Aug 22, 2012

Talas [feat. Billy Sheehan] - Talas (1979)

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It's not often that a band is known solely for unleashing a bassist upon the metal world -- then again, Billy Sheehan is no ordinary bassist. As Talas was making minor waves in the early eighties, all talk was not about the band, but about Sheehan's amazing basswork, and it was clear enough that Sheehan was the star of the show. Soon enough, Talas ran its course, and Sheehan was off to bigger things, first being hand-picked to join David Lee Roth's band, and then starting his own band Mr. Big, which had a successful run in the early nineties and beyond. In retrospect, Talas wasn't an outstanding band, nothing more than a standard hard rock band playing decently catchy tunes but (aside from Sheehan) nothing out of the ordinary. Sheehan, of course, is a marvel, his style revolutionizing bass playing for years to come, even though at times his playing seemed at odds with the rest of the band. The original trio reunited in 1998 for the If We Knew Then live album as well as a Japanese EP.
1. See Saw
2. Stop! In The Name Of Love
3. Most People
4. She Don't Know
5. Any Other Day
6. My Little Girl
7. Thick Head
8. You
9. Expert On Me
10. Baby It Sure Looks Great

Billy Sheehan - bass, vocals
Dave Constantino - guitar, vocals
Paul Varga - drums, vocals



kobilica said...

It won't blow your mind,but it's worth to take a spin.Thanks...

VaTAga said...

Очень уважаю Билли Шихана, считаю его одним из лучших бас-гитаристов мира. харизматическая личность...

Sergey said...

Огромное спасибо. Раритетная команда хоть и со знаменитостью. И музон в тему!

hanalex said...

Ну и славненько...