - lead guitar, vocals
Paul Van Bortel - bass guitar, vocals
Christian Zaman - drums
Special guest:
Jean-Marie Aerts - rhythm guitar


May 29, 2012

Blues Creation - Demon & Eleven Children (1971)

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1. Atomic Bombs Away
2. Mississippi Mountain Blues
3. Just I Was Born
4. Sorrow
5. One Summer Day
6. Brain Buster
7. Sooner Or Later
 8. Demon & Eleven Children

Hiromi Osawa - vocals
Kazuo Takeda - guitar
Masashi Saeki - bass
Masayuki Higuchi - drums


Roger Daltrey - Daltrey (1973)


1. One Man Band
2. The Way Of The World
3. You Are Yourself
4. Thinking
5. You And Me
6. It's A Hard Life
7. Giving It All Away
8. The Story So Far   
9. When The Music Stops
10. Reasons
11. One Man Band
Bonus track:
12. There Is Love

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May 25, 2012

Dragon - Universal Radio (1974) + Scented Gardens For The Blind (1975)

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Dragon is a popular New Zealand - Australian rock band, they were formed in Auckland, New Zealand in January 1972 and relocated to Sydney, Australia in May 1975. Read more
Universal Radio (1974):
1. Universal Radio
2. Going Slow
3. Patina
4. Weetbix
5. Graves
6. Avalanche

Universal Radio

Scented Gardens For The Blind (1975):
7. Vermillion Cellars
8. La Gash Lagoon
9. Sunburst
10. Grey Lynn Candy
11. Darkness
12. Scented Gardens For The Blind

Vermillion Cellars

Marc Hunter - vocals
Todd Hunter - bass
Robert Taylor - guitar
Paul Hewson - keyboards
Kerry Jacobsen - drums


May 24, 2012

Heads, Hands & Feet - Old Soldiers Never Die (1973)

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Biography by Steven McDonald:
Following the dissolution of Poet and the One Man Band, Albert Lee (guitar), Pete Gavin (drums), Tony Colton (vocals) and Ray Smith (guitar) got together with Chas Hodges (bass, violin, vocals) and Mike O'Neill (keyboards) to form the country-influenced Heads, Hands and Feet and recorded a double album that had a great deal in common with the work of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the Grateful Dead at that time. Their self-titled debut album, populated with guests from the folk and singer-songwriter scenes, was released as a double record in the U.S., but only as a single album in Europe. The record was very well regarded, with Lee's guitar work garnering attention.  Read more
1. Jack Of All Trades
2. Meal Ticket
3. I Won't Let You Down
4. Soft Word Sunday Morning
5. One Woman
6. Just Another Ambush
7. Stripes
8. Taking My Music To The Man
9. Another Useless Day

Albert Lee - vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, background vocals
Ray Smith - vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Charles "Chas" Hodges - vocals, guitar, electric guitar, violin, fiddle, bass guitar, background vocals
Pete Gavin - vocals, drums, percussion
Tony Colton - vocals


May 22, 2012

GoodThunder - GoodThunder (1972)

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1. I Can't Get Through To You
2. For A Breath
3. Moonship
4. Home Again
5. Sentries
6. P.O.W
7. Rollin' Up My Mind
8. Barking At The Ants

James Cahoon Lindsay - lead vocals, percussion
David Hanson - guitars, vocals
Wayne Cook - keyboards
Bill Rhodes - bass guitar
John Desautels - drums


May 18, 2012

Good Rats - Ratcity In Blue (1976)

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Biography by Greg Prato:
While countless rockers started their careers in the New York suburb of Long Island before going on to worldwide success (Billy Joel, Twisted Sister, Steve Vai, Brian Setzer, Blue Öyster Cult, etc.), there have been countless acts that appeared poised for a breakthrough, but for whatever reason, fell short. Many longtime followers of Long Island-based rock would probably agree that tops on the 'woulda/coulda/shoulda' list were the Good Rats, a group who played at some of the East Coast's best-known/biggest venues (Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, the Philadelphia Spectrum) during the '70s, while opening for such big names as Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, Journey, Heart, Styx, Meat Loaf, and Rush, among others. Specializing in a tough form of bar band/hard rock (comparable to Led Zeppelin early on, before getting more commercial), quite a few bandmembers have waltzed through the Good Rats' ranks since their formation during the late '60s, … More info

1. Does It Make You Feel Good
2. Boardwalk Slasher
3. Ratcity In Blue
4. Reason To Kill
5. Writing The Pages
6. The Room
7. Almost Anything Goes
8. Advertisement In The Voice
9. Yellow Flower
10. Tough Guys
11. Hour Glass
Bonus track:
12. Mean Mother

Mickey Marchello - vocals, guitar
John "The Cat" Gatto - guitar
Peppi Marchello - vocals
Lenny Kotke - bass, vocals
Joe "Brasciola" Franco - drums


May 17, 2012

Re-post: Silverhead - 16 And Savaged (1973)

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1. Hello New York
2. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
3. Only You

4. Bright Light
5. Heavy Hammer
6. Cartoon Princess
7. Rock Out Claudette Rock Out

8. This Ain't A Parody
9. 16 And Savaged
Bonus track:
10. Rolling With My Baby (7" Version)

Michael Des Barres - vocals
Robbie Blunt - guitar, vocals
Rod Rook Davies - percussion, vocals, guitar
Nigel Harrison - bass
Pete Thompson - keyboards, drums


May 15, 2012

Re-post: Blindstone - Rise Above (2010)

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"Rise Above", the beyond excellent third studio disc by this outstanding, bad-ass, killer power trio "riff:machine" from Denmark, features 10 tracks (58 minutes) of powerful, hard-hitting, groove-induced, soul-powered, bluesy heavy guitar three piece rock of world-class proportions. From start to finish, an amazing display of incredible, blues-based guitar heavy riffage.
1. Rise Above
2. Power Man
3. Keep The Rock Alive
4. Climbing Up The Ladder
5. New Direction

6. Horizontal Activity
7. Sonic Motor King
8. Wiser
9. House Burning Down
10. Beyond The Purple Sky

Martin J. Andersen - guitar & vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Anders Hvidtfeldt - drums
Special guest: Ty Tabor - heavy guitar


Re-post: CWT - The Hundredweight (1973)

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CWT was a three piece British band that somehow ended up on Germany’s Kuckuck label, home to such acts as Armaggedon, Ihre Kinder, and Out Of Focus. Adding to the mystery is that this was co-produced by Andrew Loog Oldham. I suspect that CWT was one of the many British bands that were able to support themselves only by playing the club circuit in Germany.This is some serious ass-kicking early 70’s British rock, with the guitarist and bassist doubling up on keyboards, and some fierce brass parts that were apparently recorded at Motown Studios. Heavy riffing abounds, the singer is gruff and aggressive, the rhythm section is way solid, and the lead guitar playing is awesome. No credits as to who the players are in the driving brass section, but they have no problem finding the groove and sticking with it. Great use of flute and chimes in a brilliant cover of Love’s ‘Signed D. C. ’Even though the brass parts were apparently recorded separately they definitely don’t seem tacked-on. All in all this is a real good example of heavy-duty early 70’s rock.
1. Widow Woman
2. Take It Slow
3. Roly Poly
4. Signed D.C
5. Steam Roller
6. Simon's Effort
7. Mind Cage
8. Mephistophales

CWT - Roly Poly

Graham Jones - lead guitar, organ, piano
Peter Kirk - bass guitar, piano
Collin White - drums


May 14, 2012

Ducks Deluxe - Ducks Deluxe (1974) / Taxi To The Terminal Zone (1975)

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 CD 1: Ducks Deluxe (1974)
1. Coast To Coast
2. Nervous Breakdown
3. Daddy Put The Bomp
4. I Got You
5. Please Please Please
6. Fireball
7. Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite
8. Hearts On My Sleeve
9. Falling For That Woman
10. West Texas Trucking Board
11. Too Hot To Handle
12. It's All Over Now

CD 2: Taxi To The Terminal Zone (1975)
1. Cherry Pie
2. It Don't Matter Tonite
3. I'm Crying
4. Love's Melody
5. Teenage Head
6. Rio Grande
7. My My Music
8. Rainy Night In Kilburn
9. Woman Of The Man
10. Paris

Martin Belmont - guitar, vocals
Sean Tyla - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Nick Garvey - bass, harmonica, vocals
Tim Roper - drums
Additional musicians:
Eddie Quansah - trumpet
Bob Andrews - organ (Hammond)
Dave Edmunds - guitar, pedal steel
Wilko Johnson - handclapping


Re-post: Blindstone - Manifesto (2005)

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Debut studio disc from BLINDSTONE (a super-sonic, way-kool power trio from Denmark) featuring 10 tracks of mega-awesome, powerful, dynamic, killer, bluesy/funky, soul-powered, retro-70 s heavy guitar power trio rock that cuts hard and deep with tons of groove, feel & vibe. Manifesto is an amazing, classic, timeless bluesy heavy guitar statement. The BLINDSTONE: Manifesto disc is HIGHLY recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX (tune into their awesome version of Are You Experienced), ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, TOMMY BOLIN, EDDIE HAZEL (FUNKADELIC), KING'S X, RICHIE KOTZEN, STEVIE SALAS, LANCE LOPEZ and to people who dig awesome, hard, funky power trio rock with an emphasis on outstanding bluesy heavy guitar riffage...
1. Groovin'
2. Temple Trippin'

3. Sleeping Alone
4. Are You Experienced?
5. Somewhere
6. Say It Ain't So
7. By Grabthar's Hammer...
8. Wasted days
9. Unifunk (It's Time)
10. Open Up Your Heart

Martin Andersen - guitar and vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Benjamin Hove - drums


May 12, 2012

Re-post: Ironhorse - Ironhorse (1979)

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Following the disappointing lack of success of FREEWAYS and growing musical differences, Randy Bachman left Bachman Turner Overdrive in the spring of 1977. He retreated to his west coast home to ponder his future. After serving as producer for other acts including Trooper, he began writing new material while searching out the supporting cast for his new group. He began writing with Washington State native Chris Sparks. Drummer Mike Baird and John Pierce on bass were recruited to round out the group.

A deal was struck in '78 with Scotti Brothers Records and the band travelled to Hollywood's Studio 55 to record the demos, with Bachman serving as executive producer. They released their self-titled debut the next spring. It was described as Bachman's outlet to let loose all his penned up musical frustrations, the album ran the gamut of rock's spectrum, from the gritty "Watch Me Fly" and "Old Fashioned" to the almost-eclectic "Stateline Blues". The first single "Sweet Lui-Luise" showed great promise, cracking the Top 100. By that summer their second single "He's A Joker" hit the airwaves and also gained moderate success. "She's Got It", penned by Sparks was quick to follow, while the band was on the road finishing up their first North American tour.

Pressure from the label to come up with a more main-stream album led to Sparks being replaced with vocalist / keyboardist Frank Ludwig, who'd recently left Trooper. Released in the summer of 1980, EVERYTHING IS GREY featured new bassist Ron Foos as well, and was a fitting epitaphe for the band, with nothing seemingly going right. Problems with management and the label's financial woes were affecting the band - on the air and onstage. Though tracks like "Try A Little Harder", "Only Way To Fly" and the title track all held their own, all the problems going on, plus the changing musical landscape in general spelled the end of Ironhorse. Now released from their contract with Scotti Brothers, they replaced Foos with Bachman's fellow Brave Belt and BTO'er C.F. Turner on bass, and carried on - now under the monikor of Union in 1981.
1. One and Only
2. Sweet Lui-Louise
3. Jump Back in the Light
4. You Gotta Let Go
5. Tumbleweed
6. Stateline Blues
7. Watch Me Fly
8. Old Fashioned
9. She's Got It
10. There Ain't No Cure

Randy Bachman - vocals, guitars, Roland synthesizer guitar
Tom Sparks - vocals, guitars
John Pierce - bass
Mike Baird - drums


May 11, 2012

Star Spangled Banger - Star Spangled Banger (1973)

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Review from
Star Spangled Banger was a short-lived studio project that resulted in a sole, self-titled album and single in 1973. With the record company closing soon after its release, the album was quickly deleted.
Principal songwriter John Brownrigg originally hailed from Liverpool and had played in several bands during the Merseybeat boom of the early ’60s — as his own brick on the Cavern Club wall of fame attests. The band were put into the studio with engineer/producer Gil Matthews.
Armed with a stack of sound effects records, the album was recorded at odd hours and resulted in an eclectic mix of progressive rock, protest songs and ballads — with a healthy dose of humor (witness: ‘Fancy Underpants!’). Added to this mix are: explosions, backwards tapes, crazy keyboards, nuclear explosions, crashing aeroplanes and fuzzed-out psych guitar.
1. Fear Of The Night
2. Question Of The Country
3. Run
4. Fancy Underpants
5. Suite 3
6. Protestor Man
7. Sailing
8. Country Son
9. Pull Together
10. One Out, Two In
11. Continental
12. Don’t You
13. Thanks To You
14. Star Spangled Banger
Bonus track:
15. Star Spangled Banger (previously unreleased edit)

John Brownrigg - vocals, guitar
Ron Walters - vocals, piano, organ
Paul Doo - drums


May 9, 2012

Head East - Gettin' Lucky (1977) + Head East (1978) [2 in 1]

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Gettin' Lucky (1977)

1. Gettin' Lucky
2. Back In My Own Hands
3. Show Me I'm Alive
4. Take It On Home
5. Dancer Road
6. Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning
7. Sands Of Time
8. Call To Arms And Legs
9. Time Has A Way
10. Every Little Bit Of My Heart

Head East (1978)

 11. Open Up The Door
12. Man I Wanna Be
13. Nothing To Lose
14. Since You've Been Gone
15. Pictures
16. Get Up And Enjoy Yourself
17. I'm Feelin' Fine
18. Dance Away Lover
19. Elijah

Roger Boyd - keyboards, vocals
Steve Huston - drums, vocals
Mike Somerville - guitar, vocals
John Schlitt - lead vocals
Dan Birney - bass


May 7, 2012

Head East - Get Yourself Up (1976)

FLAC TRACKS+CUE+Covers | NO LOG | 220 mb+3% recovery

1. When I Get Ready
2. Separate Ways
3. This Woman's In Love
4. I Don't Want The Chance
5. Sailor
6. Monkey Shine
7. Jailer
8. Love My Blues Away
9. The Victim
10. Trouble

Mike Somerville - guitar, vocals
Roger Boyd - keyboards, vocals
John Schlitt - vocals
Dan Birney - bass, vocals
Steve Huston - drums, percussion, vocals


May 6, 2012

Neil Merryweather - Kryptonite (1975)

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | NO CUE | LOG | 485 mb+3% recovery

1. Kryptonite
2. Star Rider
3. Always Be You
4. Give It Everything We Got
5. The Groove
6. Real Life Love
7. You Know Where I'd Rather Be
8. Let Us Be The Dawn
Bonus tracks:
9. Aren't You Glad That You Know
10. City Boy
11. Dust My Blues
12. Flat Black
13. You Must Live It
14. Your Real Good Thing
15. Local 149 / Are You Ready

Neil Merryweather - vocals, bass
Michael "Jeep" Willis - guitars
James Herndon - synthesizers, guitars, slide guitar
Tim McGovern - drums, guitar 


Re-post: Legs Diamond - Legs Diamond (1977)

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Legs Diamond was an obscure hard rock/heavy metal band from the late '70s. Founding members Michael Diamond (bass) and Jeff Poole (drums) were originally from the San Francisco area, but it wasn't until the duo relocated to Los Angeles that they found the missing pieces to the puzzle -- singer Rick Sanford, guitarist Roger Romeo, and keyboard player/guitarist Mike Prince -- resulting in a recording contract with Mercury. 1977 saw a pair of releases, a self-titled debut and A Diamond Is a Hard Rock, and although they supported both albums with arena tours opening for such major rock acts as Styx, Ted Nugent, and Kiss, neither failed to dent the charts. Read more
1. It's Not The Music
2. Stage Fright
3. Satin Peacock
4. Rock And Roll Man
5. Deadly Dancer
6. Rat Race
7. Can't Find Love
Bonus track:
8. Come With Me

Band members:
Rick Sanford - vocals, percussion, flute
Michael Diamond - bass
Roger Romeo - lead guitar
Mike Prince - keyboards, rhythm guitar
Jeff Poole - drums, percussion


May 3, 2012

Neil Merryweather - Space Rangers (1974)

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Neil Merryweather, Canadian bass player,  started a band in the late sixties, after quitting Bruce Cockborn’s band Flying Circus.
His early albums like Merryweather, and Word To Mouth were more towards the psych rock, but the two albums he recorded for Mercury Records that were releaed in 74-75 were just amazing glam/hard rock albums, with a much heavier sound.
Space Rangers (released in 1974 and sounds exactly like 1974 should sound)
Masculine guitars, brilliant drum/bass work,  strings arrangments, powerful vocals and one killer cover of Eight Miles High, and this is just the begining. The songs are so damn good that this album will be playing constantly in your ears once you’ll listen to it.
1. Hollywood Boulevard
2. Step In The Right Direction
3. Eight Miles High
4. King Of Mars
5. Neon Man
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Road To Hades
8. High Latitude Hide ‘N Seek
9. Escape
10. Sole Survivor

Neil Merryweather - bass and vocals
Tim McGovern - drums
Timo Laine - guitar
Michael “Jeep” Willis - guitar
Robert Silvert - chamberlain and synthesizer
Edgemont - synth patches


May 2, 2012

Icecross - Icecross (1973)

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Copenhagen in the autumn of 1972, the crucible for Icelandic hippies, where the Free State of Kristiania held the promise of a better world where everyone was equal, providing according to available resources, partaking as needed. We celebrated the one year anniversary of Kristiania gathered around a great bonfire and promised to turn the Free State into a model of cooperation, togetherness and solidarity a sort of primal Christianity.
The club Revolution in Copenhagen was the place to listen to live
music, all the latest and freshest. Usually it was rather bland stuff, I found, but the there appeared this amazing rock band, so amazing that we were left gaping and staring Icecross hard as nails and supertight. When the boys had finished playing they mingled with the audience, having a beer or perhaps lighting up a pipe. It turned out they were Icelanders living in Kristiania with big dreams - fully justified judging from their performance that night.
For several reasons Icecross never made it. My understanding was that they got tired of the struggle abroad and wanted to go back home. They did, however manage to cut a record bearing the name of the group. A superb record I listened to a lot, until it gave way to newer music lying in the stack but enjoying short-lived revivals off and on over the next few years until it suffered the inevitable fate: too scratched and contaminated with booze to be playable.
Decades later, searching for old music, I started to come accross the record here and there on collectors' lists and for no small change - one wanted to buy it for $200 and another to sell it for $500. People were starting to talk about “the legendary and mysterious Icecross” but there were far fewer sellers than potential buyers.
As time went more and more copies started cropping up and further investigation revealed that the record had been reissued in various places. One owner offered for sale a record which had been published in Holland, another had a copy from Italy, and suddenlty someone was advertising a CD made in Korea. Everything strictly illegal but showing the widespread call for this marvelllous recording.
The Internet revitalized the sale of Icecross. At the time of this writing, a simple Google search reveals at least five different bootleg publishers which bears witness to the place accorded to Icecross in the history of rock music.
Árni Valdimarsson
1. Solution
2. A Sad Man's Story
3. Jesus Freaks
4. Wandering Around
5. 1999
6. Scared
7. Nightmare
8. The End

Axel Einarsson - guitar and vocals
Omar Oskarsson - bass, vocals
Asgeir Oskarsson - drums, vocals

Rip & scans by  kirill-purple


May 1, 2012

Heavy Cruiser (feat. Neil Merryweather) - Heavy Cruiser (1972)

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1. C’mon Everybody
2. My little Firefly
3. Don’t Stop Now
4. Wonder Wheel
5. Outlaw
6. Let Your Rider Run
7. Louie Louie
8. As Long As We Believe
9. ‘Lectric Lady
10. Miracles Of Pure Device

Neil Merryweather - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
James Newton Howard - organ and piano
Coffi Hall - drums and percussion
Rick Gaxoila - guitar